Big Pharma (regularly updated)


science based propaganda 22/1/17 read
financial ties to positive trial results 18/1/17 read
drug company makes threats 31/10/16 read
alchemy of power: the pharma industry 27/10/16 read
over 60 holistic doctors dead in last year 19/6/16 read
big pharma’s kidnapping kids 26/2/16 read
big pharma killing patients globally 23/2/16 read
taking more pharma drugs increase fatality 11/2/16 read
the medical kidnapping of cassandra 21/5/15 read
big pharma spend more on marketing than research 11/2/15 read
ineffective & deadly anti-cancer drugs 17/11/14 read
psychotropic drugging – making a killing 11/7/14 read



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