Fur Articles (regularly updated)

 activists target mink farms in italy 9/1/11 read
anti fur motion passed ireland 9/11/10 read
norweigian fur industy exposed again 31/10/10 read
irish fur ban proposed 4/10/10 read
50,000 mink freed 29/8/10 read
swedish mink farm exposed 9/8/10 read
liberated mink survive in the wild 15/5/10 read
mink farming is killing the lakes 10/5/10 read
live mink & a dying empire, from dusk til dawn extract read
the skin trade film just released 26/3/10 read
mink scarper 19/3/10 read
another mink farm closes in italy 9/3/10 read
student film on fur wins award 27/2/10 read
fur victory (nottingham) 26/2/10 read
the frenzy to cull seals 23/2/10 read
finnish fur campaign 23/2/10 read
30 fur farms investigated in finland 20/2/10 read
fatal fur protest 28/1/10 read
revenge of the mink /1/10 read
rooftop fur protest 20/12/09 read
mink raider fights on (u.s.) 6/12/09 read
mink release study 26/11/09 read
morini farm close down at last (italy) 16/11/09 read
report from u.s mink trial sentencing 12/11/09 read
mink raider in court 10/11/09 read
mink farm raider guilty 9/11/09 read
compensating irish fur farmers 18/10/09 read
mink farm patrols increase 4/11/09 read
mink liberator caught red-handed 2/11/09 read
fur farm protest ban challenged (us) 30/10/09 read
danish fur farmers under pressure 29/10/09 read
danish fur investigation launched 27/10/09 read
nine mink farms raided /10/09 read
fur farms close 18/9/09 read
more fur farms going out of business 17/9/09 read
irish fur farming slammed 9/7/08 read


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