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The Animal Protection Party is set to launch candidates in constituencies of primary focus to those wanting a better world for the animals. Just think of the potential this vast swath of compassion has to affect the way politics encourages animal abuse if, as we intend, those MP’s who stand in places such as Oxford, Huntingdon, Wickham and Vauxhall lose their seats because of APP opposition. Let’s be clear, we don’t want their seat nor to be a lonely cog in a corrupted system, we want them out. In Vauxhall, London Labour MP Kate Hoey stands funded as the chair of the Countryside Alliance and is working to overturn the hunting ban. Evan Harris has overseen the opening of the highly contentious animal testing lab in Oxford where monkeys are being brain damaged as we speak. At the vile Huntingdon Life Sciences laboratory complex in Cambridgeshire many different species are tortured every day and 500 die.

And who will speak out against the use of tens of thousands of animals in gross Botox cosmetic tests at Wickham Laboratories? Clearly not the elected representatives in these constituencies! That’s where we come in. We need your help. We particularly need donations right now. Politics is an expensive business, and we desperately need your help with campaign funds. We also need supporters on the streets when we canvas. If we work together we can take control of the way things work in this world. Join us as we flood these areas with our message and make the gravy train that these MPs travel on a lot less comfy. More…


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