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Vaccines House Of Cards Is Tumbling Down


If ever there were a social-political-medical and scientific myth about anything, the current state of vaccinology and vaccine ‘science’ fits the bill in more ways than healthcare consumers probably even can imagine.

The myth goes back hundreds of years to the unscientific hypothesis and work of Edward Anthony Jenner (1749-1823), who is credited as being the ‘father of vaccines’ and the ‘father of immunology’. First and foremost, Jenner’s been touted as being a physician, and that ‘factoid’ has been disputed over and over again.

It turns out Jenner’s first smallpox vaccination experiment (his own son) ended up with brain damage and died young, most likely from a vaccine-related immune deficiency. The medical textbook definition of a vaccine adverse reaction is encephalitis (brain inflammation) which can lead to permanent neurological damage (aka brain damage, autism, developmental delay). [….]

By 1807, he [Jenner] convinced the Royal College of Physicians and the British Parliament that his once defunct and admittedly unprotective vaccine was safe and effective, and as well could produce large revenues. [1] [CJF emphasis added]

Since Jenner obviously was an ‘astute’ business person, he was able to convince others that his newfangled health hypothesis was a moneymaker.

Both of Jenner’s ‘dreams’ keep going on perpetually: convincing others that vaccines are ‘safe and effective’ and vaccines are grandiose money makers. In 2016, the vaccine market was worth “close to $24 billion.” [2] By 2020, profits are estimated to be worth $61 Billion! [2] CDC, alone, sells over $4.6 Billion in vaccines every year! [4]

However, what most U.S. healthcare consumers probably don’t know is U.S. government agencies CDC and NIH, plus Bill Gates, own patents on vaccines, e.g., Ebola! [3] The CDC owns over 20 vaccine patents, according to Robert F Kennedy Jr., Esq. [4] Is there any wonder why vested interests push vaccines and want them to be mandatory?

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Cancer Drug Breakthrough?


New Cancer Drug Illustrates Ineffectiveness of Mainstream Cancer Treatment

By Tony Isaacs

Mainstream medicine and drug maker Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) are touting BMS’s new cancer drug Opdivo (nivolumab) as a “breakthrough” that offers the hope of longer life. A closer look reveals just how cruel and deceptive such claims are and how the new drug, rather than being a new breakthrough, is just one more example of mainstream medicine’s false promises and an indictment of the mainstream medicine’s failure in treating cancer.

One prominently featured TV ad utilizes an attractive view of Chicago as a backdrop and smiling healthy looking actors portraying lung cancer patients. The ad boldly proclaims that Opdivo is a huge breakthrough which works with the patient’s own immune system to “at last offer the hope for longer life” for chemotherapy patients.

Another overblown advertisement for Opdivo proclaims:

Researchers have made what looks like a “once in a generation” breakthrough in fighting cancer, advancing a technique that could become one of the “pillars of oncology,” next to surgery and chemotherapy. The technique enables the immune system, which ordinarily treats malignant cancer cells as if they were healthy, normal cells, to identify and attack tumors.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? But what are the “fine print” and audio disclaimers that are slipped in while our attention is diverted by the backdrop and actors? Well, first of all there are the warnings that Opdivo can cause the immune system to attack healthy organs with possible fatal results. Not so great, huh? Among the immune disorders caused by the new drug are Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis and Lupus. And then there is the real clincher:

In clinical trials of patients with lung cancer, patients who took Opdivo survived for an average of 9.2 months compared to 6 months for those took chemotherapy alone.

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The Proven Dangers Of Microwaves


Have you ever wondered… are microwaves safe? But how could there be any dangers? If there were, the government would have taken microwave ovens off the market, right? Not necessarily…

As the name suggests, “microwave ovens” use microwaves. These microwaves are a form of electromagnetic field (EMF). When you use a microwave oven, the microwaves do not stay within the confines of the oven.

When a microwave oven is turned on these EMFs permeate into your home… traveling through walls, ceilings, and you. In May 2011 the World Health Organization officially classified this type of EMF exposure as a class 2B possible carcinogen.

A microwave ovens’ cables and motor also give off high magnetic fields, often over 10 milligauss. Exposures of just 4 milligauss have been firmly linked to leukemia. These magnetic fields have also been categorized as carcinogenic.

Research on microwave ovens reveals the following…

  • Microwaving prepared meats to ensure sanitary ingestion was found to provoke the formation of d-Nitrosodienthanolamines, a well-known carcinogen.
  • Microwaving milk and cereal grains was found to convert some of their amino acids into carcinogenic substances.
  • Microwaving food increases cholesterol levels. It was also found to decrease red and white blood cell counts while decreasing hemoglobin and producing radiolytic compounds.
  • Thawing frozen fruits was found to convert their glucoside and galactoside containing fractions into carcinogens.
  • Even very short exposure of raw, cooked, or frozen vegetables to microwaves was found to convert their plant alkaloids into carcinogens.
  • Russian and Japanese studies have shown how food can lose nearly 60% to 90% of its food value when cooked or heated in a microwave oven.
  • Food cooked in a microwave oven with a little water can lose up to 97% of its beneficial antioxidants.
  • Many people cook food in plastic and paper containers in microwaves which can cause carcinogenic toxins to leach out of this packaging into your food.

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CDC "Owns Over 20 Vaccine Patents"


Examining RFK Jr.'s claim that the CDC “Owns over 20 vaccine patents.”

Mr. Kennedy is in very safe territory by reporting that the CDC has over 20 patents that create vast, undisclosed conflicts of interests in vaccine safety. This past week, President-Elect Trump invited Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to discuss Mr. Kennedy leading a vaccine safety commission. The mainstream media coverage of the meeting was widespread and furious. The vaccine industry and its media lap dogs do not want their corruption exposed in any official forum, and they have pointed their fury at Mr. Trump and Mr. Kennedy.

We have seen a great deal of media on Kennedy and his vaccine safety and corruption claims in the last week. The nice thing about that is this - because he has been in the mercury fight for so long, and started investigating the claims of moms of vaccine injured children more than a decade ago, his coverage has returned the spotlight to the corruption that was uncovered in the early days of the realization that the vaccine program was hurting our kids.

One of these old pieces of information that has made its way back into the discussion because of Mr. Kennedy's media attention is the claim that, “The CDC owns over 20 vaccines patents.”

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Science Based Propaganda


Industry Funding has Turned Science-Based Evidence into Science-Biased Propaganda

Industry funded “science” has tainted our world and turned science-based evidence into science-biased propaganda. Universities are laundering money through foundations to intentionally hide relationships, while scientists secretly nurture their relationships with corporate executives.

Negative outcomes go unpublished, the peer review process is so weak only studies that challenge industry interests are heavily scrutinized (usually by scientists hired by corporate public relations firms). Media is paid handsomely to ensure the public that “the science is settled,” especially when corporate liability is a primary concern.

Raw data is held captive, conflicts of interest are not fully disclosed and studies are designed to specifically obtain a desired outcome.

It’s certainly no secret that academic research is often funded by corporations. Academia often claims that such funding allows for innovation and does not influence the outcome of the studies. Industry, too, claims that such relationships do not influence the scientific process.

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The Truth About Mammograms & The Best Alternatives


Mammograms Again Proven Harmful to Women and Actually May Increase Cancer Risk


Learn About A Safer Options

Routine mammograms are far less effective at preventing breast cancer deaths and far more expected to cause unnecessary procedures, over-treatment and ultimately accelerate death more than any other screening method on women.

  1. A routine mammogram screening typically involves four x-rays, two per breast. This amounts to more than 150 times the amount of radiation that is used for a single chest x-ray. Bottom line: screening mammograms send a strong dose of ionizing radiation through your tissues. Any dose of ionizing radiation is capable of contributing to cancer and heart disease.
  2. Screening mammograms increase the risk of developing cancer in premenopausal women.
  3. Screening mammograms require breast tissue to be squeezed firmly between two plates. This compressive force can damage small blood vessels which can result in existing cancerous cells spreading to other areas of the body.
  4. Cancers that exist in pre-menopausal women with dense breast tissue and in postmenopausal women on estrogen replacement therapy are commonly undetected by screening mammograms.
  5. For women who have a family history of breast cancer and early onset of menstruation, the risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer with screening mammograms when no cancer actually exists can be as high as 100 percent.

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Curing Cancer Requires A New Kind Of Thinking


“Science advances one funeral at a time” said Nobel Prize winning physicists Max Planck. Unfortunately, it has the ring of truth. But why can’t science advance “one cure at a time“?

It can

In theory, no-one knows how to cure cancer. In theory, everyone is searching for a cure for cancer. In theory, many people are raising money to “find a cure”. But those theories are wrong. We know how to cure cancer. We’ve known for some time.

Many cancers have been cured and people are curing cancer today. There are thousands, possibly millions worldwide, of people who have records of cancer diagnosis, who no longer have cancer. I’m not talking about people who were treated with surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. Statistically, those people are waiting for remission or death. I’m talking about people who cured their cancer. In some of these cases the patient was given up for dead by the medical system – but is living and thriving today.

Many fundraising groups collect millions of dollars every year to ‘find the cure’. Instead, we need to find the cured.

They are out there, waiting to be discovered, waiting to be acknowledged, waiting to be studied.

But they are ignored by the illness industry

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Chemotherapy: As Useless As Ever


If a solution has been shown to not work repeatedly and over a long period of time, would you keep using it? Probably not. That exact thing is happening with chemotherapy in cancer treatment, however.

New chemo drugs get approved based on comparably short studies that show they can reduce tumors. But will they also increase survival? It takes much more time to find out, and so it takes time until these life expectancy studies come out and are published. They have two advantages:

First, they are usually independent studies, while the studies that get the drug approved are paid by the pharmaceutical companies that want to get it approved.

Second, they look at survival, rather than some intermediate treatment point (such as tumor shrinking), and survival together with quality of life is the only thing that really matters. And what chemo does to quality of life is commonly known.

And what these survival studies show, and have invariably shown for the past 40 years since the "war on cancer" has started, is: chemo is largely useless.

This new article in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) called "Cancer Drugs, Survival and Ethics" sheds some light on the situation ( Among solid tumors, there are five for which there is a significant benefit from chemo (though far from being a cure, with 5 year survival rates increasing between 8.8% and 40%): testicular cancer (40%), Hodgkin’s disease (37%), cancer of the cervix (12%), lymphoma (10.5%), and ovarian cancer (8.8%).

For all other solid tumors, chemo is largely useless and contributes additional survival of between 1 and 2 months -- on average. Some treatments may even shorten the life expectancy.

Cancer statistics suggest that 5 year survival rates have increased over the past 40 years. The biggest part of that, however, is that cancers are diagnosed at earlier stages thanks to better diagnostics. Of course 5 year survival is better when the cancer is detected earlier in the process.

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Financial Ties To Positive Trial Results


Financial ties between researchers and drug industry linked to positive trial results

Financial ties between researchers and companies that make the drugs they are studying are independently associated with positive trial results, suggesting bias in the evidence base, concludes a study published by The BMJ today.

Relationships with industry are common among investigators of randomised clinical trials (RCTs) - raising concerns about the effect that financial ties may have on the evidence base. But studies investigating these relationships have been conflicting. So a team of US based researchers set out to investigate the association between financial ties of principal investigators and study outcomes in a random sample of 195 drug trials published in 2013. They focused on trials that examined the effectiveness of drugs, because these studies have a high impact on both clinical practice and healthcare costs.

More than half (58%) of principal investigators had financial ties to the drug industry - including travel expenses, honorariums, payment for advisory work, or stock ownership. The results show that trials authored by principal investigators with financial ties to drug manufacturers were more likely than other trials to report favourable results. Even after accounting for factors that may have affected the results, such as funding source and sample size, financial ties were still significantly associated with positive study outcomes.

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Truth In Media: CDC, Vaccines & Autism


More Evidence from CDC Whistleblower on Autism and Vaccines Revealed to Public in New Documentary


An original report by Truth in Media news organization, led by investigative journalist Ben Swann, has the public buzzing. As the alternative media surges in popularity and integrity, it appears that Truth in Media has solidified its place as one of the world’s premier outlets reporting truth, reality, and life-saving information.

The organization’s recent documentary report titled Truth in Media: CDC, Vaccines and Autism strikes hard at the roots of a corrupt Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and an inhumane, criminal vaccine industry. Perhaps for the first time, viewers are able to witness the full magnitude of large-scale, multi-level vaccine research fraud.

The documentary lends solid evidence that the MMR vaccine lacks the proper safety studies originally entrusted to the CDC.

It is important to understand the seriousness of Swann’s recent report. Against a backdrop of rising autism rates, widespread vaccine injury and the rapid loss of medical consent, the U.S. mainstream media has been complicit.

There has been essentially zero reporting to alert the public of the current epidemic of vaccine injury exponentially increasing.

A Congressman’s Plea to Expose Corruption

During his recent speech in the U.S. House of Representatives, Florida Congressman Bill Posey read from Dr. Thompson’s documents stating,


All the authors and I met and decided sometime between August and September 02 not to report any race-effects for the paper. Sometime soon after the meeting we decided to exclude reporting any race-effects. The co-authors scheduled a meeting to destroy documents related to the study. The remaining four coauthors all met and brought a big garbage can into the meeting room and reviewed and went through all the hard copy documents that we had and thought we should discard and put them in a huge garbage can.

Congressman Posey concluded his appearance before the U.S. House by stating:


Mr. Speaker I believe it’s our duty to ensure that the documents Dr. Thompson provided are not ignored. Therefore, I will provide them to members of Congress and the House Committees upon request. Considering the nature of the whistle blower documents, as well as the involvement of the CDC, a hearing and a thorough investigation is warranted. So I ask, Mr. Speaker — I beg, I implore my colleges [sic] on the appropriations committees to please, please take such action.

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Study Verifies MMR Vaccine & Autism Link


New Published Study Verifies Andrew Wakefield’s Research on Autism – Again


Controversial Doctor and Autism Media Channel Director proven right

MMR Vaccine Causes Autism & Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Two landmark events – a government concession in the US Vaccine Court, and a groundbreaking scientific paper – confirm that physician, scientist, and Autism Media Channel [AMC] Director, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, and the parents were right all along.

In a recently published December 13, 2012 vaccine court ruling, hundreds of thousands of dollars were awarded to Ryan Mojabi, [i] whose parents described how “MMR vaccinations,” caused a “severe and debilitating injury to his brain, diagnosed as Autism Spectrum Disorder (‘ASD’).”

Later the same month, the government suffered a second major defeat when young Emily Moller from Houston won compensation following vaccine-related brain injury that, once again, involved MMR and resulted in autism. The cases follow similar successful petitions in the Italian and US courts (including Hannah Poling [ii], Bailey Banks [iii], Misty Hyatt [iv], Kienan Freeman [v], Valentino Bocca [vi], and Julia Grimes [vii]) in which the governments conceded or the court ruled that vaccines had caused brain injury. In turn, this injury led to an ASD diagnosis. MMR vaccine was the common denominator in these cases.

And today, scientists and physicians from Wake Forest University, New York, and Venezuela, reported findings that not only confirm the presence of intestinal disease in children with autism and intestinal symptoms, but also indicate that this disease may be novel. [viii] Using sophisticated laboratory methods Dr. Steve Walker and his colleagues endorsed Wakefield’s original findings by showing molecular changes in the children’s intestinal tissues that were highly distinctive and clearly abnormal.

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Ringling Bros Closing


As of May, the saddest show on earth for wild animals will end. 36 years of PETA protests, of documenting animals left to die, beaten animals, and much more, has reduced attendance to the point of no return. All other animal circuses, roadside zoos, and wild animal exhibitors, including marine amusement parks like SeaWorld and the Miami Seaquarium, must take note: society has changed, eyes have been opened, people know now who these animals are, and we know it is wrong to capture and exploit them.


Vaccines Revealed Episodes


Watch the series here


Sea Shepherd Catch Japanese Fleet With Dead Whale


Sea Shepherd Catches Japanese Poaching Fleet with Dead Whale in Australian Sanctuary

After five weeks of patrolling the Southern Ocean, Sea Shepherd has located the Japanese whale poachers’ factory whaling vessel in the Australian Whale Sanctuary with a dead minke whale on its flensing deck, the first to be documented since the International Court of Justice ruled against their whaling operations in the Antarctic in 2014.

The Nisshin Maru was spotted by the helicopter of Sea Shepherd’s MY Steve Irwin at 12:34AM GMT (11:34AM AEDT) at a position of 64 57.6S - 085 09.6E, within the Australian Whale Sanctuary. When the helicopter approached, the Nisshin Maru crew scrambled to hide the slaughtered whale with a tarp, while the fleet’s harpoon ships Yushin Maru and Yushin Maru #2 quickly covered their harpoons.

"The whale killers from the Nisshin Maru were caught red-handed slaughtering whales in the Australian Whale sanctuary,” says Captain Adam Meyerson of the Ocean Warrior, Sea Shepherd’s newest Southern Ocean patrol ship. “The Steve Irwin has shut down their illegal operations and caught them trying to hide the evidence."

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Whistleblower Sentenced In Secret Court


Melanie Shaw Given Two Years Following Secret Court Hearing

On Wednesday 11 January 2016, Melanie Shaw, the whistleblower on the horrific abuse of children which occurred at the then county council-run Beechwood Children's Home in Nottinghamshire in the late 1980s, was given a two-year custodial sentence in a secret court hearing.
The nature of the charge against her is unclear and that information is refused when requested of court staff. The case took place late yesterday morning but it did not appear on any court lists until the hearing was past.

Melanie Shaw did not appear in person in court for this hearing, which was conducted by video link from her prison, as has also been the case with previous of her court 'appearances'. She states that without fail, whenever in the past she has given testimony by such video link, she has been cut off on the pretext that "you were shouting", which she denies.

The effect of this is to prevent her testimony from going on the court record, as well as to prevent her as defendant from hearing certain deliberations and assertions being made in the courtroom.

In addition, UK Column News is very confident that at this particular secret hearing, no member of the public was present, and particularly not any of the supporters who have been following Melanie Shaw's case very closely. The public is therefore entirely dependent on any transcripts—accurate and complete or otherwise—which may be produced in order to find out what was said at the hearing.

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Let The Science Speak


Important excerpts from Robert F Kennedy Jr’s book: Thimerosal – Let the Science Speak: The Evidence Supporting the Immediate Removal of Mercury – a Known Neurotoxin – from Vaccines

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has just been selected by President-elect Trump to head a commission that will investigate the issue of “vaccine safety.” What this really means is that the era of mercury in vaccines may soon come to an end in America.

Donald Trump, as you may already know, is very well informed on the dangers of vaccines. In fact, during the very first presidential debate, the liberal media tried to destroy Donald Trump by claiming he was “anti-vaccine” (thereby implying that vaccines are always good and never cause harm).

Not only did Donald Trump respond by saying he personally knows people whose children were damaged by vaccines, but then Sen. Rand Paul and Ben Carson also chimed in and both agree that vaccines, as currently pushed by government, are far too dangerous.

What makes vaccines so dangerous? A toxic heavy metal known as mercury, for one thing. Astonishingly, it’s still used in flu shots given to pregnant women and young children.

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Vaxxed: From Cover Up To Catastrophe Trailer



Link Proven Between Aluminium & Alzheimer's


Scientists Prove Link Between Aluminum and Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease

In today's world, aluminum is omnipresent, building up within our system from everyday products. Now, we are learning that aluminum toxicity can manifest itself in alarming ways.

As many of us are aware, the human body is being bombarded with aluminum in everyday products. Many of our foods, vaccinations, medications, baby products, cosmetics, cleaning products and even soft furnishings contain aluminum and it appears that we are powerless to prevent the ever-increasing onslaught.

This is extremely worrying because, according to Professor Exley, a scientist from Keele University in Staffordshire, aluminum can accumulate in the body and has the potential to do harm wherever it ends up.

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The Disappearing Cured Cancer Patients


The Case of the Incredible Disappearing Cancer Patients!

It’s been almost 20 years since I met my first disappearing patient — a nurse in her early 40s, let’s call her Kate. Kate was diagnosed with breast cancer. As a nurse, she had seen the results of breast cancer treatments. She was terrified, and determined. She was not heading for surgery, nor chemotherapy, nor radiation.

But Kate worked in a hospital. She worked with the doctors who diagnosed her cancer, and she worked with the surgeon, who wanted to schedule her into surgery “as soon as possible.”

The first thing Kate did was slow down. She did some research. It didn’t take her long to remind herself that in Canada, and in the USA, the treatments for cancer are akin to law. No hospital would dare deviate from the deadly three (cut, poison, burn).

Kate’s cancer was not large. She had been tested for cancer last year and no cancer was found. She knew it took many years for cancers to develop. At first, she was furious, “If it is here today, it must have been here last year. Why didn’t you find it last year?” It had not metastasized. It was not growing rapidly and was not affecting her health in any way. In theory, she had lots of time. So, she took some time.

But Kate didn’t look for magic cures. She didn’t search for the latest “cancer medicine.” She wasn’t interested in curing herself. She knew she was a nurse, not a doctor. She searched instead for the “cured” – patients who were diagnosed with cancer, and no longer had cancer. She knew from her work in the hospital, from conversations with patients, and with some staff, that these people existed — but from the perspective of the medical establishment, they seemed to disappear.

It didn’t take her long to find some patients who claimed they were cured. They hadn’t disappeared from life. They were eating, drinking, loving, and living full healthy and prosperous lives. But according to the medical records, they didn’t exist. They were “never cured.”

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The Truth About Vaccinations - History & Hoax

Many modern health “authorities” credit vaccines for the decline in disease and assure us that vaccines are safe and effective. But is that true? Take a close look at the following graphs and you will see the reduction in deaths from pertussis (whooping cough), diphtheria, polio and measles.

Notice that these diseases were virtually wiped out before the introduction of their respective vaccines! Rather the decrease in these childhood maladies weren’t due to vaccinations (as you may have been told), but were mainly the result of improved public health and hygiene (including sanitation and cleaner drinking water) during that time.

An interesting side note concerning polio involves some “shady” behavior by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC); in 1958, after the introduction of the live polio vaccine, they changed the definition of “polio.” Cases of inflammation of the membrane that protects the brain and spinal neuron cells, causing muscular weakness and pain (but not paralysis) were no longer classified as “polio”; they were now to be referred to as aseptic meningitis, even if the polio virus was present.

Reported cases of aseptic meningitis went from near zero to thousands, and polio cases dropped the same amount. Then, later in 1958, the CDC changed the definition of “polio” again!! All cases with classic polio paralytic symptoms were to be called acute flaccid paralysis. In 1960, the CDC triumphantly declared large parts of the world as “polio free,” while the newly created acute flaccid paralysis “mysteriously” became quite common.

In 1977, Jonas Salk, the creator of the polio vaccine, testified before a Senate subcommittee that “all polio outbreaks since 1961 were caused by the oral polio vaccine.” In 1985, the CDC reported that 87% of the cases of polio in the USA between 1973 and 1983 were caused by the vaccine and most of the reported cases occurred in fully immunized individuals.

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Boy Wins Case Over Vaccine Damage


13-Year-Old Boy Permanently Disabled From Chicken Pox Vaccine Wins His Case In Vaccine Court

A young man was recently awarded compensation in the United States Court of Federal Claims Vaccine Court, for injuries he sustained after being administered the hepatitis A and varicella vaccinations in 2009. After five long years of litigation, Health and Human Services (HHS), the Respondent in all vaccine injury cases, conceded that the varicella vaccination did in fact cause RD’s vaccine injury, transverse myelitis, which has left him a tetraplegic.

In November 2014, HHS conceded that the vaccination caused RD’s injuries. Even with this concession, his case continued for another year in the damages phase, during which time the parties continued to negotiate the amount of damages that RD would receive for his injuries. Although he was compensated for his suffering and injuries, the monetary award will never compensate for the lifelong effects this young man is suffering from his vaccine injury.

RD was only 13 when his life changed forever. At a routine well-child visit in 2009, the doctor informed RD’s parents that he was due to receive the hepatitis A and varicella vaccinations. His parents complied with the doctor’s order and RD received the vaccinations.

RD’s mother explained that, at that time in RD’s state, only one dose of varicella vaccine was required and RD had already received one dose of that vaccine. This second dose that was administered to RD at this well visit was determined to be the cause of RD’s horrific injuries, and it was not even required for him, which his family didn’t realize until it was too late.

About 14 days later, RD began to experience excruciating pain shooting through his body along with tingling, numbness and paralysis of his limbs. After extensive testing and many invasive procedures, RD was diagnosed with transverse myelitis.

RD’s parents filed a case in Vaccine Court, which took over five years to settle. RD and his family faced arduous heartbreak along the way. In the ruling, a representative from the United States Department of Justice agreed that “a preponderance of the evidence establishes that petitioner’s transverse myelitis was caused-in-fact by the administration of his August 12, 2009 varicella vaccine.”

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Abuse Filmed At UK Dairy Farm


Breaking! Animal Equality films farm workers beating newborn calves and cows on a dairy farm in Somerset, England.

Cows being repeatedly kicked and punched, some just hours after giving birth.

Hidden cameras set up this month by Animal Equality investigators captured shocking scenes of animal abuse on a family-run dairy farm in Somerset, UK. The footage shows farm workers violently punching tiny calves and kicking cows in the face.

Multiple incidents of workers abusing animals were filmed on Pyrland Farm in just one day, including:

- repeatedly kicking young calves to make them stand up

- aggressively twisting cows’ tails and repeatedly slamming metal gates into them

- pinning calves to the floor and shouting obscenities in their face

- repeatedly kicking and slapping nursing cows

- violently throwing small calves to the floor

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Lauded Cancer Breakthrough Unsafe

Immunotherapy for Cancer — This Lauded Breakthrough Is Far More Dangerous Than Advertised


By Dr. Mercola

Immunotherapy drugs are considered the latest and greatest breakthrough in conventional cancer treatment. Chimeric antigen receptor technology (CAR-T) has raised a great deal of hope, and an equal measure of concern. CAR-T involves genetically reengineering a patient’s immune cells to target tumor-associated antigens, thereby destroying the malignant cells. Alas, while these therapies appear to be quite effective at attacking and destroying malignant cells, they can also take a toll on healthy tissues and organs, leaving many patients struggling for their lives, albeit for an entirely different reason.

There’s also another important issue at stake here. CAR-T cell therapies such as the one developed by Novartis (see below) have been granted PRIME1 (Priority Medicine) status by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). PRIME is similar to the Breakthrough Therapies program2 offered by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Both of these priority medicine programs aim to speed up approval of novel drugs in order to bring hope to patients for whom there is little or no hope.

While this is admirable, it’s also a slippery slope that can end up affecting people with non-lethal diseases as well — people who are NOT quite as keen on playing Russian roulette with their health for a chance of survival.

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Vaccine Failures Keep Mounting


Vaccine Failures Keep Mounting — When Will Studies Pointing Out Flaws Result in Healthy Changes?

By Dr. Mercola

Do routine vaccinations actually protect us from disease? The fact that repeated outbreaks among vaccinated populations keep occurring suggests that many vaccines are ineffective and do not work as advertised. One of the most obvious vaccine failures is the mumps vaccine, which is part of the measles, mumps and rubella, otherwise known as the MMR vaccine.

In 2010, two virologists filed a federal lawsuit against Merck, their former employer, alleging the vaccine maker used improper testing methods and falsified data to artificially inflate the efficacy rating of their mumps vaccine. For details on how they allegedly pulled this off, read Dr. Suzanne Humphries' excellent summary,1 which explains in layman's terms how the tests were manipulated. So why are people still surprised when mumps outbreaks occur? And why are most disease outbreaks still blamed on the unvaccinated minority when most of the infected are in fact often "fully" vaccinated majority?

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Immunotherapy Drugs Just As Dangerous As Chemo


Immunotherapy Drugs For Cancer: Just As Dangerous As Chemotherapy, And Even MORE Profitable For The Pharma Cartel

With public awareness growing rapidly regarding the inability of chemotherapy to cure cancer, the Pharma Cartel is spending vast sums of money hyping so-called immunotherapy drugs as its latest supposedly “groundbreaking” weapon against the disease. With estimates suggesting these drugs could potentially achieve sales of $35 billion a year, a deceptive global PR campaign is underway with the goal of convincing doctors and patients they are a safe “miracle” treatment. Just as with chemotherapy, however, their dangers are being deliberately downplayed.

Claimed to be a landmark development in the treatment of cancer, immunotherapy drugs attempt to boost the body’s natural defenses against the disease. Using substances either created in a laboratory or developed from ones made by the body itself, the idea is that the patient’s own immune system can be harnessed to attack cancer as effectively as it does threats such as viruses and bacteria.

But as with chemotherapy-based treatments, these substances pose severe risks to patients. Under the influence of immunotherapy drugs, the immune system can attack the organs of the body, resulting in multiple organ failure. As a recent article in the New York Times describes, the onset of this can be very sudden, highly unpredictable, and the effects can be lethal.

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Ineffective Cancer Drugs Remain Approved


Cancer drugs may remain approved despite lack of benefit

In the United States, cancer drugs are sometimes approved through sped-up processes - and they often stay approved even if later studies show them to be inferior to other options or even worse than doing nothing, a new study found. Researchers evaluated studies done on 18 cancer drugs approved between 2008 and 2012 by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). None of the drugs had been found to prolong life, and only one had enough evidence to say it improved quality of life. Yet, all but one retained its approval status.

"We were shocked to find that these drugs don't save lives and don't improve quality of lives," said senior author Diana Zuckerman, who is president of the National Center for Health Research and the Cancer Prevention and Treatment Fund in Washington, D.C.

To ensure a cancer treatment's safety and quickly get it to market, the FDA sometimes approves a drug if it meets "surrogate" research goals instead of the gold-standard endpoints the agency usually looks for. Surrogate endpoints - like tumor shrinkage and time until the disease progresses - don't take as many years to document as those used in the traditional approval process, so the drug can get on the market sooner. "We don't really know if people live longer or improve based on those outcomes," said Dr. Vinay Prasad, of the Oregon Health and Sciences University in Portland. In a 2015 study, Prasad and colleagues found that 36 cancer drugs were approved by the FDA between 2008 and 2012 based on those early endpoints.

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Pardon For Wrongly Convicted Man After 25 Years


North Carolina Governor Pardons Man Wrongly Convicted Based on Erroneous Hair Evidence

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory today issued a pardon for Timothy Bridges, who wrongly served over 25 years for a rape and burglary, based in large part on the erroneous testimony of an FBI-trained state hair analyst who claimed that Bridges’s hair linked him to two hairs found at the scene. Bridges was released on October 1, 2015, after prosecutors consented to vacating Bridges’s 1991 convictions. Bridges’s legal team, which included lawyers from the Innocence Project and North Carolina Prisoner Legal Services, along with David Rudolf, also uncovered evidence that police failed to turn over to the district attorney’s office before trial. Post-conviction discovery materials showed that police paid informants and made other threats or promises to the informants, which was contrary to their testimony at trial. Subsequent DNA testing on crime scene evidence also excluded Bridges. The pardon means that Bridges will be entitled to compensation under a state statute that awards $50,000 for each year of wrongful imprisonment up to a maximum on $750,000.

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President Trump: How & Why



Drug Company Makes Threats


AstraZeneca warns Big Pharma will pull out of Britain unless it starts paying for new drugs

Pharmaceutical companies will leave the UK unless its government and National Health Service start to pay for “breakthrough” drugs, particularly cancer treatments, a senior executive at AstraZeneca has warned.

For anyone who still doubts that the pharma industry exerts political and economic pressure on our governments, this story provides the proof. Increasingly, unscrupulous drug makers are demanding that national health services spend more money on the toxic synthetic chemicals they manufacture as the supposed answers to diseases.

In reality, however, the global healthcare crisis isn’t due to a lack of funding, but to ineffective therapies. Solving this crisis does not depend simply on throwing increased amounts of money at the problem. Unless money is properly utilized and deliberately targeted towards addressing the primary cause of chronic diseases, namely, micronutrient deficiencies, our healthcare systems will inevitably remain trapped in an endless cycle of ineffectively treating symptoms at an ever-increasing cost.

Real healthcare reform involves recognizing the primary cause of chronic diseases and taking action to protect populations through the preventive use of science-based natural health approaches. Let’s hope that somewhere, sooner or later, a government is elected that understands this.


The Organic and Free Range Myths


Organic Meat, Eggs, and Dairy Foods

Don’t be misled by packages of meat, eggs, and dairy foods with pictures of happy animals running near quaint country barns and reassuring labels proclaiming “organic” or “free-range.” Animals on typical organic and “free-range” farms often spend much of their time confined to crowded sheds or mud-filled pens, just as animals on conventional factory farms do. While the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) requires animals on so-called “free-range” farms to have access to outdoor areas, it doesn’t specify how much time they must be allowed to spend outside or how much space they should be given. Typically, free-range animals are kept indoors for their entire lives, and, while free-range farms generally allow access to the outdoors, that “access” can be as laughable as a tiny door leading to a little gravel lot. When a farm calls itself free range or free run, it might consist of a few dozen happy animals wandering around outside, but it’s much more likely to consist of a few enormous sheds crowded with hundreds of thousands of animals who almost never see daylight until en route to the slaughterhouse. I found it disturbing that both types of farms qualify as free range.

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A Special Report On Standing Rock


The Environmental and Social Justice Consequences of the Dakota Access Pipeline

Written By: GreenMedInfo Research Group

"You can live without money. You can live without oil. But you can't live without water." - Standing Rock Youth

In May of 2016, a multi-billion dollar corporation, Energy Transfer Partners, began construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) project, despite long standing opposition from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe of North and South Dakota. The DAPL, also known as the Bakken Oil Pipeline, is designed to extend 1,168 miles across North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Illinois, crossing through communities, farms, tribal lands, sensitive natural areas and wildlife habitat. It is intended to carry crude oil from the Bakken oil fields in North Dakota to Illinois where it will link with another pipeline that will transport the oil to terminals and refineries along the Gulf of Mexico.

If construction is completed, the pipeline is expected to carry approximately 500,000 barrels of crude oil daily from North Dakota to Illinois, crossing underneath Lake Oahe and the Missouri River a half-mile upstream from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe's reservation. The Missouri River is the main source of drinking and irrigation water for the 8,200 residents of the Standing Rock reservation. The pipeline would pump an estimated 17,000 gallons of oil per minute underneath this water source, which would be devastated by a spill or leak. This project poses serious environmental threats and will disturb burial grounds and sacred sites on the Tribe's ancestral Treaty lands. On July 26, 2016 the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers gave its approval to run the DAPL underneath Lake Oahe, in violation of federal law. One day later, on July 27th, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe filed a complaint in federal court seeking an injunction to halt construction. The Tribe's legal action has been followed by a rapidly growing movement of peaceful support.

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Alchemy of Power: The Pharma Industry


Alchemy of Power: The Pharma Industry

Its History, Its Drugs, And How It Manipulates The World

During the Middle Ages, knowledge about the healing properties of plants mainly came from druids and witches. These people knew about nature and healing and could treat health problems such as inflammation or small wounds with simple mixtures of leaves and herbs. But this eventually made them a threat to the Church.

Catholicism was very powerful and did not accept any solutions to disease other than prayer, obedience, and generous financial donations. Even if there was no cure available for a disease during a person’s lifetime on Earth, a great life in heaven was promised to them afterwards. So druids, witches, and their natural remedies represented a threat to this model. Labeled as evil, they were brutally eradicated.

Today’s illegal drugs were yesterday’s legal ones

In the early 1900s cocaine and heroin were legal, everyday drugs. Heroin was used for calming kids, cocaine for stimulating metabolism and appetite, and both were prescribed as mood enhancers.

C.F. Boehringer from Mannheim, Germany, was proud to be the world’s leading cocaine producer. Even wines often contained cocaine, and so were consequently in huge demand. Pope Leo XIII awarded a gold medal to winemaker Angelo Mariani for his invention of cocaine-enriched wine. On the label of Maltine wine, produced in New York, people were instructed to consume a full glass during and after meals, with children recommended to take a half glass full. Metcalf was another famous cocaine-wine that was popular as a party drink. Vapor-OL was a mix of alcohol and opium that was claimed to cure asthma and spasms.

As wine bottles were too bulky to put in handbags, ladies instead carried small cocaine tablets with them when they went out. These were supposedly used to enhance mood and treat the vocal cords. For avoiding sore throats, such tablets were seen as essential for singers, mothers with young children, and teachers. Children were even given cocaine tablets for toothache. It only cured the symptoms, of course, and the pain soon came back once the effects of the drug wore off. Even today, dentists use a modified form of cocaine known as Lidocaine to numb nerves before surgery.

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Bayer Confirm $66bn Monsanto Takeover


German chemicals giant Bayer has confirmed its record-breaking $66bn takeover of GM seeds business Monsanto - a deal that would create the world's biggest seeds and pesticides company.

It is somehow quite fitting that Bayer should takeover Monsanto, a corporation viewed by many people as being one of the world’s most reviled companies.

The records of the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials document that, as part of the infamous IG Farben Cartel, Bayer gave more than 80 million Reichsmark to the Nazis and their sub-organizations. (In today’s money, this amount would be equivalent to over half a billion US dollars)! During WWII, in return for this “investment”, IG Farben took over the chemical, pharmaceutical, and petrochemical industries of the occupied countries with the ultimate goal of creating and dominating a single “European Market”. This Nazi/IG Farben model for Europe was subsequently used as the blueprint for the Brussels EU of today.

But that is not all. Bayer’s pharmaceutical division used thousands of wartime concentration camp prisoners as guinea pigs for the conducting of deadly medical experiments. Chemicals used in these tests eventually went on to become the first generation of chemotherapy drugs. To the managers who ordered the experiments, it didn’t matter that the substances used had a high toxicity and risk of serious side effects, including death, as the Auschwitz concentration camp provided them with an almost endless supply of victims.

After WWII, Fritz ter Meer, a senior director of Bayer and IG Farben, was convicted in Nuremberg for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Astonishingly sentenced to a mere 7 years in prison he was given early release and then reemployed by Bayer, who appointed him as chairman of its supervisory board. Even as recently as 2006 it is reported that the company was still laying wreaths on his grave.

Far from improving Bayer’s image, we expect its purchase of Monsanto will likely instead simply raise further awareness of the company’s shameful past.

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Over 60 Holistic Doctors Dead In Last Year


Holistic Doctor Death Series: Over 60 Dead In Just Over A Year

It was one year ago today that the beloved Jeffrey Bradstreet was found dead in a river with a gunshot wound to his chest. Sadly, this anniversary falls on Father’s day here in the US. I was honored to do the first interview with the Bradstreet family, and commend them for their bravery as they search for answers; they’ve hired their own private investigators and “want to get to the bottom of this”.

Their investigators have concluded that this was murder- without a doubt. It was not a suicide. It was murder.

Other families are coming forward and have hired their own investigators too, including Dr Marshall’s wife, who is an MD. Her investigator has said he believes her husband was murdered and a “set up” done by someone with law enforcement or military training (story linked in timeline below). More families every day are hiring their own teams or investigators because they aren’t buying the “official” stories local law enforcement is giving them.

I’ve also been told by one of the most prominent doctors that their local law enforcement is looking into the death and is talking with the FBI. So that’s a start. Since so many of these doctors (and the few researchers I included in this unintended series) were fathers- I wanted to honor them today on Father’s day. I finally agreed to be a producer on a film being made on the subject, but we have a long way to go. You can watch the trailer here. I think the more we talk about this tragedy, share it with others and get people talking, that perhaps we’ll make even more progress. Already, the fact that any law enforcement is even talking to the FBI is a start.

I appreciate the few media organizations who have had the guts to share these stories: the New York Times, (who wrote me requesting info), The Independent UK, and network affiliates (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX) around the US. Sadly, most mainstream sites barely cover one doctor, let alone the dozens we’ve had die this year, if we count mysterious accidents, murders, alleged suicides, or unexplained sudden deaths.

As you will see in the timeline below, there are allegedly 3 different dates within one month where 2 doctors died on the same day. That’s 6 doctors (who died in pairs on 3 different days).

Some of the biggest skeptics, those who rolled their eyes at the first few deaths, are now wondering if there isn’t a connection. There have been theories, from GcMAF to CBD oil, but I don’t think all doctors used both of these treatments. I’m not convinced either is the smoking gun, but might hold part of the answer.

There are several unsolved murders here (and some alleged suicides, most still under investigation), and I sincerely hope they get to the bottom of this as again, we knew several of these amazing doctors personally. Besides the fact that the majority were holistic, there is another common theme; they all cared deeply and were passionate about health. I have endless emails from their friends, patients, neighbors, loved ones, and family members. It’s clear they were adored by many.

I hope they are never forgotten and that others will carry on their work and not live in fear.

These healers- some of whom were best selling authors- were kind, caring people who have left this world a better place; I’m honored to have known them, and am still studying their work today.

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The Truth About The European Union

“Europe’s nations should be guided towards the superstate without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation"
- Jean Monnet - founding father of the EU


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Big Pharma Kidnapping Kids


Is Medical Kidnapping Big Pharma’s New Dirty Secret?

By Jefferey Jaxen @ The Truth About Cancer

Big Pharma has another dirty secret that mainstream media is intentionally keeping from you. Nope, it’s not another pharmaceutical class-action lawsuit for killing and maiming thousands. Nor is it the suppression or intentional sabotage of a natural substance for the treatment of cancer. This is something that is every parent’s horrifying nightmare… especially a parent who is well educated in natural and alternative health.

Imagine, just for a moment, that you get the devastating news that your 10-year-old son has been diagnosed with cancer. As a good parent, you want to learn as much as possible about treatment options and you immediately scour the web for information. In your research, you see that chemotherapy is the standard of care. You also see that chemotherapy is toxic and that it is actually carcinogenic.

You then read some of chemotherapy’s short-term effects: loss of appetite, mouth sores, nausea, vomiting, hair loss, and so on. In addition, you read the potential long term effects of chemotherapy: damage to the heart, reproductive organs, kidneys, bladder, nervous system, lungs, and more. You also see there is about a 20%, five-year survival rate for your child’s cancer using chemotherapy.

Through your investigation, you find that there are many different natural and non-toxic treatment options. Some of them sound promising. You decide to research cancer centers that use these treatments and call a few to ask questions. You choose one and make an appointment for a week from then.

In the meantime, you call the oncologist’s office, tell them you’ve chosen a different route and that you won’t be coming for your son’s appointment. You hang up feeling good about your decision.

The Role of Child Protective Services in Medical Kidnapping

Three days later Child Protective Services (CPS) shows up at your door. They say they need to take custody of your child. As they are leaving with your son, you are in total disbelief, crying and yelling at them as your 10-year-old is screaming your name for help, asking what is happening. Your child has been taken away from you. The state’s CPS has literally kidnapped him to force your son to do conventional chemotherapy against your will.

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Big Pharma Killing Patients Globally


How Big Pharma greed is killing tens of thousands around the world: Patients are over-medicated and often given profitable drugs with 'little proven benefits,' leading doctors warn. Queen's former doctor, Sir Richard Thompson, has backed new campaign. Experts calling for urgent public enquiry into drugs firms' 'murky' practices. They say too much medicine is doing more harm than good worldwide a now claim many drugs such as statins are less effective than thought.

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Taking More Pharma Drugs Increases Risk Of Death


The Perils of Polypharmacy

A new study published in the Journal of the American Geriatric Society describes how older people taking multiple pharmaceutical drugs face a significantly greater risk of frailty, disability and death. Providing further shocking evidence of the dangers of “polypharmacy”, the researchers found that each additional medication added to a patient’s regimen was associated with a 22% increased risk of going from a state of robust health to dying during the period of the study.

Carried out in Australia, a country where half of people aged 65 and over now take at least five different types of drugs, the study followed 1,705 men aged 70 and older over a nine-year period. Significantly, even for men who were considered to be in robust health at the start of the study, the prescribing of additional drugs was clearly demonstrated to result in an increased risk of mortality.

Patients trapped in a vicious circle

Interestingly, it is sometimes claimed to be paradoxical that, as they age, people supposedly need multiple drugs to keep them alive, and yet the more drugs they take the more health problems they develop. Over the years, the mass media and other pro-pharma stakeholders have offered all manner of absurd explanations to account for this.

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Cancer & Sugar - Strategy for Selective Starvation of Cancer


Written By: Dr. Mark Sircus
This article is copyrighted by GreenMedInfo LLC

According to researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, sugar poses a health risk—contributing to around 35 million deaths globally each year. So high is sugar's toxicity that it should now be considered a potentially toxic substance like alcohol and tobacco. Its link with the onset of diabetes is such that punitive regulations, such as a tax on all foods and drinks that contain "added'' sugar, are now warranted, the researchers concluded. They also recommend banning sales in or near schools, as well as placing age limits on the sale of such products.

Sugar's harmful effects do not stop at diabetes, metabolic syndrome, hyper- and hypoglycemia, GERD and heart disease. Sugar and cancer are locked in a death grip, yet oncologists often fail to do what's necessary to stop their patients from feeding their cancers with sweets.

Whereas many within the mainstream medical community insist on promoting the belief that the link between certain types of food with an increased risk of cancer is "weak" or only "nominally significant." They believe that research "linking foodstuffs to cancer reveals no valid medical patterns." We also find such superficial attitudes promoted in the medical press-all of which lack any kind of medical depth.

An increasing number of medical scientists and many alternative practitioners know that the most logical, effective, safe, necessary and inexpensive way to treat cancer is to cut off the supply of food to tumors and cancer cells, starving them with a lack of glucose. The therapeutic strategy for selective starvation of tumors by dietary modification (ketogenic diet) is one of the principle forms of therapy that is necessary for cancer patients to win their war on cancer.

Researchers at Huntsman Cancer Institute in Utah were one of the first to discover that sugar "feeds" tumors. The research published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences said, "It's been known since 1923 that tumor cells use a lot more glucose than normal cells. Our research helps show how this process takes place, and how it might be stopped to control tumor growth," says Don Ayer, Ph.D., a professor in the Department of Oncological Sciences at the University of Utah.

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Voodoo Science: The Myth Of Vaccine Efficacy


The two pillars upon which the entire edifice of vaccinology rest are that vaccines are safe and effective. We are told by our medical and federal authorities, physicians, pharmacists and health care practitioners that vaccines work by stimulating the body’s immune system to create specific antibodies. These antibodies in turn will protect us from the infectious disease specific to a given vaccine.

This central premise is virtually never challenged. Hundreds of millions of Americans simply accept that all vaccines are scientifically proven to confer immunity against disease. In a previous article, Uncovering the Cover-Up: Scientific Analysis of the Vaccine-Autism Connection, Deeply Flawed US Vaccine Policies, we examined the myths about vaccine safety and presented the actual science demonstrating vaccines’ toxic ingredients and adverse neurological effects. This report investigates the medical industry’s claims that vaccines are effective. Moreover, the independent research presented for each major vaccine raises serious questions that challenge the concept of antibody generation as a reliable factor to assure viral and bacterial immunity.

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The Medical Kidnappping of Cassandra C


Connecticut teen with cancer forced by state to undergo chemo treatments

Cassandra C. (Callender) is the teenage girl who was abducted from her home in Connecticut and forced under lock and key to be injected with chemotherapy drugs for five months. She was not allowed to have a phone or visitors, including her own mother with whom she is very close. The door to her hospital room was guarded. Her diagnosis was Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Despite Assistant Attorney General John Tucker’s state supreme court assertion that Cassandra’s mother was the source of her resistance to chemotherapy, Cassandra maintains her mother had wanted her to go ahead with the chemo originally.

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Organic Egg Farm Exposed


Animal Equality presents a new investigation into two organic farms revealing shocking scenes of extreme animal suffering. The organization shows the terrible reality of hens exploited for their eggs. Animal Equality investigators visited two farms in Northern Germany on March 2015. Both of the farms investigated held up to 30,000 egg-laying hens. One of the farms supplies eggs to “Deutsche Frühstücksei GmbH”, Germany’s largest egg producer’s and also one of Europe’s biggest egg producers. “Deutsche Frühstücksei GmbH” supplies all of Germany’s leading retail chains and supermarkets. OVOBEST Eiprodukte GmbH & Co. KG, a wholly-owned subsidiary of “Deutsche Frühstücksei GmbH”, is one of the leading producers and distributors of eggs in both the German and international market.

The footage taken by Animal Equality shows:

- Over ten thousand animals living in a barn amongst dirt, dust and faeces.
- Dead animals laying between others who are still alive
- The majority of the hens have only a few feathers left due to stress-induced feather-plucking
- Lack of hygiene leading to daily inflammation and other injuries.

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Hair Anaylysis Testimony Errors 90% of Cases



FBI Testimony on Microscopic Hair Analysis Contained Errors in at least 90% of Cases in Ongoing Review

26 of 28 FBI Analysts Provided Testimony or Reports with Errors

The United States Department of Justice (DOJ), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Innocence Project and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) reported today that the FBI has concluded that the examiners’ testimony in at least 90 percent of trial transcripts the Bureau analyzed as part of its Microscopic Hair Comparison Analysis Review contained erroneous statements. Twenty-six of twenty-eight FBI agent/analysts provided either testimony with erroneous statements or submitted laboratory reports with erroneous statements. The review focuses on cases worked prior to 2000, when mitochondrial DNA testing on hair became routine at the FBI. The DOJ, FBI, Innocence Project and NACDL have been working jointly on this review and share the same goal of ensuring the integrity of the American justice system in all respects. All of the parties are committed to addressing this situation properly and will continue to work together in a collaborative and professional manner.

“The Department has been working together with the Innocence Project and NACDL to address errors made in statements by FBI Examiners regarding microscopic hair analysis in the context of testimony and laboratory reports. Such statements are no longer being made by the FBI, and the FBI is also now employing mitochondrial DNA hair analysis in addition to microscopic analysis,” said Amy Hess, Executive Assistant Director, Science and Technology Branch, FBI. “However, the Department and the FBI are committed to ensuring that affected defendants are notified of past errors and that justice is done in every instance. The Department and the FBI also are committed to ensuring the accuracy of future hair analysis testimony, as well as the application of all disciplines of forensic science. The Department and FBI have devoted considerable resources to this effort and will continue to do so until all of the identified hair cases are addressed.”

“These findings confirm that FBI microscopic hair analysts committed widespread, systematic error, grossly exaggerating the significance of their data under oath with the consequence of unfairly bolstering the prosecutions’ case,” said Peter Neufeld, Co-Director of the Innocence Project, which is affiliated with Cardozo School of Law. “While the FBI and DOJ are to be commended for bringing these errors to light and notifying many of the people adversely affected, this epic miscarriage of justice calls for a rigorous review to determine how this started almost four decades ago and why it took so long to come to light. We also need lawmakers in Washington to step up and demand research and national standards to prevent the exaggeration of results in reports and in testimony by crime lab analysts.”

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Big Pharma Spend More On Marketing Than Research


90% of Big Pharma Spent More on Marketing than Research in 2013 Alone

Surely Big Pharma corporations are spending their cash on research ‘for the cure’ and finding ways to implement life-saving ingredients into their next formula, right? As it turns out, 9 out of 10 Big Pharma companies actually spent more on their sales and marketing than their research and development.

In the infographic below, checkout the 2013 spending habits of the top 10 Big Pharma corporations.

When we put this spending into perspective, it’s much easier to see how Big Pharma pushes drugs on the public that are absolutely riddled with side effects and still somehow manages to make a massive profit. Even standard pharmaceuticals come with a long list of over 70 side effects, with some clocking in at side effect counts that reach beyond 500.

So how do they do it? Quite simply, they spend billions marketing their pharmaceuticals with smiling models and nature-filled backdrops.

By Anthony Gucciardi


42 Admitted False Flag Attacks


Painting by Anthony Freda

Governments from Around the World Admit They Do It

There are many documented false flag attacks, where a government carries out a terror attack … and then falsely blames its enemy for political purposes.

In the following 42 instances, officials in the government which carried out the attack (or seriously proposed an attack) admits to it, either orally or in writing:

  1. Japanese troops set off a small explosion on a train track in 1931, and falsely blamed it on China in order to justify an invasion of Manchuria. This is known as the “Mukden Incident” or the “Manchurian Incident”. The Tokyo International Military Tribunal found: “Several of the participators in the plan, including Hashimoto [a high-ranking Japanese army officer], have on various occasions admitted their part in the plot and have stated that the object of the ‘Incident’ was to afford an excuse for the occupation of Manchuria by the Kwantung Army ….” And see this.
  2. A major with the Nazi SS admitted at the Nuremberg trials that – under orders from the chief of the Gestapo – he and some other Nazi operatives faked attacks on their own people and resources which they blamed on the Poles, to justify the invasion of Poland.
  3. Nazi general Franz Halder also testified at the Nuremberg trials that Nazi leader Hermann Goering admitted to setting fire to the German parliament building in 1933, and then falsely blaming the communists for the arson.
  4. Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev admitted in writing that the Soviet Union’s Red Army shelled the Russian village of Mainila in 1939 – while blaming the attack on Finland – as a basis for launching the “Winter War” against Finland. Russian president Boris Yeltsin agreed that Russia had been the aggressor in the Winter War.
  5. The Russian Parliament, current Russian president Putin and former Soviet leader Gorbachev all admit that Soviet leader Joseph Stalin ordered his secret police to execute 22,000 Polish army officers and civilians in 1940, and falsely blame it on the Nazis.

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Cancer $creening Doesn't Save Live's, Meta-Study Reveals


Written By: Sayer Ji, Founder

Should we be looking for disease in people who don't have any symptoms? A large new study indicates the answer is NO.

Subject to an increasingly expansive disease screening programs, unsuspecting healthy individuals are being transformed into patients every day. Massive 'awareness raising' campaigns funded by industries that either cause disease by creating and promoting harmful products, or make profit from the diseases by diagnosing and treating them, dominate mainstream culture, with their tentacles reaching deep into both private and public (i.e. governmental) sectors. Think of KFC's now defunct "Buckets for the Cure" campaign, or Susan G. Komen's stamp of approval on a Fracking Drill bit supposed to help find a cure. Or, how about our very own Whitehouse saturating itself with Pink light during Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

What do these 'awareness raising' efforts have in common? They almost all funnel the miseducated masses into fear-driven screening programs that promise to 'save lives' by 'detecting disease early' instead of focusing on removing and/or lessening the preventable causes of disease. Why not employ real prevention and focus on root cause resolution, which is to say, dietary changes, detoxification, and various modifiable lifestyle factors such as stress reduction -- none of which, incidentally, require pharmaceutical intervention. In the case of cancer, the primary focus should be on removing exposure to cancer-causing agents (carcinogens).

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Big Pharma Sells Ineffective & Deadly Anti-Cancer Drugs


Medical experts are saying that the biggest flaw of Big Pharma today is a high percentage of ineffective products being sold without previous clinical trials. This is particularly true when anti-cancer medications are concerned.The sad fact is that Big Pharma prefers to invest in advertising and bribing officials instead of attempting to make their products truly effective. Today pharmaceutical manufacturing is handsomely funded by politicians and organized crime, since it’s has become one of the most efficient money laundering schemes and has already corrupted a large number of US and EU officials.

Biotech expert C. Glenn Begley, the former Vice-President and Global Head of Hematology and Oncology Research at Amgen – one of the largest cancer research centers in the US, is now a senior vice president in a private biotech company TetraLogic. In his article published in Nature magazine back in March 2012, Glenn stated that a series of tests conducted under his supervision proved that out of 53 anti-cancer drugs that had been developed by “respected laboratories,” a total of 47 showed no noticeable improvements in patients’ health conditions (which amounts to 88%).

Unfortunately, this study was proven right by a number of research teams that arrived at similar results while running tests. In 2009, a group of researchers at Michigan State University reached a similar conclusion, just like Bayer‘s research team. At the same time certain research institutes, like the famous Harvard Medical School, prefer to falsify their studies. In Harvard’s case it received a hefty grant of 15 million dollars from the Federal government.

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The Untold Story Of Psychotropic Drugging - Making A Killing



Horrific Truth About Free Range Eggs


New investigation reveals horrific truth within free-range egg industry

A new investigation from Animal Equality Germany reveals the cruelty inside free-range farms. Showing the reality of the birds whose lives are dedicated to the production of eggs.

Over 13,7 billion eggs(1) are produced each year in Germany, but few people know just how those eggs are produced, and for many shoppers the grim reality of life for free-range hens will come as a shock.

A new investigation from Animal Equality Germany reveals the cruelty inside free-range farms. Showing the reality of the birds whose lives are dedicated to the production of eggs.

Animal Equality Germany investigated four farms located in the state of Baden-Württemberg, where thousands of animals live out their entire lives crammed into barns, some farms housing up to 12,000 hens. This truly is egg production on an industrial scale, but these aren’t factory farms.

Two of the farms investigated have been certified with high welfare schemes, which are considered to provide the highest standards for organic food in the world. The other two are labeled with the regional high quality schemes. These farms also supply major supermarket chains.

The images show:

  1. Animals crammed together and with clear signs of stress
  2. Sick, injured and dying chickens in the barn
  3. Carcasses left for days and even weeks to decompose
  4. Hens pecking each other’s feathers and signs of cannibalism
  5. Filthy housing conditions, ulcers, and other injuries which received no veterinarian treatment


Hannah's 5K Run For Keith

Hello there!

I have decided to attempt to run/walk/stagger 5k, hopefully in the Marlow 5K run in May (although this may change depending on circumstances!).

I am raising money for Keith Mann, an amazing animal rights campaigner. Keith was diagnosed with an incurable cancer, but rather than going along the drug treatment route, Keith has embraced The Gerson Therapy.

Gerson Therapy is a completely natural therapy, which facilitates the use of an organic plant based diet. This is a slow process, as it uses natural detoxification.

This treatment is expensive and gruelling, so in anyway we can help with donations to provide him organic produce, medical supplies, and physical help would be amazing.

Thanks for reading!

For more information about The Gerson Cure and Keith click on these links:

Hannah Lawrence


Support Debbie AR Prisoner

Debbie Vincent #A5819DE
HMP Send
Ripley Road
Woking, Surrey GU23 7LJ

In April 2014, Debbie was sentenced to six years in prison for "conspiracy to blackmail," in relation to the campaign to close down the notorious animal testing lab Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Prior to sentencing, Debbie said: "What is scary in this world is oppression and injustice, when people hurt people, animals and nature. What is beautiful in this world is resistance, when people say 'enough is enough' and act. Oppression and injustice are everywhere, but so is resistance. Because some people know that if you fight you might lose, but if you don't fight, you've already lost."

Debbie Vincent was the first of the Blackmail 3 defendants to face trial. Support website:


Vaccine's Safety: A Crime Against Humanity



I am Bradley Manning



Breast Cancer Gene (BRCA1) Malignancy: Its Not IN The Genes, So Much As WHAT You Expose Them To


Following on the heels of Angelina Jolie's widely celebrated decision to remove her breasts 'preventively,' few folks truly understand how important preventing environmental chemical exposures and incorporating cancer-preventing foods into their diet really is in reducing the risk of gene-mediated breast cancer.

There is so much fear and misinformation surrounding the so-called 'Breast Cancer Associated' genes, BRCA1 and BRCA2, that it should help to dispel some prevailing myths by looking at the crucial role that epigenetic factors play in their expression. Literally 'above' (epi) or 'beyond' the control of the genes, these factors include environmental chemical exposures, nutrition and stress, which profoundly affect cancer risk within us all, regardless of what variant ('mutated' or 'wild')* that we happen to carry within our genomes.

In 2012, a very important study was published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry that looked at the role a natural compound called resveratrol may play in preventing the inactivation of the BRCA-1 gene. BRCA-1 is known as a "caretaker" gene because it is responsible for healing up double-strand breaks within our DNA. When the BRCA-1 gene is rendered dysfunctional or becomes inactivated, either through a congenital/germline inheritance of DNA defects ('mutation') or through chemical exposures, the result is the same: harm to the DNA repair mechanisms within the affected cells (particularly breast and ovary; possibly testicular), hence increasing the risk of cancer.

Ironically, while the prevalence of a "bad" inherited BRCA1 variation is actually quite low relative to the general population (A 2003 study found only 6.6% of breast cancer patients even have either a BRCA1 and BRCA2 germline mutation[1]), everyone's BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes are susceptible to damage from environmental chemical exposures, most particularly xenobiotic (non-natural) chemicals and radiation. This means that instead of looking to a set of "bad" genes as the primary cause of cancer, we should be looking to avoid exposing both our "bad" and "good" genes alike to preventable chemical exposures, as well as avoiding nutrient deficiencies and/or incompatibilities, which also play a vital role in enabling us to express or silence cancer-associated genes. [For more on why genes don't "cause" disease see: The Great DNA Data Deficit.]

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The Truth About Dairy


According to Dr. Willett, who has done many studies and reviewed the research on this topic, there are many reasons to pass up milk, including:

  1. Milk doesn't reduce fractures.(i) Contrary to popular belief, eating dairy products has never been shown to reduce fracture risk. In fact, according to the Nurses' Health Study dairy may increase risk of fractures by 50 percent!
  2. Less dairy, better bones. Countries with lowest rates of dairy and calcium consumption (like those in Africa and Asia) have the lowest rates of osteoporosis.
  3. Calcium isn't as bone-protective as we thought.(ii) Studies of calcium supplementation have shown no benefit in reducing fracture risk. Vitamin D appears to be much more important than calcium in preventing fractures.
  4. Calcium may raise cancer risk. Research shows that higher intakes of both calcium and dairy products may increase a man's risk of prostate cancer by 30 to 50 percent.(iii) Plus, dairy consumption increases the body's level of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) -- a known cancer promoter.
  5. Calcium has benefits that dairy doesn't. Calcium supplements, but not dairy products, may reduce the risk of colon cancer.(iv)
  6. Not everyone can stomach dairy.(v) About 75 percent of the world's population is genetically unable to properly digest milk and other dairy products -- a problem called lactose intolerance.

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600 Physicians, Dentists, Scientists & Environmentalists Call End to Fluoridation


A statement asking Congress to end water fluoridation in the United States has been released by the Fluoride Action Network (FAN). Over 600 professionals, including a Nobel Prize winner, officers in the Union that represents Environmental Protection Agency professionals, and members of the National Research Council panel on fluoride’s toxicology, have signed the statement.

The report urges Congressional members to “recognize that fluoridation is outdated, has serious risks that far outweigh any minor benefits, violates sound medical ethics, and denies freedom of choice.”

It cites eight recent events that call for an urgent end to water fluoridation. Among them:

  • A 500-page review of fluoride’s toxicology by the National Research Council of the National Academies, published in 2006.
  • Evidence from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that found 32 percent of U.S. children have dental fluorosis, which is caused by fluoride.
  • The American Dental Association’s 2006 policy change, which recommends not giving fluoridated water to infants for the first 12 months of life.
  • A Harvard University study that found a five- to seven-fold increased risk of osteosarcoma (bone cancer) among young men who were exposed to fluoride between the ages of 6 and 8.
  • The CDC’s recognition that fluoride is beneficial in reducing tooth decay when it’s applied topically, not taken systemically.

The statement calls for members of Congress to sponsor a new Congressional Hearing on Fluoridation that requires those who continue to support water fluoridation to provide scientific basis, under oath, for their continued recommendations.

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The Power Of Now & The End Of Suffering with Eckhart Tolle


For two years, a small man sits quietly on a park bench. People walk by, lost in their thoughts. One day someone asks him a question. In the weeks that follow there are more people and more questions. Word spreads that the man is a "mystic," and has discovered something that brings peace and meaning into our lives. It sounds like fiction, but today that man, Eckhart Tolle, is known worldwide for his teachings on spiritual enlightenment through the power of the present moment. His first book, The Power of Now, is an international bestseller, and has been translated into 17 languages. More than 20 years have passed since Eckhart Tolle answered his first question on that park bench. While his audience has grown, his message remains the same: that it is possible to stop struggling in your life, and find joy and fulfillment in this moment, and no other.

Sounds True: Can you describe to us your own experience of spiritual awakening (and of course, can you define spiritual awakening as well)? Was there a singular event that occurred or has it been a gradual process?

Eckhart Tolle: Since ancient times the term awakening has been used as a kind of metaphor that points to the transformation of human consciousness. There are parables in the New Testament that speak of the importance of being awake, of not falling back to sleep. The word Buddha comes from the Sanskrit word Budh, meaning, "to be awake." So Buddha is not a name and ultimately not a person, but a state of consciousness. All this implies that humans are potentially capable of living in a state of consciousness compared to which normal wakefulness is like sleeping or dreaming. This is why some spiritual teachings use terms like "shared hallucination" or "universal hypnotism" to describe normal human existence. Pick up any history book, and I suggest you begin with studying the 20th century, and you will find that a large part of the history of our species has all the characteristics we would normally associate with a nightmare or an insane hallucination.

The nature of spiritual awakening is frequently misunderstood. The adoption of spiritual beliefs, seeing visions of God or celestial beings, the ability to channel, to heal, to foretell the future, or other paranormal powers – all such phenomena are of value and are not to be dismissed, but none of them is in itself indicative of spiritual awakening in a person who experiences them. They may occur in a person who has not awakened spiritually and they may or may not accompany the awakened state.

Every morning we awaken from sleep and from our dreams and enter the state we call wakefulness. A continuous stream of thoughts, most of them repetitive, characterizes the normal wakeful state. So what is it that we awaken from when spiritual awakening occurs? We awaken from identification with our thoughts. Everybody who is not awake spiritually is totally identified with and run by their thinking mind – the incessant voice in the head. Thinking is compulsive: you can't stop, or so it seems. It is also addictive: you don't even want to stop, at least not until the suffering generated by the continuous mental noise becomes unbearable. In the unawakened state you don't use thought, but thought uses you. You are, one could almost say, possessed by thought, which is the collective conditioning of the human mind that goes back many thousands of years. You don't see anything as it is, but distorted and reduced by mental labels, concepts, judgments, opinions and reactive patterns. Your sense of identity, of self, is reduced to a story you keep telling yourself in your head. "Me and my story": this what your life is reduced to in the unawakened state. And when your life is thus reduced, you can never be happy for long, because you are not yourself.

Does that mean you don't think anymore when you awaken spiritually? No, of course not. In fact, you can use thought much more effectively than before, but you realize there is a depth to your Being, a vibrantly alive stillness that is much vaster than thought. It is consciousness itself, of which the thinking mind is only a tiny aspect. For many people, the first indication of a spiritual awakening is that they suddenly become aware of their thoughts. They become a witness to their thoughts, so to speak. They are not completely identified with their mind anymore and so they begin to sense that there is a depth to them that they had never known before.

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Learn More About Ringling Bros. Cruelty


Since 2000, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has cited Ringling numerous times for serious violations of the Animal Welfare Act (AWA), such as the following:

Improper handling of dangerous animals, Failure to provide adequate veterinary care to animals, including an elephant with a large swelling on her leg, a camel with bloody wounds, and a camel injured on train tracks,Causing trauma, behavioral stress, physical harm, and unnecessary discomfort to two elephants who sustained injuries when they ran amok during a performance,Endangering tigers who were nearly baked alive in a boxcar because of poor maintenance of their enclosures,
Failure to test elephants for tuberculosis,Unsanitary feeding practices,At least 29 elephants, including four babies, have died since 1992, including an 8-month-old baby elephant named Riccardo who was destroyed after he fractured his hind legs when he fell from a circus pedestal. Elephants are not the only animals with Ringling to suffer tragic deaths. In 2004, a 2-year-old lion died of apparent heatstroke while the circus train crossed the Mojave Desert.

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Chemotherapy Works With 2 - 4% Of Cancers

The Man Who Questions Chemotherapy : Dr Ralph Moss

Dr. Ralph Moss has written the book, Questioning Chemotherapy, which documents the ineffectiveness of chemotherapy in treating most cancers. On November 19, 1977, he was fired for telling the public the truth. At a press conference on November 18th, he and the Second Opinion working group released a well-documented 48-page report that stated the top officials of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center had lied about the results of a study performed at the center regarding "Laetrile" -- (a natural, alternative cancer treatment).

Dr. Moss has gained credibility by writing eight books, including his most recent work, Cancer Therapy: The Independent Consumer's Guide to Non-Toxic Treatment. He also wrote The Cancer Industry, a documented research work telling of the enormous financial and political corruption in the "cancer establishment". He indicates that the motivating forces in cancer research and treatment are often power and money, and not the cure of cancer patients. He also writes, The Cancer Chronicles, a newsletter reporting on new cancer treatments and preventive measures.

Dr. Moss' work documents the ineffectiveness of chemotherapy on most forms of cancer. However, he is fair in pointing out that there are the following exceptions: Acute Iymphocytic leukemia, Hodgkin's disease, and nonseminomatous testicular cancer. Also, a few very rare forms of cancer, including choriocarcinoma, Wilm's tumor, and retinoblastoma. But all of these account for only 2% to 4% of all cancers occurring in the United States. This leaves some 96% to 98% of other cancers, in which chemotherapy doesn't eliminate the disease. The vast majority of cancers, such as breast, colon, and lung cancer are barely touched by chemotherapy. However, there is another category where chemotherapy has a relatively minor effect -- The most "successful" of these is in Stage 3 ovarian cancer, where chemotherapy appears to extend life by perhaps eighteen months, and small-cell lung cancer in which chemotherapy might offer six more months.

Effective cancer treatment is a matter of definition. The FDA defines an "effective" drug as one which achieves a 50% or more reduction in tumor size for 28 days. In the vast majority of cases there is absolutely no correlation between shrinking tumors for 28 days and the cure of the cancer or extension of life.

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Badger Culls Don't Stop Tuberculosis In Cattle – The Evidence Is Clear


The government is ignoring scientists' advice on bovine TB – killing badgers is not the solution

Badger culls increase bovine TB because the surviving, infected, badgers often venture further from their ranges.

Members of the public who may know little about farming – or wildlife – could be forgiven for thinking that farmers' lives are being ruined by badgers.

It is a message being peddled by the farming press, by some – but not all – farmers, and even by the BBC's Countryfile programme. They say that thousands of cattle are being slaughtered every year (30,000 in 2010) because of bovine tuberculosis (bTB) – an airborne respiratory disease – at enormous cost to farmers and the taxpayer: £100m last year. This much is true. They also say that bTB is being passed to cattle by badgers. This I dispute, based on evidence from those who know better than me – scientists.

Those of us who want to protect badgers from such bad press are forced on to the defensive. Particularly now, as the government has said it is "minded" to authorise a massive cull of badgers in an effort to control bTB.

It wasn't always like this. Bovine TB was almost eradicated by 1970, when there were only about 1,000 cases. Eleven years of localised badger culling failed to reduce the toll further. But the end of annual cattle testing in the mid-80s, and the devastating effects of BSE and foot-and-mouth disease, when testing was abandoned altogether, meant that many farms lost thousands of animals, and afterward there was a rush to restock. Regulations were relaxed, so cattle were bought and sold and – crucially – moved all over the country. Bovine tuberculosis was back. These relaxations of the movement and testing regimes – not badgers – were to blame.

So, to the question of whether badgers are responsible for increasing infection rates in cattle. If they are, how have cattle remained free of bTB in Scotland, where no badgers have been killed? Why do they have it in the Isle of Man, where there are no badgers? And why are bTB rates twice as high in Ireland, where so many badgers have been killed that they are extinct in many areas?

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The Myth Of Complimentary Protein


By Jeff Novick, M.S., R.D.

(The following was written in 2003 and appeared in Health Science (the membership magazine of the National Health Association) and in Healthy Times (the newsletter of Dr Fuhrman).

Recently, I was teaching a nutrition class and describing the adequacy of plant-based diets to meet human nutritional needs. A woman raised her hand and stated, “I’ve read that because plant foods don’t contain all the essential amino acids that humans need, to be healthy we must either eat animal protein or combine certain plant foods with others in order to ensure that we get complete proteins.”

I was a little surprised to hear this, since this is one of the oldest myths related to vegetarianism and was disproved long ago. When I pointed this out, the woman identified herself as a medical resident and stated that her current textbook in human physiology states this and that in her classes, her professors have emphasized this point.

I was shocked. If myths like this not only abound in the general population, but also in the medical community, how can anyone ever learn how to eat healthfully? It is important to correct this misinformation because many people are afraid to follow healthful, plant-based, and/or total vegetarian (vegan) diets because they worry about “incomplete proteins” from plant sources.

How did this “incomplete protein” myth become so widespread?

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Videos of The Bilderberg Festival 2013





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The People's Voice


UK MP Michael Meacher Calls For Transparency Of Bilderberg




Whooping Cough Rises Despite Vaccine


Whooping Cough Rapid Rise After 20-Year Use of Poor Quality Vaccines

The rate of whooping cough, or pertussis, has exploded in America in the last few years. A brand new study confirms what scientists already expected. They confirmed that the burgeoning comeback of whooping cough is due to introducing new, "safer" vaccines 20 years ago. Safer, meaning fewer side effects and minus the previous toxin that was used, but not safe for long-term protection from disease.

Pertussis bacteria affects upper respiration and creates shortness of breath. The disease, which can be fatal to babies, actually almost disappeared in the late '70s - so why did newer vaccines keep appearing? It seems to have caused a type of resistance. The weaker vaccine has caused damage; arguably more than foregoing the vaccine altogether.

By the '80s it was believed to be more hushed, spreading undiagnosed. In 20 years, however, it has "bounced back with a vengeance." Europe is seeing the same problem. Last year in the U.S., there were 40,000 cases, and strong strains among kids in 2010. California, for instance, saw an epidemic of it in 2010, especially among their Latino community - the situation was rife with calls for mandatory vaccination - for the very vaccine that could be spiking the disease.

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Cut, Poison, Burn


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Bradley Manning's Legal Duty To Exposes War Crimes


Although whistleblower Bradley Manning pled guilty to 10 offenses that will garner him 20 years in custody, military prosecutors are pursuing further charges - aiding the enemy and violation of the Espionage Act - that carry life in prison.

The court-martial of Bradley Manning, the most significant whistleblower case since Daniel Ellsberg leaked the Pentagon Papers, has begun. Although Manning pled guilty earlier this year to 10 offenses that will garner him 20 years in custody, military prosecutors insist on pursuing charges of aiding the enemy and violation of the Espionage Act, carrying life in prison. The Obama administration, which has prosecuted more whistleblowers under the Espionage Act than all prior presidencies combined, seeks to send a strong message to would-be whistleblowers to keep their mouths shut.

A legal duty to report war crimes

Manning is charged with crimes for sending hundreds of thousands of classified files, documents and videos, including the "Collateral Murder" video, the "Iraq War Logs," the "Afghan War Logs" and State Department cables to Wikileaks. Many of the things he transmitted contain evidence of war crimes.

The "Collateral Murder" video depicts a US Apache attack helicopter killing 12 civilians and wounding two children on the ground in Baghdad in 2007. The helicopter then fired on and killed the people trying to rescue the wounded. Finally, a US tank drove over one of the bodies, cutting the man in half. These acts constitute three separate war crimes.

Manning fulfilled his legal duty to report war crimes. He complied with his legal duty to obey lawful orders but also his legal duty to disobey unlawful orders.

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Al Gore Backlash: Why Environmentalists Are Celebrating Rising CO2 Levels


Thank goodness carbon dioxide levels are finally rising ever so slightly in our atmosphere, bringing much-needed carbon dioxide to the plants and forests of the world which have been starving for CO2. The lack of CO2 in the atmosphere is one of the most devastating limiting factors for plant growth and reforestation of the planet, and at just 400ppm -- that's just 400 micrograms per kilogram -- carbon dioxide is so low that Earth's plant life can barely breathe.

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Should Society Bear Some Responsibility When Slaughtermen Kill People?


Mark Bridger was yesterday convicted of killing five-year-old April Jones. Bridger was a slaughterman. His job demanded that he extinguish life quickly, dispassionately and daily. He was required to cut throats, drain blood and not give those creatures a second thought. It would be a poor slaughterman who allowed the spilled blood and screaming of frightened animals to keep him awake at night, but those were the very images and sounds that haunted me as I embarked on Animal Aid’s three-year investigation into cruelty inside UK slaughterhouses.

In 2009, Animal Aid began placing fly-on-the-wall cameras inside nine English abattoirs and filmed everyday events and practices inside these killing factories. No one – including the vets who are stationed there – had any idea of the level of criminality and animal abuse taking place inside. Among the crimes we filmed were: pigs burnt with cigarettes; animals punched, kicked, beaten, dragged by their ears and tails, and picked up by their fleeces and thrown; animals electrically goaded in the face and anus; pigs deliberately given electric shocks through their tails, legs, ears, snouts and open mouths; animals going to the knife without adequate stunning; animals stunned and then allowed to come round again; seriously injured pigs forced to drag themselves through the slaughter pen; animals being kicked in the face, slapped and thrown to the floor; and sheep being decapitated while still alive.

The workers’ attitude to their suffering was usually callous indifference. Staff at a Wiltshire slaughterhouse, for example, repeatedly walked past two young calves who crashed down onto the slippery slaughterhouse floor over and over again for three hours without taking action. Suffering was not always met with such indifference; some workers took obvious pleasure in the plight of animals. In Essex, one worker squared up to a pig who was cowering in a corner, and mocked her: ‘You’re going to get cut.’ In another slaughterhouse, workers yelled ‘yee-ha’ as a pig scrambled and leapt to escape the electric shock being sent through her brain, while in a Somerset abattoir, the slaughterman sang the theme from James Bond while he killed a sheep with a captive bolt gun.

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Hungary Torches 500 Hectares Of GM Corn To Eradicate GMO's From Food Supply


When it comes to protecting the public from GMOs, Hungary knows how to get the job done: set fire to the fields growing GM corn!

Although environmentalists might at first argue about the ramifications of burning so much organic matter right out in the open, the deeper truth is that genetic pollution poses a vastly more serious threat to our world, and burning GM corn is the one sure way to destroy the poisonous genetic code contained in plant tissues. In fact, I hope to see the day when the U.S. courts order the destruction of all GM corn fields across America. And I suspect that if the courts won't rise to the occasion, the People will sooner or later find a way to get it done on their own. Think "Army of the 12 Monkeys" but with a GMO slant.

Lajos Bognar, Hungary's Minister of Rural Development, reported this week that around 500 hectares of GM corn were ordered burned by the government. Hungary has criminalized the planting of genetically modified crops of any kind, and it has repeatedly burned thousands of hectares of illegal GM crops in years past.

This news was originally published in Portuguese at Rede Brasil Atual. An English translation has been posted at

GMOs are outlawed across the planet

GMOs have been banned in 27 countries, and GMOs are required to be labeled in at least 50 countries. In America, where Monsanto has deployed an insidious degree of influence over the legislature and courts, GMOs are neither illegal nor required to be labeled. In fact, 71 U.S. Senators recently voted against a measure that would have allowed states to pass their own food labeling laws.

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Most disease in America is not genetic, but doctors and media lie so you will accept it and stay sick


Who ever said doctors are evil? Are they just ignorant of the facts about natural remedies and food borne disease, or do they just like that $400,000 yearly income, that three-story home, that vacation home, those three new cars and that swimming pool in their backyard all too much to give it up?

Folks, let me tell you, CANCER AND ALZHEIMER'S are caused by food toxins, heavy metals, bleach and fluoride in water, and insane chemicals in vaccines. Rarely is cancer inherited, not even breast cancer. Some honest doctors may say that your genes may be "more prone" to get breast cancer if your parents had it (and yes, men get breast cancer too), but the fact is that more than 95 percent of cases are caused by food, drink, skin care and environmental pollutants that are ingested and warp your healthy cells.

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800 Scientists Demand Global GMO “Experiment” End


Did you hear about the 800 esteemed scientists who came together and demanded the production of genetically modified crops and products be stopped? Scientists who called on world powers to re-evaluate the future of agriculture and seek sustainability rather than corporate profits? Don’t be surprised if you haven’t, as the mainstream media won’t touch this one.

Eight-hundred scientists did make such a demand. They made it first over a decade ago and they have updated it over the years, adding signatures and release dates. Still global powers have all but ignored their calls.

The Institute of Science in Society is a non-profit group of scientists from around the world, dedicated to bringing an end to what they refer to as the “dangerous GMO “experiment. In their open letter to the world, they have highlighted why governments need to stop genetically modified crops now – before there are irreversible effects on the health of the people and the health of the earth at large.

The Open Letter from World Scientists to All Governments calls for “the immediate suspension of all environmental releases of GM crops and products, both commercially and in open field trials, for at least 5 years.”

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Water Fluoridation Defeated In Portland


Water fluoridation DEFEATED in Portland; citizens overwhelmingly reject dumping toxic fluoride chemicals into the water supply

Voters in Portland, Oregon solidly defeated a city-wide water fluoridation measure yesterday, with 60% of the voters saying "NO!" to the practice of adding toxic fluoride chemicals to the water.

The result is a huge victory for and all the men, women and children of Portland who can now rest easier, knowing their tap water is not intentionally poisoned with cancer-causing chemicals derived from industrial waste and mislabeled "fluoride."

The defeat of the measure absolutely infuriated fluoride-pushing doctors and dentists, many of whom resorted to using outrageous lies and dirty tricks during the entire campaign. These lies include whoppers like, "Drinking fluoride has never harmed anyone" and "this is naturally-occurring fluoride, therefore it's safe."

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Admisson Of Hype Over Cancer Genes


Conventional medicine openly admits to confusion over BRCA1 gene
by: Jonathan Landsman

By now, I'm sure you've heard the news about Angelina Jolie testing positive for the BRCA1 gene mutation and the decision to remove her breasts. This decision has been touted as a brave and reasonable choice, considering the assumed high risk for breast cancer.

But, as an educated guess, I'll bet Angelina Jolie has NOT been told the whole truth about the BRCA1 gene or her risk for getting breast cancer.

I say this respectfully - that if Angelina Jolie or any other woman wants to read the rest of this article (and has had 1 or 2 breasts removed due to the BRCA1 gene mutation) - you should be prepared to get very angry!

I want to make one thing perfectly clear. I will always respect the decision of any woman to care for her body - any way she sees fit. But, when a woman is asked to make life and death decisions with fraudulent, unscientific information, that's when I take exception. In fact, I think, those healthcare professional giving out flawed data, to their patients, should go to jail.

Don't remove your breasts until you read this "NCI disclaimer"...

Many of us have heard the conventional talking points that refer to an "87% higher risk for breast cancer" - if one tests positive for the BRCA1 gene mutation. But, I'm here to tell you, that this is a complete fabrication of the medical truth.

I'll be honest - when I read this statement by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) - I nearly fell off my chair. Even if you test positive for the BRCA1 gene mutation - your risk of getting breast cancer may still be caused by other factors.

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Sea Shepherd Launches Operation Reef Defense Campaign in Hawaii


Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is proud to announce the launch of Operation Reef Defense, a global campaign to end the destruction of coral reefs and the many threats they face worldwide. Coral reefs represent some of the planet’s most biologically diverse ecosystems providing critical habitat to approximately 25 percent of all marine species, but they are disappearing at an alarming rate due to human-induced activities such as pollution, overfishing, reef wildlife trafficking, coastal development and global warming. Thirty percent of the world’s coral reefs have died in the last 50 years, and another 30 percent have suffered severe damage. Of the reefs remaining, it is estimated that 60 percent could face extinction in less than 25 years.

According to Sea Shepherd Hawaii Director & Reef Defense Campaign Leader, Deborah Bassett, "With the oceans of the world under attack from commercial extraction and pollution, our mission remains steadfast to defend marine habitat and wildlife to the fullest extent — from the smallest of reef species to the largest marine mammals and apex predators. Time is running out for these great rain forests under the sea, so we must act now."

Although Sea Shepherd is best known for its direct action efforts on the high seas, Sea Shepherd remains committed to protecting marine wildlife in all habitats, including the coastal awareness campaign orchestrated for Operation Reef Defense. Sea Shepherd plans to collaborate with Hawaiian dive shops and the surfing community to bring light to the destruction happening beneath the waves. With the campaign currently underway in Hawaii, Sea Shepherd’s global chapters will soon mirror similar programs in their local waters.

Reef degradation is a global crisis. Of the 100 countries with coral reefs, reef degradation is highest in Southeast Asia where nearly 95 percent of the region's reefs are threatened, mainly due to overfishing and destructive fishing practices. The loss of underwater life and habitat is also ever-present in our own backyard of Hawaii, where the top ten sought-after species of fish for aquariums have decreased by 59 percent over the last 20 years, while the most popular aquarium fish has declined in abundance from 38 to 57 percent. In Jamaica, it is estimated that almost all of the reefs are dead or severely degraded from overfishing and coastal pollution.

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An Anniversary to Remember:


May 13th Marks One Year Since Captain Watson’s Arrest

Hard to believe it has been one year, as of today, that our esteemed Founder, Captain Paul Watson, was arrested in Frankfurt, Germany on politically motivated, 10-year-old charges stemming from an incident in which he tried to intervene, at the Government's request to stop Costa Rican shark poachers. No one was hurt, no property was damaged, and the case was dismissed by local authorities. In fact, the entire ordeal was documented in the 2007 film, “Sharkwater.”

However, Japan, who has thrown $30 million dollars of taxpayer and Tsunami Relief Funds into stopping Sea Shepherd at all costs, later convinced Costa Rica to re-open the charges, which led to his arrest.

Since that time, Captain Watson has been added to the Interpol Red List by Costa Rica and subsequently Japan. He is listed alongside serial killers, child abductors, and drug traffickers and still can't make landfall or else he'll face unfair extradition and “kangaroo” trials in Costa Rica and Japan, from which he will likely never be released or worse. All this for the “crime” of intervening against illegal shark-finning activities, on order of Guatemalan authorities, being conducted by convicted shark poachers in a Costa Rican vessel in Guatemalan waters and for saving thousands of whales in a whale sanctuary.

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Pete Bethune and Sea Shepherd Settle Long-running Legal Dispute


The Shonan Maru #2 deliberately rams the Ady Gil
Photo: JoAnne McArthur / Sea Shepherd

Pete Bethune, founder of Earthrace Conservation, and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, have reached an agreement following arbitration in their long-running legal dispute. The agreement, which involved a financial settlement to Bethune, also provided that he will assist Sea Shepherd to help ensure Paul Watson is not extradited to Japan.

The dispute between Sea Shepherd and Bethune arose after the Ady Gil vessel was damaged in the 2010 Sea Shepherd campaign, while trying to stop Japanese whaling in Antarctica. The Ady Gil was deliberately rammed by the Shonan Maru #2, a Japanese security vessel, and after a period of towing, the Ady Gil was abandoned.

Under agreements signed between Bethune and Sea Shepherd in 2009, if the vessel was lost or destroyed, Sea Shepherd would be required to make certain payments to Bethune. The arbitration was regarding the payment and its amount.

Bethune said, "I am happy that the case has reached its conclusion and am pleased with the result. Fighting between individuals and organisations that are fundamentally working towards the same goals is a waste of time, money and effort that could be better spent protecting marine life and environments.

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Chemical Safety Testing On Animals May Not Be Valid For Humans, Study Finds


Since Congress mandated testing of new medicines and chemicals on animals back in 1937, billions of laboratory animals have been subjected to a vast number of chemicals and medicinal compounds — all under the entrenched belief that this “safety testing” is translatable to human animals; a concept known as the concordance assumption.

But a recent study by a consortium of medical researchers (Seok et al) and published on the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences website, throws the assumption of concordance into serious doubt. To be sure, there has been a scattering of previous studies* casting doubt on this concordance theory (and pharmaceutical companies have know for quite some time that most new drug candidates first tested on “animal models” fail to work when tested on humans), but this most recent study is the most comprehensive yet conducted.

Its wider implications cast serious doubt on seventy plus years of safety research upon which we base our notions of “safe” medicines and chemicals verses unsafe ones. The ramification of this most recent study are sure to have major impact on the current testing practices of the medical, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.

The Study Results in More Detail

This particular research was prompted by an investigation of 150 clinical trials of drugs begin tested for treatment of inflammatory diseases (such as diabetes, arthritis, asthma). Investigators found (to date) a 100% failure rate of these anti-inflammatory drugs in these trials; all of the drugs were originally tested on mice.

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Evidence Suggests Up To 90 Percent Of Landmark Cancer Research May Be False


by: Jonathan Benson

The vast majority of the published scientific literature on cancer and cancer research is inherently flawed and non-reproducible, reveals a new review published online in the journal Nature. Researchers C. Glenn Begley and Lee Ellis found that a mere 11 percent of 53 papers on cancer published in reputable, peer-reviewed journals was solid, while the other 89 percent could not be reproduced, implying that it may be false or at the very least misleading.

Preclinical studies are the basis upon which the scientific community at large determines how best to develop treatments for disease, including potential new approaches to treating cancer. But such studies, though sure to contain some minor flaws from time to time, appear to be missing the boat in major ways on a regular basis. And the end result of this intrinsic failure is a cancer treatment system that is not only outdated but potentially completely misguided.

"The scientific community assumes that the claims in a preclinical study can be taken at face value - that although there might be some errors in detail, the main message of the paper can be relied on and the data will, for the most part, stand the test of time," wrote the authors about their findings. "Unfortunately, this is not always the case."

Based on a review of 53 published papers on cancer, Begley and Ellis discovered that only six of them could be reproduced and confirmed in a clinical setting. And the worst part was that the 53 papers were considered to be "landmark," which means they are generally recognized as having had a significant impact on cancer research due to presenting some new cancer treatment approach or novel therapy for targeting cancer cells.

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Emily Deschanel Reveals Shocking Dairy Farm Cruelty


Actor Emily Deschanel may be best known as the star of FOX's beloved hit crime drama Bones, but off screen, she is a fierce defender of animals, a devout vegan, and a compassionate mother. In her brand-new exposé for PETA, Emily gives a behind-the-scenes look at the cruel dairy industry, in which mother cows are robbed of the opportunity to love and nurture their babies as their calves are violently torn away from them shortly after birth. Emily challenges all moms to consider how heartbreaking it would be to have your baby stolen and sold into a life of pain and suffering.

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The Experiment Is on Us: Science of Animal Testing Thrown Into Doubt


By Pat Dutt and Jonathan Latham, PhD, Independent Science News

New scientific research has cast grave doubt on the safety testing of hundreds of thousands of consumer products, food additives and industrial chemicals

Everyday products, from soft drinks and baby foods, to paints, gardening products, cosmetics and shampoos, contain numerous synthetic chemicals as preservatives, dyes, active ingredients, or as contaminants. Official assurances of the safety of these chemicals are based largely on animal experiments that use rabbits, mice, rats and dogs. But new results from a consortium of researchers and published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggest such assurances may be worthless (Seok et al. 2013).

The results of these experiments challenge the longstanding scientific presumption holding that animal experiments are of direct relevance to humans. For that reason they potentially invalidate the entire body of safety information that has been built up to distinguish safe chemicals from unsafe ones. The new results arise from basic medical research, which itself rests heavily on the idea that treatments can be developed in animals and transferred to humans.

The research originated when investigators noted that in their medical specialism of inflammatory disease (which includes diabetes, asthma and arthritis), drugs developed using mice have to date had a 100% failure rate in almost 150 clinical trials on humans.

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Milk Industry Desperation


Milk Industry Desperation Setting in as America Decides It Doesn't Really Want to Drink It

Photo Credit: Hoffmann

Despite 20 years of “Got Milk?” mustache ads, milk consumption in the US falls more every year

Despite 20 years of “Got Milk?” mustache ads, milk consumption in the US falls more every year. The National Dairy Promotion and Research Program and the National Fluid Milk Processor Promotion Program cite competition from calcium-forti?ed and vitamin-enhanced beverages, milk’s lack of availability “in many eating establishments” (You can’t find milk anywhere!) and a growing percentage of African Americans and Latinos in the US population who are not traditionally big milk consumers.

Many other groups also shun milk, from teenagers and young adults to dieters, athletes and health-food eaters who reject the cholesterol, fat, calories and allergens. Several Asian ethnic groups also avoid milk, as do the lactose intolerant, the allergic, people who drink or smoke (the tastes don’t mix) and animal and environmental activists. In fact, Dr. Benjamin Spock, whose pediatric advice shaped the entire Baby Boom generation, recommended no milk for children after age two, in his later years, to reduce their risks of heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and diet-related cancers.

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How Safe Is Your Medicine Cabinet?


After numerous high-profile safety scares, clinicians and regulators push to fix critical weaknesses in the FDA’s monitoring system for approved drugs

©Alex Nabaum

Vioxx was on the market for 5 years before manufacturer Merck voluntarily withdrew the arthritis medication in 2004 due to an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. An estimated 88,000–139,000 Americans had heart attacks while taking Vioxx, and as many as 55,000 died. Soon after, other painkillers in the same class of medicines came under scrutiny, including Bextra, which Pfizer removed from the market in 2005 upon the recommendation of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Americans cried out for better oversight of approved drugs. Then, in 2007, a cardiologist in Cleveland showed that Avandia, a blockbuster antidiabetic drug, increased the risk of heart attacks. An FDA advisory committee reviewed the evidence and found the claim to be true, but voted to keep Avandia on the market because of its efficacy, while mandating that the drug carry the FDA’s strictest warning label. The cries became louder.

Today, almost a decade since Vioxx was taken off the market and 6 years since Avandia made headlines, the national system for monitoring approved drugs has not gotten any better, critics say—despite the 2007 FDA Amendments Act (FDAAA) that granted the agency more power to oversee drugs once they hit the market.

“I don’t think there have been any significant changes,” says David Resnik, a bioethicist at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. “I don’t think anything has improved at all.”

Postmarket drug safety is a hot-button issue not only because of high-profile drug scares, but also because of accelerating efforts to get drugs to market sooner. Last July, for example, Congress passed the Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act, which among other things created a new designation called a “breakthrough therapy.” Though the details of the new designation are still being worked out, it is considered one step above “fast track” status, and mandates that the FDA work closely with drug developers to expedite a breakthrough drug’s path to the clinic. A handful of experimental drugs have been granted the status, and at least one company, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, is launching shorter-than-normal Phase 3 trials—24 weeks instead of 48—for a combination of two cystic fibrosis drugs that received the designation in January.

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The Nazi Roots Of Brussels European Union


Download for free the brilliant book called "The Nazi Roots Of Brussels EU" here

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Dairy Products & 10 False Promises


Milk is as pure white as fresh fallen snow and as familiar as a mother's warm touch. Common sense once led me to believe that if a single food, milk, could sustain a baby as the sole source of nutrients, then it must be “nature's most perfect food.” Milk builds strong bones – I have learned over and over again – and since the hardest parts of my body are made mostly of calcium, this liquid food must be essential for my strength and stability. Milk is for life, because they tell me I never outgrow my need for milk. All these “facts” were the “truth” until I took the trouble to think a little about the subject on my own and to look into the scientific research. May I share with you some of my surprising discoveries?

Mother's Milk Can Be a Perfect Food

Within the same species – like cow for calf, cat for kitten, mare for foal – mother's milk can be the perfect food for the very young – not, after weaning, for older offspring, and certainly, not for the fully-grown. All mammals nourish their developing young with this ready-to-eat liquid synthesized by specialized sweat glands, called the mammary glands. This life-giving fluid contains the nutrients, antibodies and hormones that optimize the chances for growth and survival of the infant.

How essential is mother's milk? Human infants deprived of the advantages of human breast milk have:*1

  • Two to four times the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (crib death),
  • More than 60 times the risk of pneumonia in the first three months of life,*2
  • Ten times the risk of hospitalization during their first year
  • Reduced intelligence as measured by IQ score
  • Behavioral and speech difficulties
  • An increased chance of suffering from infections, asthma, eczema, type I diabetes, and cancer (lymphoma and leukemia) in early life
  • A greater risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, food allergies, ulcerative colitis, and Crohn’s disease later in life
    No one argues against the fact that human breast milk is nature’s most perfect food for human babies. There is also no satisfactory substitute; therefore, every effort should be made to have every infant breast-fed exclusively for six months; and then, with the addition of healthy solid food choices, partially breast-fed until the age of two. (More information on this is found in The McDougall Program for Women book).

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Why Chemotherapy Doesn't Work


If you were to ask an oncologist (chemo doctor) if chemo could ever possibly kill all of the cancer cells, the honest answer would be a resounding, "Never!" Chemotherapy doesn't work that way. At its very best, chemo might kill 60%, 70%, maybe even 80% of the cancer cells, but there will always be some remaining.

That would make you think, "If the chemo is not going to kill all the cancer cells, and if I'm going to live, what's going to kill the rest of the cancer cells, and why don't oncologists tell me this?"

The fact is, if your immune system cannot step up and kill the last 20% or 30% of the cancer cells, you will die from that remaining cancer. Herein lies the irony. Chemotherapy destroys the ONLY thing that can possibly save your life - that is, your immune system.

Why Would Oncology Knowingly Suppress Your Immune System?

Oncology surpresses your immune system because protocol is more important than the patient. And, unless your immune system is in the best working order to do battle with cancer, cancer will always win.

At the end of the day, there is no drug, substance, therapy or treatment that can heal cancer. It's your immune system that does the job of healing your body of cancer - but ONLY if you give your immune system what it needs to function properly, like "Transfer Factor" for one... AND if it hasn't been shut down by stress, chemotherapy, or any other immune system suppressors.

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More Than 30 Sea Lions Captured


More Than 30 Sea Lions Captured and Branded at Port Of Astoria By Oregon Dept of Fish & Wildlife

Dam Guardians Witness Sea Lions Almost Drown in Trap And Their Backs Catch Fire From Branding

Under the stress of the weight 30+ sea lions and the ODFW worker, the trap began to sink
Photo: Frances Holtman / Sea Shepherd

Starting at roughly 7:00 am PST today, more than 30 sea lions including babies were captured in a floating trap down by the pier at the Port of Astoria, according to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s Dam Guardians, who are on the ground along the Columbia River to document the horrors befalling these federally protected animals for the crime of eating salmon. The large number of sea lions captured is primarily due to the trap being one of the few places for the sea lions to haul out in the area. Due to the sheer numbers of animals crammed into the trap and the additional weight of one of the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife (ODFW) workers standing on the side of the trap, the trap began to sink and several animals were caught in a panic when the cage was mostly submerged for too long and they almost drowned.

After this, the animals were pushed through a tunnel and into a squeeze cage one-by-one to be marked by branding. During the extremely painful branding process, which utilizes liquid nitrogen and a hot iron, the backs of several of the sea lions actually caught fire as the iron sizzled into their flesh and yellowish-white plumes of smoke rose from their bodies. The branded animals, including babies, could be heard screaming in pain. The Dam Guardians witnessed several sea lions go into shock and start to convulse following the branding process, which finally ended at approximately 1:30 pm PST, after the marine mammals endured more than six hours of this torture. As if the branding was not traumatic enough, they were then tagged with white markers.

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Low-Fat Milk = High-Fat Kid


A new study of 10,700 preschool-aged children in the US, drinking low-fat milk had a noticeably stronger tendency to pack on the pounds

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Vaccine Pioneer Admits Adding Cancer Causing Virus To Vaccine



Milk Doesn't Do Your Body Good




Latest Harlan Campaign Report


Vivisection might not be at the forefront of activism these days, but that doesn't mean any fewer animals are being squirted, prodded, injected, creamed, caged or otherwise tortured - or that some humans aren't still kickin' up a fuss about it.

Save the Harlan Beagles campaign held a demonstration on Saturday (9th) in Brighton. The campaign targets Harlan Laboratories, a set-up sinister to the core: Harlan is one of the world's leading suppliers of animals to labs for the purpose of animal testing. The UK branch has a diversity of inmates including marmosets, beagles, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, mice, gerbils, and hamsters. Also available are hybrid, mutant, and transgenic animals. A quick google demonstrates the crazy world of lab-animal mutants – Harlan's online catalogue has more modified mice ('research models') than you can shake a stick at. Take the poor wee sod that is the 'athymic nude' – these bald fellas were 'derived from a nucleus colony from the National Institutes of Health' and is referred to as an 'immunodeficient model'. Sounds like a recipe for a long, healthy and natural life.

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Bradley Manning: Profile in Courage Above and Beyond the Call of Duty


He's one of America's best. He risked great personal harm. He did so to expose vital truths. He's a true American hero. He deserves praise, not prosecution. In February 2012, Movement of the Icelandic Parliament (MIP) members nominated him for the Nobel Peace Prize. They felt compelled to recognize his important contribution to world peace. They called nominating him a "great honor." They're indebted for what he did. He deserves Washington's Presidential Medal of Freedom.

It's awarded "for especially meritorious contributions to (1) the security or national interests of the United States, or (2) world peace, or (3) cultural or other significant public or private endeavors."

War criminals often get it. Peacemakers are spurned.

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Can You Trust Chemotherapy to Cure Your Cancer?


Former White House press secretary Tony Snow died in July 2008 at the age of 53, following a series of chemotherapy treatments for colon cancer. In 2005, Snow had his colon removed and underwent six months of chemotherapy after being diagnosed with colon cancer. Two years later (2007), Snow underwent surgery to remove a growth in his abdominal area, near the site of the original cancer. "This is a very treatable condition," said Dr. Allyson Ocean, a gastrointestinal oncologist at Weill Cornell Medical College. "Many patients, because of the therapies we have, are able to work and live full lives with quality while they're being treated. Anyone who looks at this as a death sentence is wrong." But of course we now know, Dr. Ocean was dead wrong.

The media headlines proclaimed Snow died from colon cancer, although they knew he didn't have a colon anymore. Apparently, the malignant cancer had "returned" (from where?) and "spread" to the liver and elsewhere in his body. In actual fact, the colon surgery severely restricted his normal eliminative functions, thereby overburdening the liver and tissue fluids with toxic waste. The previous series of chemo-treatments inflamed and irreversibly damaged a large number of cells in his body, and also impaired his immune system -- a perfect recipe for growing new cancers. Now unable to heal the causes of the original cancer (in addition to the newly created ones), Snow's body developed new cancers in the liver and other parts of the body.

The mainstream media, of course, still insist Snow died from colon cancer, thus perpetuating the myth that it is only the cancer that kills people, not the treatment. Nobody seems to raise the important point that it is extremely difficult for a cancer patient to actually heal from this condition while being subjected to the systemic poisons of chemotherapy and deadly radiation. If you are bitten by a poisonous snake and don't get an antidote for it, isn't it likely that your body becomes overwhelmed by the poison and, therefore, cannot function anymore?

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Why is Bee Decline Not a National Emergency?


I'm beginning to wonder just what in the world bees need to do to grab the attention of the media and the public the way other issues grab them?

Within the next few weeks or so (date to be confirmed), EU member states will vote on the European Commission's proposal to restrict the use of three of the most widely used neonicotinoid insecticides on certain flowering crops throughout Europe. The results of this vote are of ENORMOUS consequence. We're talking here about nothing short of mass extinction if our already depleted pollinator population is not protected from continuing poisoning by these, and other insecticides. It's not as if we haven't already pushed them to the brink by destroying, degrading and fragmenting their habitat.

Some of the other member states have raised objections to certain aspects of the EC's proposal, but the UK, alone, rejects the entire proposal. Incredibly and shamefully, the UK government are doing everything they can to block this partial ban.

You'd have thought the unprecedented decline of the creatures responsible for pollinating a third of the world's food - not to mention over 80% of all the flowering plants on this planet - might prompt concern; that it might justify a mention on the six o'clock news, or an appearance on the front page of the national newspapers. You might also have thought the media would have something to say about our government's dangerous stance on this issue.....

But no. This issue is barely ever discussed in the media so the majority of the population remain completely oblivious of the fact there even IS a problem. I believe people would be outraged if they were to understand exactly how serious bee decline has become - but the fact it's not making headline news means we are not party to the information that might make us think twice about using pesticides - and/or prompt us to plant bee attracting flowers in our gardens. One of the most frustrating things about bee decline is that it is something we could all do something about. If only we knew it was happening.

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Factory Farming & Terrorism


States weigh laws that would make it an act of terrorism to report abuses at factory farms

How do you keep consumers in the dark about the horrors of factory farms? By making it an "act of terrorism" for anyone to investigate animal cruelty, food safety or environmental violations on the corporate-controlled farms that produce the bulk of our meat, eggs and dairy products.

And who better to write the Animal and Ecological Terrorism Act, designed to protect Big Ag and Big Energy, than the lawyers on the Energy, Environment and Agriculture Task Force at the corporate-funded and infamous American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).,_Energy,_and_Agriculture

New Hampshire, Wyoming and Nebraska are the latest states to introduce Ag-Gag laws aimed at preventing employees, journalists or activists from exposing illegal or unethical practices on factory farms.,_Energy,_and_Agriculture
Lawmakers in 10 other states introduced similar bills in 2011-2012. The laws passed in three of those states: Missouri, Iowa and Utah. But consumer and animal-welfare activists prevented the laws from passing in Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York and Tennessee.

In all, six states now have Ag-Gag laws, including North Dakota, Montana and Kansas, all of which passed the laws in 1990-1991, before the term "Ag-Gag" was coined.

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Couple Face Jail For Saving Deer

Police state gone wild: Couple facing 60 days in jail for rescuing injured baby deer


An Indiana couple saved a wounded baby deer and nursed it back to life, saving its life and giving it a home. They named it "Little Orphan Dani." When Indiana state officials got word of this courageous act of compassion, they ordered the deer euthanized. (Because government wants to kill everything you love.)

When the deer "escaped" right before it was schedule to be killed -- and yes, I think the couple probably set it free rather than have it killed -- the man and woman were charged with unlawful possession of a deer.

They now face $2,000 in fines and 60 days in jail.

This is yet another example of the government police state gone wild, and it's on top of seemingly countless other stories of similar police state insanity such as armed government raids on raw milk distributors.

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Aborted Children In Child Vaccines


Warning: Many childhood vaccines contain aborted human fetal protein, DNA

The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), a non-profit vaccine safety group, recently conducted an independent review of the contents of childhood vaccines and found that many of them are tainted with ingredients that would shock most parents. According to the manufacturer-produced package inserts included with each vaccine batch, many vaccines are made with disturbing ingredients like aborted human fetal proteins, altered DNA material, and even genetically-modified (GM) human albumin.

This shocking information was compiled as part of an NVIC safety review on the childhood vaccination schedule, which has been called into question in recent years due to a steady increase in cases of autism and other forms of neurological and brain damage among vaccinated children. As it turns out, there are at least eight, and as many as 23, vaccines routinely administered to children that contain one or more of these questionable ingredients -- and if the general public truly knew about this, there would likely be a massive vaccination fallout resulting in the complete collapse of the vaccine industry.

Back in 1966, researchers extracted lung tissue from a 14-week aborted baby and developed a cell line from it known as MRC-5 that is still used in many vaccines today. MRC-5 has admittedly been used to developed the Varivax vaccine for chicken pox, the ProQuad vaccines for both chicken pox and MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella), and several other vaccines for Hepatitis A, DTaP, Hib, polio, and rabies. Similarly, a cell line known as RA 27/3, which was derived from another aborted human baby in 1964, is still being used today to produce both ProQuad and MMR II.

The controversial MMR II vaccine also reportedly contains a genetically-engineered human protein known as Recombumin, or recombinant human albumin, that most parents are unaware is being injected into their babies. MMR II is the only known vaccine that contains GM human protein, according to NVIC, but its unique presence in this contentious combination vaccine could help explain the unusual uptick in vaccine-induced neurological damage associated with it in recent years.

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Oprah Talks to Eckhart Tolle


Eight years ago, my friend Meg Ryan told me about The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle. It's one of the most transformative books I've ever read; I keep a copy with me wherever I go, flipping through its highlighted pages time and time again. For anyone seeking to lead a more connected, vibrant life, The Power of Now is essential reading, and Eckhart's follow-up books—Stillness Speaks and A New Earth—explain the core principle that has resonated so deeply with me and thousands of others: The only moment we ever really have is this one. Happiness isn't in the future or the past, but in mindful awareness of the present.

Eckhart should know. By 29, the German-born author had become an eminent research scholar at Cambridge University in England, but success wasn't enough to halt his descent into a depression so severe that he considered ending his life. In what could have been his final hour, Eckhart stumbled upon an insight that started him on the path to becoming a spiritual teacher: We are not our thoughts. The very fact that we can objectively observe our thinking, he reasoned, suggests that the constant and often negative dialogue in our heads is separate from who we really are. Realizing this can bring us closer to the kind of fearlessness and peace that Eckhart has experienced since his dark night of the soul.

It was one of the great joys of my career to talk to Eckhart on Oprah & Friends on XM Radio as part of my Soul Series. He gave a kind of course on conscious living: trading our autopilot existence for intentional awareness; recognizing how we create our own suffering through obsessing over our past history; and learning how to be present, for ourselves and for the people around us, in a compassionate, nonjudgmental way. His encouraging inspiration has allowed me and many other people to see the possibility of an awakened consciousness. I think he is a prophet for our time.

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Mercury Ban Exempts Vaccines


UN's Global Mercury ban exempts......vaccines

Mercury: A deadly poison. Just the tiniest drop will contaminate everything Land, air and water and people...

"It attacks the central nervous system and is particularly harmful to children"

Except when it is contained in vaccines. Then it is perfectly acceptable. Because apparently direct injection of mercury, into a living being with a central nervous system and a brain is not harmful? According to the UN. WHO clearly caters to the big pharma cartel. Treaty on mercury would not affect vaccines with mercury (thimerosal)

The treaty says that certain mercury-added products, such as batteries, lamps, switches, skin-lightening cosmetics, pesticides and thermometers, may not be manufactured, imported or exported no later than 2020. Mercury-added dental amalgams are also to be phased out. No mercury in cosmetics, pesticides, thermometers and dental amalgams.... but

Certain mercury-added products are to be exempted from the ban, including those used for military and civil protection, products with no mercury-free alternative, products used in religious or traditional practices and vaccines containing thimerosal, an ethylmercury preservative. The omission of thimerosal-containing vaccines from the ban disappointed advocates who believe the preservative plays a role in sickening some children.

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US Scientists Find Chemotherapy Boosts Cancer Growth


Marco Torres, Prevent Disease - Waking Times

Chemotherapy can damage healthy cells? Say it isn’t so? You don’t need a degree to figure this one out. Poison kills indiscriminately– always has and always will. While damaging healthy cells, chemotherapy also triggers them to secrete a protein that sustains tumour growth and resistance to further treatment. Researchers in the United States made the “completely unexpected” finding they claimed while seeking to explain why cancer cells are so resilient inside the human body when they are easy to kill in the lab.

Only through the forces that have carefully conspired to thwart meaningful advances in cancer research and treatment over the past century has chemotherapy succeeded. In what reality do we live in when cut, poison and burn are the only ways acceptable to treat cancer?

No chemotherapy drug has ever actually cured or resolve the underlying causes of cancer. Even what mainstream medicine consideres “successful” chemotherapy treatments are only managing symptoms, usually at the cost of interfering with other precious physiological functions in patients that will cause side effects down the road. There is no such thing as a drug without a side effect.

They tested the effects of a type of chemotherapy on tissue collected from men with prostate cancer, and found “evidence of DNA damage” in healthy cells after treatment, the scientists wrote in Nature Medicine.

Chemotherapy works by inhibiting reproduction of fast-dividing cells such as those found in tumours. The scientists found that healthy cells damaged by chemotherapy secreted more of a protein called WNT16B which boosts cancer cell survival. “The increase in WNT16B was completely unexpected,” study co-author Peter Nelson of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle told AFP. The protein was taken up by tumour cells neighbouring the damaged cells. “WNT16B, when secreted, would interact with nearby tumour cells and cause them to grow, invade, and importantly, resist subsequent therapy,” said Nelson.

In cancer treatment, tumours often respond well initially, followed by rapid regrowth and then resistance to further chemotherapy.

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American Milk Banned In Europe Because It Does Body No Good


Anna Hunt, Staff Writer - Waking Times

As a mother of three young children, the debate centered around the nutritional value of cow’s milk has been at the forefront of my mind for quite some time. Conditioned by the well-known campaigns of milk marketers “Milk. It does a body good.” and “Got Milk?”, I’ve been led to believe that milk is needed – especially by young children – for good bone growth, brain development and, of course, to meet the body’s calcium needs.

If milk does a body so much good, why is US-produced milk banned in Europe? It turns out that in 1994, the US Food and Drug Administration approved the use of recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH). rBGH in milk is believed to increase the risk of cancer. In an attempt to protect its citizens from genetically-modified milk, the Codex Alimentarius Commission, the U.N. Food Safety Agency representing 101 nations worldwide, has banned rBGH milk in the 101 nations that it represents. Canada is another country where rBGH milk is banned.

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Children Paralysed By Vaccine


Video Footage Shows Prime Minister Visits Paralyzed Children, Powerful Groups Involved in Vaccine Campaign

This child was paralyzed after being injected with a dangerous meningitis vaccine

The details of a vaccine campaign disaster that occurred last month in a north African country continue to unfold, while headlines of this tragedy are strangely absent from news organizations around the world. VacTruth shared the story last week with the world in an exclusive report, and we have additional updates to share with you about the plight these families are now facing.

On January 6, 2013, I wrote an article entitled Minimum of 40 Children Paralyzed After New Meningitis Vaccine describing how at least 40 children in Gouro, Chad, located in northern Africa, became paralyzed after they had received the meningitis A vaccine, MenAfrivac. [1]

Further research about the Meningitis Vaccine Project shows the effort was a massive collaboration among major organizations. The vaccine, developed by the India Serum Institute, was funded by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, in partnership with WHO and PATH, specifically to combat meningitis in Africa. We wonder why none of these groups are offering a statement about this devastating event.

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Global Warming Stopped 16 Years Ago


Global warming stopped 16 years ago, Met Office report reveals: MoS got it right about warming... so who are the 'deniers' now?

By David Rose

Last year The Mail on Sunday reported a stunning fact: that global warming had ‘paused’ for 16 years. The Met Office’s own monthly figures showed there had been no statistically significant increase in the world’s temperature since 1997.

We were vilified. One Green website in the US said our report was ‘utter bilge’ that had to be ‘exposed and attacked’.

The Met Office issued a press release claiming it was misleading, before quietly admitting a few days later that it was true that the world had not got significantly warmer since 1997 after all. A Guardian columnist wondered how we could be ‘punished’.

Pause: Last year The Mail on Sunday reported global warming had 'paused' for 16 years

But then last week, the rest of the media caught up with our report. On Tuesday, news finally broke of a revised Met Office ‘decadal forecast’, which not only acknowledges the pause, but predicts it will continue at least until 2017. It says world temperatures are likely to stay around 0.43 degrees above the long-term average – as by then they will have done for 20 years.

This is hugely significant. It amounts to an admission that earlier forecasts – which have dictated years of Government policy and will cost tens of billions of pounds – were wrong. They did not, the Met Office now accepts, take sufficient account of ‘natural variability’ – the effects of phenomena such as ocean temperature cycles – which at least for now are counteracting greenhouse gas warming.

Surely the Met Office would trumpet this important news, as it has done when publishing warnings of imminent temperature rises. But there was no fanfare. Instead, it issued the revised forecast on the ‘research’ section of its website – on Christmas Eve. It only came to light when it was noticed by an eagle-eyed climate blogger, and then by the Global Warming Policy Foundation, the think-tank headed by Lord Lawson.

Then, rather than reporting the news objectively, Britain’s Green Establishment went into denial. Neither The Guardian nor The Independent bothered to report it in their paper editions, although The Independent did later run an editorial saying that the new forecast was merely a trivial ‘tweak’. Instead, they luridly reported on the heatwave and raging bushfires in Australia.

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