Global Warming Articles (regularly updated)

why environmentalists celebrate rising co2 2/6/13 read
global warming stopped 16 years ago 13/1/13 read
global warming stats cooked 3/1/11 read
‘global warming pseudoscientific fraud’ 9/10/10 read
legal defeat for global warming 6/10/10 read
global cooling? never! 10/5/10 read
ipcc: international pack of climate crooks 7/2/10 read
science hides truth 30/11/09 read
global warming scam exposed read
meat and climate change by keith mann read
a perfect storm is brewing for the ipcc read
big oil behind copenhagen climate scam 7/12/09 read
shocking un document divulges climate cult brainwashing read
bbc delays disclosure read
world getting cooler, not warmer, insists bellamy read
rudd govt queries ets negotiations read
co2 in the atmosphere is decreasing read
climategate: the final nail in the coffin of ‘anthropogenic global warming’? read
freezing temperatures shatter climate change theory read
climategate: dr. tim ball on the hacked cru emails watch
a message to the environmental movement watch
sammy wilson: i still think man-made climate change is a con read

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