Allies Against the Enemy (part two)


Response from Rev Lynda Rose to Oxford Mail article

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To Anglican Mainstream website

As Anglican Mainstream have been kind enough to post the article, Dr Harris attacks leaflet abuse, reproduced from the Oxford Mail, April 26, 2010, I thought you might be interested in the response I sent, and posted on the Comment Section of the newspaper website. I am told it appeared briefly late at night on April 26th posted alongside the article, and on the front page, but then mysteriously disappeared after only about half an hour, along with all other comments posted up to that time – at least one of which said that he had been a committed Lib Dem supporter, but had checked out the facts on the leaflet and, as a result, would never vote for Dr Harris again.

Strangely too, the Liberal Democarat website has now also had sections removed, most notably pages relating to Dr Harris' stance on abortion, assisted dying, and faith schools.


1. 12.00.00am BST (GMT +0100) Mon 11th Jun 2007 previously on Liberal Democrat website as at the 18 February 2010:

2. Reference for Quote link on 19 March 2010 previously on Liberal Democrat site subsequently removed from site:

3. See Liberal Democrat’s website article dated the 10th of September 2007 previously on website as at the 28 February 2010:

I will send on attachment copies of two of these links (unfortunately, I do not have a copy of the euthanasia section), which have now been removed; and my briefly posted response.

With best wishes,
Lynda Rose


Letter to the Oxford Mail, April 26, 2010-04-28

Dear Sir

Dr Evan Harris claims the information contained in a leaflet circulated to electors by myself and other concerned residents of his former constituency are ‘lies’.

That’s very interesting. If he really believes this, he should write to the Speaker of the House of Commons and ask for an investigation into the efficiency and independence of the House of Commons, who for hundreds of years, have compiled official recordings of Members’ votes on any given issue. He obviously believes they have recorded his vote incorrectly on many occasions and/or, have deliberately sought to defame his character.

ALL the information contained in our leaflet comes straight from Hansard, the official House of Commons/Lords record.

If Dr Harris has changed his mind on an ethical issue he voted for/against, or perhaps, now the information is in the public domain, wished that he had voted another way, then he should come clean and say so.

Blaming House of Commons officials for inaccurately recording his voting record does him no credit. If he does not ask the Speaker to investigate, his former constituents will draw their own conclusions to his comments in your paper today (25APR).

Anyone in any doubt over Dr Harris’ record can see for themselves how he voted, and any speech he has made, on the official House of Commons website.

Yours faithfully

Revd Lynda Rose


Go to The Animal Protection Party Campaign Against Dr Death:


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