In The News '12

the milk documentary 21/12/12 read
drugs found in dairy cows 12/12/12 read
bugger the bankers 2/12/12 read
benjamin zephaniah on animal circuses 30/11/12 read
elephant’s owner guilty of cruelty 23/11/12 read
hunt sabs rescue fox 23/11/12 read
brucellosis a milkborne disease 17/10/12 read
the marmots and me 28/8/12 read
secret trials hide uk role in torture 18/8/12 read
supporting terror in syria 14/8/12 read
1000s of beagles rescued 9/8/12 read
chemo backfires 7/8/12 read
ban on cancer cures 3/8/12 read
doctors are more dangerous than guns 2/8/12 read
captain paul watson message 30/7/12 read
therapy makes cancer 30x worse 26/6/12 read
alec baldwin on animal circuses 16/3/12 read
milk industry health claims proven wrong 12/3/12 read
unforeseen in animal tests 24/2/12 read
peta killed 95% of adoptable dogs & cats 26/2/12 read
meats skyrocket your risk of cancer 15/1/12 read
75% of physicians refuse chemo for self 13/1/12 read


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