Dr Death Cover Up Exposed


Well, well have we stirred one up! Working on the principle that our society needs to extend its compassion to all living beings and that the enemy of our enemy is our friend, we set about exposing Big Pharma apologist Dr Evan Harris with a view to losing him his power base in Oxford. You can see what Harris represents here for anyone who hasn’t yet digested this character.

We have leafleted the entire population in this area and rallied other groups who have issues with Harris. Harris, a bully, claims to be an “extremist for free speech” and not surprisingly labels those who defend animal rights as ‘terrorists’ and ‘extremists’. But when the tables are turned he isn’t so cocky.

We have joined up the dots on his links to our ill-health, to dangerous drugs and some quite horrific animal abuse and we have set about losing him his seat in Parliament. So what does he do in response to us utilising the ballot box? He calls in the police! See here. He claims he needs protection but what exactly does he need protecting from?

The truth would seem to be something of an issue for the unpleasant Evan Harris. One issue his predominantly Christian voters don’t approve of is his view on abortion and his desire to liberalise the process. We have highlighted his enthusiasm for extending the time limit on abortion beyond the seemingly arbitrary 24-week time limit of today.

Personally I find it quite abhorrent that a child of that age can be legally killed, but it doesn’t shock me having seen what goes on inside the animal labs where age is no barrier to savagery. My best friend was born premature, uncomfortably close to this ‘cut off point’ but she is my world. She is a beacon of light for our species and is here for a reason. Harris is rattled by the attention he is now getting as he seeks another 5 years of bringing forth the darkness and is doing what they all do when having to defend the indefensible - he is failing miserably.

He told BBC Radio Oxford today (29/4/10) that he is not happy and claims we have defamed him in our leaflets, although he was reluctant to be specific about exactly what it is he claims we are mistaken about. Jonathan Djangoly in Huntingdon is equally unhappy with our campaign there and reckons his solicitor is involved, but more on him later. Kate Hoey is blowing the same hot air. Our response: BRING IT ON.

Let’s talk about the disgusting cruelty and fraudulent science you defend, let’s look at a 24-week old baby and discuss its future and allow us to analyse the fluoride and the vaccinations. That’s what we are here to do.

Harris now claims he is not seeking to extend the abortion time limit and that we have lied about him. Earlier this week, before we set out our stall, you could go to Dr Death’s Lib Dem website and read in his own words how it was

“high time that applications were made to carry out the research” on “clinical grounds for abortion for foetal abnormality after 24 weeks.” here

He also welcomes “the current consensus view that foetal pain was very unlikely before 26 weeks and that this was not in any event relevant to abortion law reform.”

If you do a Yahoo search for Evan Harris Abortion and try to follow the links to the evanharris.libdems.org.uk abortion stories, which were linked to his page before we arrived in Oxford, you will find these have been removed from view in apparent haste and replaced with something quite unrelated. here

The cached links do still have some of the original stories for now but we have them all saved anyway. Might one assume they have been hidden by someone? What is clear is that we have him running from the truth. The information that he is now trying to hide is still publicly available for all to see. here

Given that Harris is denying what we say the conclusion seems foregone. How can we trust anything he has to say when he confidently states his opinions one minute and then the next is trying to cover them up?

Interestingly an Oxford Mail story on the 24th 'Animal Rights election candidate served time for arson' had attracted a string of comments and it was clear the debate was going in the wrong direction - from arson onto vivisection. Two days and many comments later all existing contributions and the right to add more were taken away.

We have nothing to hide and a great deal to expose and will be hitting Oxford on Saturday May 1st to drive home our message that Harris must go. He is just the beginning of the clean up. It’s hanging in the balance for the Dr of Death and over to us to tip it.

See you there


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