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Drugs Found In Idaho Dairy Cows


It's not only what occurs naturally in cow's milk that is a health concern for humans. Antibiotics and other drugs are routinely given to dairy cows and residues are in their milk

The Food and Drug Administration is worried about what it calls an "important potential public health issue." It could be in your latte or your child's bowl of breakfast cereal. It could be in your refrigerator or freezer. At the very least, the FDA wants to make certain that it's not in any of the 8 million milk-producing cattle in the United States or the 500,000 dairy cows in Idaho.

When test results released last year by the United States Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service showed extremely high levels of drugs and antibiotics in cattle from dairies across the nation, including in Idaho, the federal agency announced it would launch a series of tests to address a potential problem. The Idaho dairy industry decided to preclude the FDA action with some unofficial testing of its own. Yet records of the testing are inaccessible and records of their strategy meeting don't exist.

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Bugger The Bankers




Animals In Circuses: A Modern-Day Slave Trade by Benjamin Zephaniah


Existing regulations have failed animals such as Anne, the elephant kicked and beaten in a UK circus. We need a ban now

My Jamaican heritage and African roots make it impossible for me to ignore the historical similarities between cruelty to my own ancestors and cruelty to animals in circuses today. The mindset that has permitted atrocities to be inflicted on humans is the same mindset that allows the abuse of animals to occur. Just as my ancestors were beaten and exploited, so are the zebras, lions, tigers, camels and other animals used in circuses. Just as my ancestors had families, feelings and emotions, so do animals. In fact, when I strip away the material stuff around me, I see that I, too, am an animal. We are family.

Treated as if they were equipment, animals who are forced to travel and perform in circuses are routinely deprived of proper care and become sick, listless and depressed. Many develop neurotic behaviour from the stress and abuse and die far short of their expected lifespan. They spend the vast majority of their lives crammed into transport cages or boxcars and are hauled around from one venue to the next. UK laws require that animals be given a good quality of life. But the rigours of transport, cruel training techniques and other stresses of circus life make that impossible.

Many of my ancestors were imprisoned without cause and spent their lives deprived of everything that was important and meaningful to them: the freedom of choice, independence and autonomy. This is exactly what life is like for animals used in circuses. They have no choice when it comes to their living conditions or what creatures they live and interact with, and they are punished when they don't toe the line. They have no control over any aspect of their own destiny.

Animals don't "get used to" servitude. They know they aren't where they are supposed to be. Animals who perform stunts that they would never do in their rightful homes do so out of fear, not because they want to.

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Anne The Elephant's Owner Found Guilty Of Causing Suffering


Bobby Roberts, owner of Super Circus, is given conditional discharge as judge criticises animal rights activists' tactics


A circus owner has been found guilty of causing suffering to an elderly elephant, but the judge who heard the case strongly criticised the methods used by animal activists who exposed him. The police are now investigating threats aimed at the circus owner Bobby Roberts and comments about the case made on Facebook and other sites. Secretly filmed footage obtained by the activists Animal Defenders International (ADI) caught one of the Asian elephant's grooms, Nicolai Nitu from Romania, hitting her with a pitchfork and kicking her. On one occasion 69-year-old Roberts could also be seen apparently aiming a kick at the animal, known as Anne.

During the trial it was claimed that Roberts had failed to stop Nitu mistreating Anne and that she was kept chained up almost permanently while the circus was at its winter quarters in Cambridgeshire. The prosecution alleged she was not given the medication she needed for arthritis. The district judge David Chinnery found Roberts, of Oundle, Northamptonshire, guilty of three charges under the Animal Welfare Act 2006. He cleared Roberts's wife, Moira, of all charges, ruling that she was not Anne's owner.

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Hunt Sabs Rescue Fox



Another Reason Not To Consume Dairy: Brucellosis - A Milkborne Disease


Brucellosis, also called Bang's disease, Crimean fever, Gibraltar fever, Malta fever, Maltese fever, Mediterranean fever, rock fever, or undulant fever is a highly contagious zoonosis caused by ingestion of unsterilized milk or meat from infected animals or close contact with their secretions.

Dairy herds in the USA are tested only once a year with the Brucella Milk Ring Test

Here is the USDA document - it is a long read.


The Marmots & Me


The schoolboy, 8, who has struck up a remarkable friendship with a colony of alpine animals

They are notoriously shy around humans, beating their tails and chattering their teeth to try to warn us off before emitting loud whistles to tell other members of their colony to flee. But when these alpine marmots see Matteo Walch, they scuttle to his side and show him nothing but affection. The eight-year-old built up a remarkable relationship with the creatures since first being taken to see them by his nature-loving family four years ago.

Special bond: Matteo Walch has struck up an unlikely friendship with a group of marmots in the Austrian Alps

The family return to visit the colony in Groslocker in the Austrian Alps for two weeks every year. Matteo’s mother Michaela said: 'Their friendship has lasted for more than four years now. 'He loves those animals and they are not at all afraid of Matteo because he has a feeling towards them and they understand that.

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Secret trials hide UK role in torture: Activists


The British government has been planning to introduce secret trials called Kafkaesque, which could themselves be kept secret under legislation before the Lords

The UK government is planning to introduce secret trials, which opposition groups condemn.

The UK government would be able to apply to the courts for a case to be held in closed material proceedings (CMP) under the Justice and Security Bill. The government could present evidence under CMP to a judge without the defence having a right to challenge it or even being aware of the nature of the evidence. These plans of secret trials have been widely condemned by human rights lawyers and civil liberties groups as an attempt by the UK government to place itself and the security services above the law. During debates among the Lords, government minister Baroness Stowell stated that "in some instances the fact of the application (for CMP) will not be made public."

Lord Falconer asked the minister "whether it is envisaged that the fact of an application being made for a closed material proceeding should be kept secret."

The legal charity Reprieve also opposed the introduction of secret trials and condemned any suggestions under which CMP applications could be kept secret.

Reprieve's executive director Clare Algar said, "These courts could be used to sweep serious state human rights abuses - such as torture - under the carpet."


Supporting Terror In Syria


Hague’s ‘non-lethal’ support for al-Qaeda in Syria is absolutely lethal; British tax-payers become incriminated in war crime

in a response to what looks like a slow death at Aleppo for his al-Qaeda proxy-army, William Hague announced that further support (thanks, of course, to British tax-payers) will be made available to the terrorists and foreign mercenaries that constitute the Free ‘Syrian’ Army. Clarification then followed regarding how this support would consist of the latest satellite telephones and media training. Dubbed ‘non-lethal’, on one level, Hague’s insistence that this British aid is somehow neutral is a lie because provision given to the terrorists in Syria for propaganda purposes has already proven quite deadly. As the established pattern now indicates, the requirement to create a media narrative always provokes a massacre committed by the terrorists to be blamed on the Syrian Government. Besides which, it has become clear that British Special Forces are on the ground to ‘liaise with opposition leaders’ – which is a euphemism for directing the battles. Either way, the British tax-payer is culpable for the death of innocent human beings in Syria because it cannot bring its rogue government to heel.

As the conflict in Syria goes on, the Western powers have become more blatant in their support for the Free ‘Syrian’ Army. Amongst the coverage of the process of this alignment, there are readily available fragments of information which, when they are pieced together, show how from the very top, in Washington and London, a decision has been made to facilitate none other than al-Qaeda, and to operate, in an alliance with Islamist terrorists, in order to overthrow a sovereign government by a military invasion.

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2,115 Beagles Rescued From Marshall Farm's Green Hill Breeders In Italy


The rescue of Green Hill dogs has been halted today after 2,115 beagles have been taken out of the beagle breeding 'farm' in the past 10 days. This is after a long fought campaign in Italy, more information about the campaign (in Italian) at:

There is still 59 female breeders, either pregnant or with too young puppies, staying inside the kennels until September, for health reasons.

Then they will all be rehomed in 1 or 2 days with all the puppies... and the breeding farm will be completely empty!

This seems incredible to all of us!!! Much love and solidarity go out to those activists that have worked hard to make this happen! :]

Anyway, Green Hill is empty but has not been closed yet! So, please join in with this campaign.

A news agency story in english, here

Video of first beagle to be rescued:


Chemotherapy Backfires - Causes Healthy Cells To Feed Growth Of Cancer Tumors


by Mike Adams

Ever since chemotherapy was introduced into the practice of western medicine, doctors and oncologists have been trying to answer this nagging question: Why does chemotherapy seem to work at first, but then cancer tumors cells grow back even more aggressively while the body becomes resistant to chemotherapy?

It turns out that chemotherapy damages healthy cells, causing them to secrete a protein that accelerates the growth of cancer tumors.

This protein, dubbed "WNT16B," is taken up by nearby cancer cells, causing them to "grow, invade, and importantly, resist subsequent therapy," said Peter Nelson of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle.

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Ban On Cancer Cures


The Stranglehold that the UK 1939 Cancer Act Exerts in Great Britain

Orthomolecular Medicine News Service - by Madeline C. Hickey-Smith

Most citizens of Great Britain are totally unaware of the 1939 Cancer Act which effectively prevents them from finding out about different treatments for cancer.

Excerpts from the UK 1939 Cancer Act:

"4 - (1) No person shall take any part in the publication of any advertisement -

(a) containing an offer to treat any person for cancer, or to prescribe any remedy therefor, or to give any advice in connection with the treatment thereof; or

(b) referring to any article, or articles of any description, in terms which are calculated to lead to the use of that article, or articles of that description, in the treatment of cancer.

In this section the expression "advertisement" includes any "notice, circular, label, wrapper or other document, and any announcement made orally or by any means of producing or transmitting sounds". [1]

Publication of such advertisements is permitted to a very restrictive group comprising members of either House of Parliament, local authority, governing bodies of voluntary hospitals, registered or training to become registered medical practitioners, nurses or pharmacists, and persons involved in the sale or supply of surgical appliances. A very tight grip, therefore, is exercised on information that is fed to citizens of Great Britain; interestingly, the Act does not apply to Northern Ireland.

That pretty much wraps it up, and wraps us (in Britain) up in the legal stranglehold that this outdated Act still exerts. Was this enacted to protect the citizens from charlatans and "quacks" or to safeguard the interests of the National Radium Trust, to whom the British Government lent money? If no one is allowed to tell us, how can we, the general public, ever find out what alternatives there are to those offered by mainstream medicine, mainly surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy?

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Why Doctors Are More Dangerous Than Guns - Health Ranger Investigation



Captain Paul Watson Sends First Message To Supporters Since Departing Germany


Captain Paul Watson, founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.
Photo: Mike Mulle

For the first time since the world began speculating why Captain Paul Watson made the decision to forfeit his bail and depart Germany after being held there under house arrest for 70 days, the Captain himself is speaking out. He relayed a message to Sea Shepherd headquarters over the weekend, asking that it be provided to his supporters.

Click here for his message


Study: Radiation Therapy Can Make Cancers 30x More Malignant


Following on the heels of recent revelations that x-ray mammography may be contributing to an epidemic of future radiation-induced breast cancers, in a new article titled, "Radiation Treatment Generates Therapy Resistant Cancer Stem Cells From Aggressive Breast Cancer Cells," published in the journal Cancer July 1st, 2012, researchers from the Department of Radiation Oncology at the UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center report that radiation treatment actually drives breast cancer cells into greater malignancy.

The researchers found that even when radiation kills half of the tumor cells treated, the surviving cells which are resistant to treatment, known as induced breast cancer stem cells (iBCSCs), were up to 30 times more likely to form tumors than the nonirradiated breast cancer cells. In other words, the radiation treatment regresses the total population of cancer cells, generating the false appearance that the treatment is working, but actually increases the ratio of highly malignant to benign cells within that tumor, eventually leading to the iatrogenic (treatment-induced) death of the patient.

Last month, a related study published in the journal Stem Cells titled, "Radiation-induced reprogramming of breast cells," found that ionizing radiation reprogrammed less malignant (more differentiated) breast cancer cells into iBCSCs, helping to explain why conventional treatment actually enriches the tumor population with higher levels of treatment-resistant cells. [i]

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Alec Baldwin Ban Animal Circuses Plea


People enjoy showbiz, but elephants do not. This is the message Alec Baldwin delivers in a disturbing four-minute video recently released with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to raise awareness of elephant mistreatment in circuses.

According to Baldwin, elephants in a circus live very different lives from animals in the wild, beginning as babies when "they are torn away form their mothers and forced to begin training for their circus performances."

Baldwin goes on to describe the treatment of some elephants in circuses, describing photos taken by a Ringling trainer allegedly showing "the terrified baby elephants as they are stretched out, slammed to the ground, gouged with bullhooks, and shocked with electric prods. They scream, cry and struggle while they are forced into the painful positions necessary for circus tricks."

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Milk Industry Health Claims Proven Wrong


Photo Credit: Eskemar via Shutterstock

AlterNet / By Martha Rosenberg

Got Propaganda? Why All of the Milk Industry's Health Claims Have Been Proven Wrong

Marketers have been trying desperately for over a decade to increase the public's consumption of milk, but they keep failing. Here's why.

Selling milk looks easy and even fun when you see the celebrity milk-mustache ads. "Got Milk?" ads may be the most recognizable and spoofed of all ad campaigns, yet they are probably also one of the least successful: Milk sales have actually fallen every year since the ads began. The National Dairy Promotion and Research Program and the National Fluid Milk Processor Promotion Program admit "consumption has been declining for decades in the United States at about 1.0 percent per year," in their yearly reports to Congress but plead that their marketing has "helped mitigate at least some of this decline." Key words "help," "at least" and "some."

Why the milk-drinking slide? First, many U.S. groups simply do not drink much, or any, milk -- including ethnic minorities, those who are lactose intolerant or allergic, dieters, the health conscious, and vegans. Kids themselves often dislike milk -- probably why they invented chocolate and flavored milk -- and it is often the last choice among teens and tweens, on whom much milk marketing is focused. Healthcare professionals, unless subsidized by the dairy industry, seldom recommend milk because of its cholesterol, fat, calories, allergens and impurities and its possible links to rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone) since milk made with the cow milk enhancer has never been labeled. Benjamin Spock, the famous baby boom-era pediatrician, recommended no milk for children after age two to reduce their risks of heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and diet-related cancers.

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Peta Kill 95% Of Adoptable Dogs & Cats


PETA 'killed more than 95 per cent of adoptable dogs and cats in its care last year' shocking new report says

In 2011, government report obtained by nonprofit organization claims 1,911 animals killed
Only 34 adopted in same time span

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals killed more than 95 per cent of animals in its care last year at a Virginia shelter, a shocking new report states.
The report, released by non-profit consumer group, claims that PETA - which is known for its outspoken stance on animal rights - were responsible for the deaths of nearly 2,000 adoptable animals last year alone.
The records also show that the animal-rights organization has killed more than 27,000 animals at its headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia since 1998.

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Unforeseen In Animal Tests

Newspaper headlines 16 Nov 2011 to 24 Feb 2012

“Antipsychotics death risk charted in dementia patients”
BBC News. 24 February 2012.

“Alzheimer’s Drugs Harmful? The researcher who helped develop an Alzheimer’s treatment now in clinical trials warns that the compound may actually impair memory.”
The Scientist. 20 February 2012.

“HIV drug tenofovir increases risk of kidney damage”
SF Gate. 18 February 2012.

“Novartis to Add Warnings to Rasilez Blood-Pressure Drug”
Bloomberg. 17 February 2012.

“Cause of deaths unclear in Actelion drug trial”
Chicago Tribune. 14 February 2012.

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Meats Skyrocket Your Risk Of Cancer


A recent study conducted by Swedish researchers has shown a further link between processed meats such as sausage or bacon and an increased risk of pancreatic cancer. This kind of connection is not necessarily new, but the study provides further evidence that indulging in processed meats may not be the greatest decision for your health.

Colon cancer by 50 percent
Bladder cancer by 59 percent
Stomach cancer by 38 percent
Pancreatic cancer by 67 percent

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75% Of Physicians In The World Refuse Chemotherapy For Themselves


Doctors used to think that if they drained a sick person's blood it would purge the "evil" infection or disease right out of the body, but all that did was make the ill person much weaker, unable to fight off whatever was invading their body, and the patient was then highly likely to lose the battle for life, and in less time.

This is all documented in a groundbreaking downloadable PDF report published by NaturalNews.

Research using polls and questionnaires continue to show that 3 of every 4 doctors and scientists would refuse chemotherapy for themselves due to its devastating effects on the entire body and the immune system, and because of its extremely low success rate. On top of that, only 2 to 4% of all cancers even respond to chemotherapy or prove to be "life extending," yet it is prescribed across the board for just about every kind of cancer.

Polls were taken by accomplished scientists at the McGill Cancer Center from 118 doctors who are all experts on cancer. They asked the doctors to imagine they had cancer and to choose from six different "experimental" therapies. These doctors not only denied chemo choices, but they said they wouldn't allow their family members to go through the process either! What does that say about their true opinion of this archaic method?

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