Sarah Coats, 24, Animal Protection Party


Miss Coats lives in Portsmouth and is an administrator for a recycling company.

She was educated at Havant College and is standing for the new Animal Protection Party, which says it exists 'not to reach for a slice of power pie, but so we can take some of that power from the bad guys. This is a positive campaign. We have no manifesto, we have no policies, but we are determined to make a point.'

Miss Coats said: 'I believe people and animals should have the same rights to live without pain. We want to give attention to what is happening at Wickham Laboratory, and other similar labs.

'At Wickham they are testing botox on animals and we think it's wrong to make animals suffer for cosmetic reasons.

'I will be talking to people on the street, handing out leaflets and getting people talking about this. It's a terrible thing and it deserves to be in the public eye.'


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