In The News '10

uni vet quits over animal treatment 31/12/10 read
eu delay cosmetic test ban 31/12/10 read
unforeseen in animal tests 31/12/10 read
austrian trial: activists accuse prosecutor 29/12/10 read
diet drug kills thousands 29/12/10 read
nasa monkeys spared 27/12/10 read
no plan to overturn hunt ban 26/12/10 read
in uk 10 million turkeys killed for xmas 25/12/10 read
revolutionary & militant by walter bond 20/12/10 read
middlesex activists head for heathrow 17/12/10 read
austrian trial reaches critical stage 17/12/10 read
celebs speak up for lab primates 15/12/10 read
pharmaceutical terrorism 14/12/10 read
h1n1 vaccine 700% increase miscarriages 8/12/10 read
tory mp ‘bullying’ in greyhound row 6/12/10 read
a brave woman takes a stand 1/12/10 read

big pharma plans to ban herbs read

20 turkeys liberated 25/11/10 read
plans to increase vaccine dose for kids 24/11/10 read

austian trial: undercover agent confirmed 22/11/10 read
largest us egg producer exposed 22/11/10 read
hounded out? the garden hunt saboteur 20/11/10 read
unforeseen in animal tests 19/11/10 read
school milk challenged as unhealthy 17/11/10 read
weight loss drug ‘caused 500 deaths’ 16/11/10 read
hollywood actress joins sea shepherd 16/11/10 read
the cancer business 15/11/10 read
p diddy announces he's turned vegan 15/11/10 read
vet calls for end to monkey drug tests 14/11/10 read
sea shepherd v the dolphin killers update 14/11/10 read
mcdonald’s to help write uk health policy 12/11/10 read
victory in row over animal testing data 12/11/10 read
monkey tests must be disclosed 12/11/10 read
austrian solidarity & chance for victory 11/11/10 read
anti fur motion passed ireland 9/11/10 read
smoking chimp rescued 9/11/10 read
webcam exposes egg farm cruelty – israel 9/11/10 read
obesity drug dangers 9/11/10 read
painkillers linked to reproductive disorders 8/11/10 read
statin drugs = liver & kidney damage 7/11/10 read
tranquillisers linked to brain damage 7/11/10 read
primate research continues despite ban 6/11/10 read
red meat linked to cancer 5/11/10 read
haemophilia drug can damage heart 4/11/10 read
hls monsters enjoy hollow victory 1/11/10 read
novartis hid drug dangers 1/11/10 read
norweigian fur industy exposed again 31/10/10 read
bullfighting comes under attack in france 31/10/10 read
ninth attack against vgt 30/10/10 read
dog meat promoted at uk farmers market 28/10/10 read
pharma game plan revealed? 25/10/10 read
austrian judge finds police unit guilty 24/10/10 read
antibiotics in meat pose health threat 22/10/10 read
kangaroo incident reward 21/10/10 read
‘hunt supporters attacked us’ claims 21/10/10 read
swapping rats for pigs not science 20/10/10 read
hormone therapy causes breast cancer 20/10/10 read
experts:fund lab technology not vivisection19/10/10 read
drug companies bribe 17,000 doctors 19/10/10 read
free morgan! contact dolfinarium 17/10/10 read
drugs causing what they are treating 16/10/10 read
jab ‘may cause’ deadly nerve disease 16/10/10 read
sea shepherd v the dolphin killers 16/10/10 read
briana waters released 16/10/10 read
dire eu figures on vivisection 15/10/10 read
cancer is a man made disease 15/10/10 read
drug companies make wild claims 15/10/10 read
a love affair between a shark & man 15/10/10 read
greyhound racing harmless fun? 15/10/10 read
fox slaughter stopped 14/10/10 read
object to new ‘super-lab’ by 14th oct read
doctors seek ban on end animal testing 13/10/10 read
vaccine lawsuits opened? 13/10/10 read
unforeseen in animal tests 13/10/10 read
antidepressant ineffective & harmful 13/10/10 read
tell the truth about animal testing 12/10/10 read
‘chimps are poor models’ 12/10/10 read
hormone replacement = kidney stones 12/10/10 read
cardiff uni kitten experiments exposed 12/10/10 read
monkey breeders banned 12/10/10 read
animals & insects know that plants heal 12/10/10 read
eating animal protein raises risk of ibd 11/10/10 read
thousands more mink run free 11/10/10 read
tories against hunting 9/10/10 read
botox leads to rise in animal deaths 8/10/10 read
secret footage exposes abuse 8/10/10 read
cancer chemical approved by animal tests 7/10/10 read
disgraceful eu statistics on animal tests 7/10/10 read
austria declared an unconstitutional state 7/10/10 read
comedy writer support non-animal science 7/10/10 read
new setback for bullfights in spain 6/10/10 read
rspca exposed again for cruelty 6/10/10 read
heart drug fails 6/10/10 read
20,000 mink released sweden 5/10/10 read
animal groups call for lab probe 5/10/10 read
science report slams primate tests 4/10/10 read
slaughterhouses fined for animal deaths 4/10/10 read
irish fur ban proposed 4/10/10 read
lions fight back 4/10/10 read
monkeys torn from families 3/10/10 read
glaxo vaccine failure 3/10/10 read
trade in lab monkeys exposed 3/10/10 read
stop this horrific & cruel trade 3/10/10 read
ray greek meets uk science minister 2/10/10 read
side effects may include lawsuits 2/10/10 read
us apologises for syphilis experiment 1/10/10 read
novartis fined millions 30/9/10 read
will nasa start their monkey experiments 30/9/10 read
mink go on the run, ireland 28/9/10 read
nets cut & dolphins released 28/9/10 read
farm worker jailed for abuse 27/9/10 read
shac statement 26/9/10 read
10,000 march against vivisection 26/9/10 read
avandia diabetes drug banned 23/9/10 read
vet college ends dog experiments 22/9/10 read
as always the fight goes on 22/9/10 read
osteoporosis drug doubles cancer risk 22/9/10 read
glaxo vaccine bowel risk 22/9/10 read
antipsychotic drug link to blood clots 22/9/10 read
infant vaccine dangers exposed 21/9/10 read
monkeys bones broken during trapping 21/9/10 read
drug giant guilty of illegal marketing 20/9/10 read
arthritis drug: hundreds harmed 20/9/10 read
fda: diabetes pill’s cancer risk 18/9/10 read
200 animals rescued from lab 17/9/10 read
vivisection funny? yes says researcher 17/9/10 read
more cancer treatment failure 13/9/10 read
another ‘mysterious’ death at seaworld 13/9/10 read
big pharma plans to ban herbs 12/9/10 read
dolphins to be released 11/9/10 read
another us lab exposed 9/9/10 read
the animal issue 8/9/10 read
monsters: monsters are everywhere 7/9/10 read
hls’ primate supplier exposed 4/9/10 read
victory: el al airline stop shipping monkeys 3/9/10 read
vaccinations and science – a conflict 2/9/10 read
animal lab exposed 1/9/10 read
dairy calf cruelty filmed 30/8/10 read
50,000 mink freed 29/8/10 read
sadistic fox killer jailed 28/8/10 read
finland suspends h1n1 children vaccine 28/8/10 read
admission of guilt over vaccine damage 28/8/10 read
painkillers could be new ‘gateway’ drugs 27/8/10 read
retired chimps to be used in experiments 26/8/10 read
diabetes drugs mass killers 25/8/10 read
parkinson’s drug dangers 23/8/10 read
greyhound deaths spark campaign 22/8/10 read
flu plan scandal ahead 21/8/10 read
the high cost of animal testing 19/8/10 read
exposed slaughterhouse closes 19/8/10 read
italian fur raid 18/8/10 read
200,000 trout liberated (sweden) 18/8/10 read
bull fights for its life injures 40 18/8/10 read
the circus elephant in the room 18/8/10 read
activists receive $15,368 compensation 17/8/10 read
the ‘meat paradox’ 17/8/10 read
here’s what’s wrong with vivisection 17/8/10 read
most new drugs ‘offer few benefits’ 17/8/10 read
tax thrown away on pointless tests 16/8/10 read
gm crop sabotage on the rise 16/8/10 read
another cancer drug failure? 16/8/10 read
u.s. bill to ban organic food 16/8/10 read
bullring hit by fire 15/8/10 read
british zoo plans new elephant exhibit 15/8/10 read
dolphin exploitation exposed 15/8/10 read
pesticides destroy anti-cancer compounds 15/8/10 read
drug firms hiding negative research 14/8/10 read
big pharma probe 14/8/10 read
new videos expose shooting & snaring 13/8/10 read
pharmaceuticals in food crop 13/8/10 read
quack solution to fast food damage 13/8/10 read
cattistock hunt filmed breaking law 13/8/10 read
glaxo drug causes meningistis: fda 12/8/10 read
ar group calls for ban on leg hold traps 12/8/10 read
military tests on living animals prohibited 11/8/10 read
flu advisors ties to vaccine manufacturers 11/8/10 read
police steal family dog & lose her 10/8/10 read
dr steven best the left & animal rights 10/8/10 read
millions prescribed unapproved meds 10/8/10 read
swedish mink farms exposed 9/8/10 read
fox hunt video hoax 6/8/10 read
dubious drug studies 6/8/10 read
gm crop escapes into wild 6/8/10 read
hundreds of partridges freed 5/8/10 read
sick experiments on cats 5/8/10 read
animal experiments explained by dr greek 5/8/10 read
amount of cloned meat unknown 4/8/10 read
us vivisection lab serial offender 4/8/10 read
call to punish cockfighters 3/8/10 read
vivisectors caught lying 3/8/10 read
if you think vivisection is essential… 2/8/10 read
spies target animal rights campaigners 1/8/10 read
sponsored run for animals 1/8/10 read
flu jab linked to fits in under fives 31/7/10 read
university lab cited for violations 31/7/10 read
vivisection: a moderate proposal 31/7/10 read
astrazeneca make secret payout 31/7/10 read
daniel amos released 30/7/10 read
alf making waves 29/7/10 read
over 3.5. million animals killed in uk labs 29/7/10 read
lab animal breeder talks, lies 29/7/10 read
catalonia bans bullfighting 28/7/10 read
fire rocks oregon mink farm 28/7/10 read
close down german dolphinarium 27/7/10 read
uni security attacks animal activists 25/7/10 read
are we any wiser today? 25/7/10 read
diabetes drug = kidney problems 25/7/10 read
more undisclosed vested interests 24/7/10 read
‘alf lone wolf’ arrested 24/7/10 read
bad animal data is big news 24/7/10 read
delaware passes landmark law 23/7/10 read
slaughterhouse welfare sham 23/7/10 read
arson claim (no dead rabbits) 23/7/10 read
‘unsafe’ diabetes drug stopped 23/7/10 read
sick hunt thug convicted 21/7/10 read
animal lab supplier arson 21/7/10 read
sea shepherd news 20/7/10 read
glaxo $1 billion birth-defect payout 20/7/10 read
animal rights ‘terror’ law challenged 20/7/10 read
victims sue pfizer $384 billion 20/7/10 read
pfizer u-turn on pain drug 19/7/10 read
hunt thugs caught on camera 19/7/10 read
raiders take aim at dodgy breeders 18/7/10 read
animal abuse = human abuse 17/7/10 read
free our polar bears 17/7/10 read
us prisoner perused by the law 17/7/10 read
horse deaths lead to ar campaign 16/7/10 read
55 monkeys saved 14/7/10 read
glaxo pay out $460 million 14/7/10 read
welsh badger cull halted after appeal 13/7/10 read
mel broughton found guilty 13/7/10 read
2010 international ar gathering 12/7/10 read
vivisection lab expansion rejected 12/7/10 read
grey squirrels acquitted? 11/7/10 read
drug giant on killing spree 10/7/10 read
the app next campaign 10/7/10 read
desperate dolpin leaps from tank 9/7/10 read
unsafe drug fed to livestock 9/7/10 read
san francisco may ban pet stores 9/7/10 read
protestors outside of stampede grounds 9/7/10 read
dublin zoo is no place for wild animals 8/7/10 read
austrian trial update 8/7/10 read
vivisector dies 7/7/10 read
whaling activist bethune gets suspended 7/7/10 read
pfizer accused of experimenting on kids 6/7/10 read
ar campaigner insists innocence 6/7/10 read
27 quails released 5/7/10 read
hunting in south africa 5/7/10 read
over 100 beagles rescued 2/7/10 read
vaccine, pharma fraud exposed 2/7/10 read
one more mink farm closes down in italy 2/7/10 read
all vivisection results should be published 30/6/10 read
choosing healthy foods a mental disorder 29/6/10 read
why do we test new drugs on animals 29/6/10 read
doctor’s faith in pharma shattered 29/6/10 reads
kangaroos being poisoned by fluoride 29/6/10 read
mcdonald’s lawsuit 28/6/10 read
police break the law 28/6/10 read
undercover exposé of meat trade 27/6/10 read
doctors call for ban on nhs homeopathy 27/6/10 read
woburn electric shocks elephant 27/6/10 read
u.s govt panel “vaccinations for all” 26/6/10 read
100,000 die in us a yr from pharma drugs 25/6/10 read
supermarkets selling gm meat 25/6/10 read
hpv vaccine blinds 16 year old 24/6/10 read
northern ireland bans hare coursing 24/6/10 read
internet to fund vaccines 24/6/10 read
leona lewis tour meat ban 22/6/10 read
bp is burning rare sea turtles alive 20/6/10 read
woburn animals suffer in cramped cages 20/6/10 read
lumley pulls out opening harrods 19/6/10 read
dalai lama slams compassion 19/6/10 read
london vivisection lab plans 18/6/10 read
unforeseen in animals 18/6/10 read
animal transporter burnt 18/6/10 read
man fined over bid to free hens 18/6/10 read
requiem for a bat 18/6/10 read
scottish scientists to create diseased pigs 17/6/10 read
plan for super dairy farm dropped 17/6/10 read
drug giant accused of deception 17/6/10 read
law fails to prevent stupid experiments 16/6/10 read
japan threatens to go renegade 16/6/10 read
shooting badger costs former jp £3000 16/6/10 read
please contact fortress 16/6/10 read
mel broughton on trial once more 15/6/10 read
bull fighter bottles it 15/6/10 read
anti hunt adverts banned 15/6/10 read
us vivisectors face criminal charges 14/6/10 read
big pharma lies exposed 14/6/10 read
revealed: japan’s bribes on whaling 13/6/10 read
badger cull on hold 11/6/10 read
police admit mass human right breaches 11/6/10 read
austrian trial week twelve 10/6/10 read
vegan streaker jailed for freeing mink 9/6/10 read
hunger strike protest 7/6/10 read
spain challenges the bull fighters 6/6/10 read
geese culled in park 5/6/10 read
vaccine conspiracy exposed 5/6/10 read
austrian trial week 11 5/6/10 read
m&s proud to be cruelty free 5/6/10 read
sea shepherd captain protests innocence 4/6/10 read
protest planned at Ilkley business 3/6/10 read
opposing views dr ray greek 2/6/10 read
austrian animal protection trial week 10 1/6/10 read
overkill policing at evil dairy farm 31/5/10 read
spanish pig farm investigation 31/5/10 read
major firms scrap animal testing 30/5/10 read
cruel horse trader jailed 27/5/10 read
meercat tv ad cruelty 26/5/10 read
sea shepherd captain on trial 26/5/10 read
is factory farming making you sick? 26/5/10 read
inside a dairy farm 26/5/10 read
horse abuser arrested 26/5/10 read
veggie patient fed meat 23/5/10 read
huntsman guilty of assault 23/5/10 read
bull fighter gored 22/5/10 read
mod blow up pigs 21/5/10 read
swedish mink action 20/5/10 read
contaminated vaccines approved 20/5/10 read
heading for the front lines 20/5/10 read
govt to kill more badgers 20/5/10 read
animal lab to move 20/5/10 read
reward for fox killers 20/5/10 read
the badger trust press release 20/5/10 read
a deep, pervasive sickness 19/5/10 read
austrian animal protection trial week 9 19/5/10 read
harrods fur campaign 18/5/10 read
greyhound racing ends in new england 17/5/10 read
liberated mink survive in the wild 15/5/10 read
reward for fox killers 20/5/10 read
a deep, pervasive sickness 19/5/10 read
greyhound racing ends in new england 17/5/10 read
unforeseen in animal tests april – may read
police urged to kill dogs 13/5/10 read
lab contractor pulls out 13/5/10 read
scientists' turn to win votes 12/5/10 read
flu vaccine & convulsion 12/5/10 read
convicted horse trader absconds 12/5/10 read
mike tyson turns vegan 12/5/10 read
shining a light in the darkness 11/5/10 read
mink farming is killing the lakes 10/5/10 read
global cooling? never! 10/5/10 read
harris blames leaflet smears, oxford times 10/5/10 read
austrian trial week eight 10/5/10 read
app election victory 8/5/10 read
a terrible night for science 7/5/10 read
a harassed harris – bbc news 7/5/10 read
vivisection mp felled 7/5/10 read
austrian trial week seven 6/5/10 read
keith talks to oxford radio 30/4/10 read
another captive whale takes revenge 29/4/10 read
meat and bladder cancer 29/4/10 read
warrant issued for paul watson 29/4/10 read
hrt drugs based on medical fraud 29/4/10 read
app hounding hoey 29/4/10 read
dr death label for local mp 29/4/10 read
dr death cover up exposed 29/4/10 read
allies against the enemy part four 29/4/10 read
allies against the enemy part three 29/4/10 read
allies against the enemy part two 29/4/10 read
allies against the enemy part one 29/4/10 read
mice cures, but none work in humans 28/4/10 read
app world day election speech 28/4/10 watch
oxford mp running scared 26/4/10 read
the app campaign inspires 26/4/10 read
stop the new animal lab 26/4/10 read
the app v the vivisectors 24/4/10 read
sarah coats, the animal protection party read
the app v hls – kick them in the djangoly’s read
the app v wickham animal lab in the election read
keith mann v dr death in the general election read
the app hunt hunt hag in general election read
austrian trial week 6 23/4/10 read
vaccination true stories 22/4/10 read
cancer charity in bed with kfc 22/4/10 read
rspca welfare scam exposed yet again watch
‘badger cull order lawful’ 16/4/10 read
uni desperate to hide experiments 15/4/10 read
airline stops shipping lab animals 15/4/10 read
huge dairy farm app withdrawn 15/4/10 read
airline stops shipping lab animals 15/4/10 read
animal experiments flawed 13/4/10 read
sea shepherd save whales 13/4/10 read
nz open rescue: pig farm horrors 13/4/10 read
week 5 austrian trial 12/4/10 read
life saving animal research at hls 9/4/10 read
internet censorship plans 8/4/10 read
hard man actor has a heart for animals read
drug company conspires 8/4/10 read
autopsy shows tilly wasn’t playing 5/4/10 read
show dying horses, bbc told 4/4/10 read
dolphins to be freed 3/4/10 read
alf v vivisection 3/4/10 read
us anti-vivisection demos 3/4/10 read
undercover at the horse slaughterhouses 2/4/10 read
one group of hunt sabs read
mel broughton freed on bail 30/3/10 read
week three + four austrian trial 29/3/10 read
drop the charges 29/3/10 read
physicians target of manipulation 28/3/10 read
morrissey, the media and lies 27/3/10 read
austrian trial press conference 26/3/10 read
the skin trade film just released 26/3/10 read
fire-bomb conviction overturned 25/3/10 read
dogs suffer cancer after id chipping 24/3/10 read
adverse drug reactions and drug failures read
hundreds of hens rescued read
patrick moore hates animal cruelty 24/3/10 read
gsk vaccine contaminated 22/3/10 read
hunt monitor fears more violence 21/3/10 read
violent undercover policing 21/3/10 read
interview with ray greek, md 21/3/10 read
glaxo funded backers of ‘danger’ drug 19/3/10 read
mink scarper 19/3/10 read
9/11 firefighters stand up to the extremists read
hunt pack savages family dog 19/3/10 read
animal rights activist freed 18/3/10 read
vegan activists condemn raid by fbi 17/3/10 read
hunt monitor cleared of manslaughter 17/3/10 read
pfizer hid evidence hrt causes cancer 17/3/10 read

jury retires in gyrocopter case 16/3/10 read
a picture paints a thousand words 14/3/10 read
week two austrian trial 13/3/10 read
gm muscle fish 13/3/10 read

campaigning against inbreeding 13/3/10 read
feds raid homes 13/3/10 read
debunking conspiracy theorists 13/3/10 read
hitmen hired to kill deer 12/3/10 read
stadium closes 200 homes needed 12/3/10 read
austrian media hype 11/3/10 read

nepal sees blood drinking festival 11/3/10 read
hunt monitor feared violence 10/3/10 read
sea shepherd update 10/3/10 read
animal experiments in pictures 10/3/10 read
the 9/11 hijackers are alive 9/3/10 read
action for the austrians 9/3/10 read
another mink farm closes in italy 9/3/10 read
wild monkeys ‘sent to british labs’ 7/3/10 read
taking photos and the police 7/3/10 read
vioxx payouts 6/3/10 read
first week of austrian trial 6/3/10 read
vaccines kill dogs obviously 6/3/10 read
dog killer slapped on the wrist 4/3/10 read
fish full of mercury 3/3/10 read
satanism at the heart of government read
jury sees film of hunt man death 3/3/10 read
the animal protection party 3/3/10 read
astrazeneca to close uk labs 2/3/10 read
update on austrian trial 28/2/10 read
a perfect storm is brewing for the ipcc 27/2/10 read
student film on fur wins award 27/2/10 read
fur victory (nottingham) 26/2/10 read
appeal over fire bomb conviction 25/2/10 read
demand for change at ucla 25/2/10 read
seaworld killer whale drowns trainer 25/2/10 read
a casualty of green scare read
the frenzy to cull seals 23/2/10 read
gsk conspired to kill 23/2/10 read
finnish fur campaign 23/2/10 read
badger cull decision ‘perverse’ 22/2/10 read
animal rights prisoner of silence 21/2/10 read
images of cosmetic testing 21/2/10 read
pharmagate 18/2/10 read
wolves liberated 17/2/10 read
bradford lab march 15/2/10 read
open rescue 111 hens freed 14/2/10 read
vaccination true stories 12/2/10 read
sea shepherd news 11/2/10 read

in austria, the latest news 12/2/10 read
30 fur farms investigated in finland 20/2/10 read
reinvestigate 9/11 17/2/10 read
french vivisection exposed 16/2/10 read
activist boards whaler 15/2/10 read
animal protection party – general election 14/2/10 read

know the vaccines 13/2/10 read
the animals film 12/2/10 read
mod blasts pigs 10/2/10 read
hunt thug freed 10/2/10 read
hare massacre 8/2/10 read
ipcc: international pack of climate crooks 7/2/10 read
new group fights welsh badger cull 7/2/10 read
animal rights activists gets 2 years 5/2/10 read
coursing campaign 3/2/10 read
anglers want to kill otters 3/2/10 read
the killing tracks of britain 2/2/10 read
unforeseen in animal tests from nov – dec 2009 read
japanese whale slaughter continues 31/1/10 read
my furry client bleats not guilty 31/1/10 read
environment campaigners sue 29/1/10 read
fatal fur protest 28/1/10 read
please be honest over animal testing 26/1/10 read
greyhound trainer guilty 22/1/10 read
thomas paine corner 22/1/10 read
people drugs that are not safe for pets 21/1/10 read
*new prisoner* rabbit raid activist 19/1/10 read
swine flu fails 18/1/10 read
the austrian trial 18/1/10 read
hunting is neither ‘prompt nor humane’ 18/1/10 read
letter:end animal testing 17/1/10 read
another greyhound track to go? 15/1/10 read
pressure stops experiments 15/1/10 read
vaccine link to baby death 11/1/10 read
fury at vaccine scandal 11/1/10 read
sea shepherd protest @ japan embassy 8/1/10 read
revenge of the mink see
glass chemical used in burger meat 6/1/10 read
milk: does it really do a body good? 6/1/10 read
a twisted vet, one of many 5/1/10 read
deer gets revenge on hunter 4/1/10 read
rooftop fur protest 20/12/09 read
sea shepherd attacked 5/1/10 read
a year of progress against vivisection 2009 read

From Dusk 'til Dawn
An Insider's View of the Growth of the Animal Liberation Movement

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