APP Hounding Hoey


The Lies the Animal Rights Lobby are Telling about Kate Hoey

You can see Jim behind Hoey pondering her inablity to defend the indefensible

By Harry Mount Politics

I bumped into the Labour MP Kate Hoey yesterday, canvassing in her Vauxhall constituency, and had a very jolly chat with her.
She didn’t mind that I don’t live in her constituency – and so my vote couldn’t help her. Instead she happily munched away on a Creme Egg (no effect on her whippet-thin figure, smartly wrapped in a pink linen dress, it seemed), and gave me the inside view on her election fight.

The animal rights lobby have been running a ferocious campaign against Hoey, because she’s the Chairman of the Countryside Alliance, and supports hunting.
There are quite a lot of foxes in Vauxhall, but no foxhounds, and no pink coats, but that doesn’t matter to the animal rights lot. They’re going round, blackening her name and saying, among other things, that she takes £5,000 a year from this newspaper (which, because it also supports hunting, becomes wicked by default). Actually she hasn’t written for a while for the Telegraph and - much as she likes writing for the paper, she told me, and believes herself perfectly well-paid – she’s never earned anything like that sum. There’s no point in her going to the libel courts, and giving the animal rights lobby more publicity, and so she must let the lies stand, where she can’t counter them in door-to-door canvassing.

Hoey has always struck me as the ideal, independently-minded MP, prepared to vote against her party on principle. Her instincts on so many things seem admirably libertarian: anti- ID cards, pro-hunting, Hoey is prepared to work with Boris Johnson (and quite right that a London MP should want to cooperate where possible with a London mayor). She was even attacked by Speaker Martin for doing what he failed to do – criticising MPs for the expenses scandal; a real badge of honour. Needless to say, her own expenses record is flawless.

With a majority of 9,977 over the Lib Dems, she should be OK. Still, though, worth spreading the word about how badly she’s been maligned.

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