Vivisection (regularly updated)

science based propaganda 22/1/17 read
animal tests not valid for humans 8/5/13 read
the experiment is on us 6/5/13 read
how safe is your medicine cabinet? 1/5/13 read
doctors are more dangerous than guns 2/8/12 read
unforeseen in animal tests 24/2/12 read
700,000 poisioned by pharma drugs 23/3/11 read
china seeks alternatives to animal tests 9/3/11 read
unforeseen in animal tests jan – feb 2011 read
unforeseen in animal tests jan - feb read
canada: hosps end fatal use of animals 19/1/11 read
patients are now the real guinea pigs 6/1/11 read
uni vet quits over animal treatment 31/12/10 read
eu delay cosmetic test ban 31/12/10 read
unforeseen in animal tests 31/12/10 read
diet drug kills thousands 29/12/10 read
celebs speak up for lab primates 15/12/10 read
pharmaceutical terrorism 14/12/10 read
unforeseen in animal tests 19/11/10 read
weight loss drug ‘caused 500 deaths’ 16/11/10 read
the cancer business 15/11/10 read
vet calls for end to monkey drug tests 14/11/10 read
victory in row over animal testing data 12/11/10 read
monkey tests must be disclosed 12/11/10 read
big pharma to begin microchipping drugs 9/11/10 read
smoking chimp rescued 9/11/10 read
obesity drug dangers 9/11/10 read
painkillers linked to reproductive disorders 8/11/10 read
statin drugs = liver & kidney damage 7/11/10 read
tranquillisers linked to brain damage 7/11/10 read
primate research continues despite ban 6/11/10 read
haemophilia drug can damage heart 4/11/10 read
novartis hid drug dangers 1/11/10 read
pharma game plan revealed? 25/10/10 read
swapping rats for pigs is not science 20/10/10 read
hormone therapy causes breast cancer 20/10/10 read
experts: fund lab technology not vivisection 19/10/10 read
drug companies bribe 17,000 doctors 19/10/10 read
jab ‘may cause’ deadly nerve disease 16/10/10 read
dire eu figures on vivisection 15/10/10 read
cancer is a man made disease 15/10/10 read
drug companies make wild claims 15/10/10 read
unforeseen in animal tests 13/10/10 read
antidepressant ineffective & harmful 13/10/10 read
tell the truth about animal testing 12/10/10 read
‘chimps are poor models’ 12/10/10 read
hormone replacement = kidney stones 12/10/10 read
cardiff uni kitten experiments exposed 12/10/10 read
cancer chemical approved by animal tests 7/10/10 read
disgraceful eu statistics on animal tests 7/10/10 read
human experimental conspiracy 5/10/10 read
vaccine lawsuits opened? 13/10/10 read
botox leads to rise in animal deaths 8/10/10 read
heart drug fails 6/10/10 read
animal groups call for lab probe 5/10/10 read
science report slams primate tests 4/10/10 read
glaxo vaccine failure 3/10/10 read
monkeys torn from families 3/10/10 read
trade in lab monkeys exposed 3/10/10 read
stop this horrific & cruel trade 3/10/10 read
ray greek meets uk science minister 2/10/10 read
side effects may include lawsuits 2/10/10 read
us apologises for syphilis experiment 1/10/10 read
will nasa start their monkey experiments 30/9/10 read
novartis fined millions 30/9/10 read
10,000 march against vivisection 26/9/10 read
avandia diabetes drug banned 23/9/10 read
osteoporosis drug doubles cancer risk 22/9/10 read
glaxo vaccine bowel risk 22/9/10 read
antipsychotic drug link to blood clots 22/9/10 read
infant vaccine dangers exposed 21/9/10 read
monkeys bones broken during trapping 21/9/10 read
drug giant guilty of illegal marketing 20/9/10 read
arthritis drug: hundreds harmed 20/9/10 read
fda: diabetes pill’s cancer risk 18/9/10 read
vivisection funny? yes says researcher 17/9/10 read
more cancer treatment failure 13/9/10 read
another us lab exposed 9/9/10 read
the animal issue 8/9/10 read
monsters: monsters are everywhere 7/9/10 read
vaccinations and science – a conflict 2/9/10 read
animal lab exposed 1/9/10 read
painkillers could be new ‘gateway’ drugs 27/8/10 read
diabetes drugs mass killers 25/8/10 read
parkinson’s drug dangers 23/8/10 read
the high cost of animal testing 19/8/10 read
most new drugs ‘offer few benefits’ 17/8/10 read
here’s what’s wrong with vivisection 17/8/10 read
tax dollars thrown away on pointless animal tests 16/8/10 read
another cancer drug failure? 16/8/10 read
drug firms hiding negative research 14/8/10 read
big pharma probe 14/8/10 read
glaxo drug causes meningistis: fda 12/8/10 read
flu advisors ties to vaccine manufacturers 11/8/10 read
millions prescribed unapproved meds 10/8/10 read
dubious drug studies 6/8/10 read
sick experiments on cats 5/8/10 read
animal experiments explained by dr greek 5/8/10 read
us vivisection lab serial offender 4/8/10 read
vivisectors caught lying 3/8/10 read
if you think vivisection is essential read on 2/8/10 read
university lab cited for violations 31/7/10 read
vivisection: a moderate proposal 31/7/10 read
astrazeneca make secret payout 31/7/10 read
over 3.5. million animals killed in uk labs 29/7/10 read
hormone drug case opens 28/7/10 read
are we any wiser today? 25/7/10 read
diabetes drug = kidney problems 25/7/10 read
bad animal data is big news 24/7/10 read
more undisclosed vested interests 24/7/10 read
‘unsafe’ diabetes drug stopped 23/7/10 read
victims sue pfizer $384 billion 20/7/10 read
glaxo $1 billion birth-defect payout 20/7/10 read
pfizer u-turn on pain drug 19/7/10 read
glaxo pay out $460 million 14/7/10 read
drug giant on killing spree 10/7/10 read
monkey research “cruel and useless” 6/7/10 read
pfizer accused of experimenting on kids 6/7/10 read
vaccine, pharma fraud exposed 2/7/10 read
why do we test new drugs on animals 29/6/10 read
doctor’s faith in pharma shattered 29/6/10 reads
100,000 die in us a yr from pharma drugs 25/6/10 read
unforeseen in animals 18/6/10 read
drug giant accused of deception 17/6/10 read
law fails to prevent stupid experiments 16/6/10 read
big pharma lies exposed 14/6/10 read
opposing views dr ray greek 2/6/10 read
unforeseen in animal tests april – may read
hrt drugs based on medical fraud 29/4/10 read
mice cures, but none work in humans 28/4/10 read
uni desperate to hide experiments 15/4/10 read
airline stops shipping lab animals 15/4/10 read
animal experiments flawed 13/4/10 read
life saving animal research at hls 9/4/10 read
drug company conspires 8/4/10 read
physicians target of manipulation 28/3/10 read
adverse drug reactions and drug failures feb–march 2010 read
gsk vaccine contamination 22/3/10 read
botox and dead bodies by keith mann read
interview with ray greek, md 21/3/10 read
pfizer hid evidence hrt causes cancer 17/3/10 read
vioxx payouts 6/3/10 read
demand for change at ucla 25/2/10 read
gsk conspire to kill 23/2/10 read
images of cosmetic testing 21/2/10 read
pharmagate 18/2/10 read
french vivisection exposed 16/2/10 read
please be honest over animal testing 26/1/10 read
people drugs that are not safe for pets 21/1/10 read
pressure stops experiments 15/1/10 read
a year of progress against vivisection 2009 read
unforeseen in animal tests nov–dec 2009 read
1907 riots against vivisection 10/12/09 read
roche engages in science fraud 14/12/09 read
pfizer punished for inflicting cancer 26/11/09 read
pain experiments condemned 25/11/09 read
primate cancer tests slammed 13/10/09 read
20 years failure gm heart research 12/11/09 read
support for vivisection falls 4/11/09 read
botox tests exposed again 1/11/09 read
a month of drug failures 29/10/09 read
record fine for drug company 23/10/09 read
animal testing fails science 22/10/09 read
vivisector slammed in court 16/10/09 read
glaxo fined $2.5 million for paxil defects 13/10/09 read
merck destroy doctors who speak out 13/10/09 read
primate cancer tests slammed 13/10/09 read
civil servants slam eu lab cruelty 4/10/09 read
vivisector imprisoned 18/9/09 read
we are not mice 6/7/09 read
the dark agenda of western medicine 25/6/09 read
drug company fined £50m 6/4/09 read
big pharma latest poisonous concoction 31/3/09 read
fabricated pharmaceutical studies 16/3/09 read
tens of thousands of lives wrecked by just one drug disaster 30/7/08 read
labour’s vivisection ‘failure’ – new statesman 21/7/08 read
vivisectors conference cancelled nz 27/6/08 read



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