Austrian Articles (regularly updated)

austrian trial abruptly stopped 4/3/11 read
austrian trial: human rights abuse 16/2/11 read
austria: another police infiltrator exposed 3/2/11 read
austrian trial – activists accuse prosecutor 29/12/10 read
austrian trial reaches critical stage 17/12/10 read
austian trial: undercover agent confirmed 22/11/10 read
austrian solidarity & chance for victory 11/11/10 read
ninth attack against vgt 30/10/10 read
austrian judge finds police unit guilty 24/10/10 read
austria declared an unconstitutional state 7/10/10 read
austrian animal protection trial update 29/9/10 read
austrian trial update 8/7/10 read
austrian trial week twelve 10/6/10 read
austrian trial week 11 5/6/10 read
austrian animal protection trial week 10 1/6/10 read
austrian animal protection trial week 9 19/5/10 read
austrian trial week eight 10/5/10 read
austrian trial week seven 6/5/10 read
austrian trial week six 23/4/10 read
austrian trial week five 12/4/10 read
week three + four austrian trial 29/3/10 read
austrian trial press conference 26/3/10 read
week two austrian trial 13/3/10 read
austrian media hype 11/3/10 read
action for the austrians 9/3/10 read
first week of austrian trial 6/3/10 read
update on austrian trial 28/2/10 read
in austria, the latest news 12/2/10 read
the austrian trial 18/1/10 read
active in austria 9/12/09 read
trial in austria 16/11/09 read
criminal charges made against austrian state officials 31/7/08 read
guardian on austrian internment 5/6/08 read
appeal from dr martin balluch 4/6/08 read
seven on hunger strike after being held on remand without charge for 8 days 29/5/08 read
austrian activists attacked 28/5/08 read


Austrian Solidarity Protest
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