Circuses (regularly updated)

ringling bros closing 15/1/17 read
learn more about ringling bros. cruelty 11/6/13 read
animals in circuses: a modern-day slave trade by benjamin zephaniah 30/11/12 read
elephant’s owner guilty of cruelty 23/11/12 read
alec baldwin plea for ban on use of animals in circuses 16/3/12 read
record fine for ringling brothers over animal abuse 28/11/11 read
cloris leachman: retire arthritic circus elephants 12/7/11 read
25 lions rescued from circus cages 19/1/11 read
china bans animal circuses 18/1/11 read
white lions trapped 26/7/10 read
lions fight back 4/10/10 read
hard man actor has a heart for animals (april 2010) read
circus violence 30/4/09 read

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