In The News '08

animal rights activist cleared of possessing explosive substance 6/11/08 read
another barclays demo day in london 14/8/08 read
stadium dog killed for research connection 9/8/08 read
demo against peta’s corporate welfarism 1/8/08 read
meeting to discuss animal rights organisations 1/8/08 read
criminal charges made against austrian state officials 31/7/08 read
chairman speaks out as abattoir is cleared of cruelty 31/7/08 read
tens of thousands of lives wrecked by just one drug disaster 30/7/08 read
nurse imprisoned for dog rescue 25/7/08 read
labour’s vivisection ‘failure’ – new statesman 21/7/08 read
judge who sentenced animal rights activist was fan of blood sports 10/7/08 read
irish fur farming slammed 9/7/08 read
slaughterhouse fire 8/7/08 read
suspected arson attacks at hls animal breeder in france 3/7/08 read
vivisectors conference cancelled – nz 27/6/08 read
spanish parliament to extend righs to apes 25/6/08 read
lukewarm meeting on whaling in chilly chile 25/6/08 read
hunt saboteurs vow to disrupt the controversial grouse shoots planned 21/6/08 read
crawley and horsham hunt takes saboteurs to court 20/6/08 read
fishing ban brings seas to life 16/6/08 read
corrs guitarist: 9/11 was an inside job 14/6/08 read
shot across the bows 9/6/08 read
latest news from the animal protection party 5/6/08 read
guardian on austrian internment 5/6/08 read
appeal from dr martin balluch 4/6/08 read
seven on hunger strike after being held on remand without charge for 8 days 29/5/08 read
austrian activists attacked 28/5/08 read
internment is new tactic to deal with animal rights movement 18/1/08 read

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