In The News '11

record fine ringling animal circus 28/11/11 read
buy the book & get 5 dvds free 27/9/2011 read
retire arthritic circus elephants 12/7/11 read
more than 2,000 vaccinated babies died 24/3/11 read
700,000 poisoned by pharma drugs 23/3/11 read
canadian fur store closes 16/3/11 read
china seeks alternatives to animal tests 9/3/11 read
investigators prosecuted for filming pig farm 8/3/11 read
supreme court will not hear shac 7 case 7/3/11 read
austrian trial abruptly stopped 4/3/11 read
victory! utah pound seizure stopped 1/3/11 read
should we be eating dogs in britain? 28/2/11 read
more illegal hunting in kent countryside 28/2/11 read
unforeseen in animal tests jan - feb read
pamela anderson urges end monkey tests 19/2/11 read
austrian trial: human rights abuse 16/2/11 read
ameriject stops transporting primates 14/2/11 read
walter bond gets min of 5 years 11/2/11 read

austria: another police infiltrator exposed 3/2/11 read

what are they doing to brian haw? 31/1/11 read

the downfall of science 21/1/11 read

us govt poisoning bird population 21/1/11 read
600 orangutans to be set free 21/1/11 read
mfa’s fish investigation reveals horrors 20/1/11 read
indian bullfight injures 76 people 19/1/11 read
commons’ speaker in hunt row 19/1/11 read
canada: hosps end fatal use of animals 19/1/11 read
25 lions rescued from circus cages 19/1/11 read
china bans animal circuses! 18/1/11 read
vegan activist reveals new measure of intelligence read
save the wolves 14/1/11 read
bullfighting banned from spanish tv 12/1/11 read
36 beagles rescued, spain 12/1/11 read
monkey gets revenge on cruel trainer 10/1/11 read

activists target mink farms in italy 9/1/11 read
child flu vaccine contains mercury 9/1/11 read
patients are now the real guinea pigs 6/1/11 read

shac activist jailed 5/1/10 read
global warming stats cooked 3/1/11 read
anti hunt mps face backlash 2/1/11 read

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