Victims Sue Pfizer for $384 Billion


Nigeria: Trovan Case - New Victims Sue Pfizer for U.S.$384 Billion

Abuja — Victims of the 1996 Pfizer meningitis trovan vaccine test which caused over 200 deaths and several others permanent disability have again sued the drugs manufacturing giant for a whopping sum of $384 billion (N8384 billion.)

The victims, numbering 192, who have just surfaced, are claiming the colossal sum as damages from Pfizer Incorporated and Pfizer Specialities for the injuries they were made to suffer by the negative effect of the untested vaccines administered on them.

Joined as defendants in the suit filed by Chief Etigwe Uwa (SAN) on behalf of the plaintiffs are the Health Care/ Meningitis Trust Fund, Kano State government, Pfizer Incorporated, Pfizer Specialties Ltd, David Odiwo, the Attorney General of the Federation (AGF) and Corporate Affairs Commission.

The 192 plaintiffs are challenging the proposal by the defendants to conduct a DNA test to determine the real victims of the trovan vaccine in view of the unprecedented increase in number of those claiming to be victims.

The plaintiffs hinged their opposition to DNA testing to the fact that their spinal fluid drained from them 14 years ago by the drug company could be trusted any longer in view of the antecedents of the company, especially as the American court judgement in the criminal aspect of the case had confirmed recently

However, hearing in the case by Justice Gabriel Kolawole of the Federal High Court, Abuja was stalled by the claims of Pfizer Specialties and Kano State government that they were not properly served with court processes.

While Pfizer Specialties claimed that the court papers were served on Pfizer Incorporated in New York, Kano State claimed that the documents served on it bore the letterhead FCT High Court instead of the federal high court.

The two defendants, though represented by lawyers, claimed that they were not properly before the court and that the court should order a proper service on them.


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