Drug Company Makes Threats


AstraZeneca warns Big Pharma will pull out of Britain unless it starts paying for new drugs

Pharmaceutical companies will leave the UK unless its government and National Health Service start to pay for “breakthrough” drugs, particularly cancer treatments, a senior executive at AstraZeneca has warned.

For anyone who still doubts that the pharma industry exerts political and economic pressure on our governments, this story provides the proof. Increasingly, unscrupulous drug makers are demanding that national health services spend more money on the toxic synthetic chemicals they manufacture as the supposed answers to diseases.

In reality, however, the global healthcare crisis isn’t due to a lack of funding, but to ineffective therapies. Solving this crisis does not depend simply on throwing increased amounts of money at the problem. Unless money is properly utilized and deliberately targeted towards addressing the primary cause of chronic diseases, namely, micronutrient deficiencies, our healthcare systems will inevitably remain trapped in an endless cycle of ineffectively treating symptoms at an ever-increasing cost.

Real healthcare reform involves recognizing the primary cause of chronic diseases and taking action to protect populations through the preventive use of science-based natural health approaches. Let’s hope that somewhere, sooner or later, a government is elected that understands this.




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