Allies Against the Enemy (part four)


The following quote is old but still very relevant if you are contemplating voting for Dr. Evan Harris, indeed as he is the LibDem spokesman on Science, it should put you off voting for the Liberal Democrats at all.

"... The two research councils that have turned down requests to fund stem-cell studies using human-animal “hybrid” embryos are to be questioned by MPs on both sides of the House of Commons to explain why they have refused to issue the grants.

As revealed by The Independent yesterday, the Medical Research Council (MRC) and the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) have declined to fund two separate teams of scientists who have been given licences by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority to carry out the work. Evan Harris, the Liberal Democrat spokesman on science, said that he had written to the research councils to make sure that the funding decisions were made on scientific grounds alone, rather than being influenced by the personal moral position of anyone sitting on the expert funding panels.

Good grief! Mengele’s infamous twin experiments could be justified on “the science grounds alone.” They were moral atrocities. That means ethics, which means very little in this utilitarian age that will countenance anything but policy based on moral judgments about the intrinsic importance of human life. ..."

So Dr.Evan Harris believes that experimentation on living human beings should be entirely dependent on 'scientific' grounds.

As the writer above points out most of the Nazi experiments on concentraion camp victims were justified scientifically. But you might say we're not talking about human beings we're talking about cells. That line of reasoning only works if we have a generally agreed definition of when life begins, and what it means to be human.

Are we going to leave it to the scientists to decide what is human, what is life?

I have added Dr. Evan Harris (currently candidate for Oxford West & Abingdon) to the wikipedia entry for 'Dr.Death', I defy anyone to justify his removal, he's more qualified than some on that list to justify the title.

Here's the full list from wikipedia so you can see all the people that share the title.

Dr. Death may refer to:


Aribert Heim, Austrian doctor and one of the world's most wanted Nazi war criminals
Josef Mengele, German doctor and also an infamous Nazi war criminal, also known as the "Angel of Death"
Jack Kevorkian, American physician who assisted terminally ill people to commit suicide during the 1990s
Philip Nitschke, Australian doctor who campaigned for legal assisted suicide in the Northern Territory and subsequently assisted four people in doing so
Gerard Steenson, Ex-leader of the IPLO organisation

James Grigson, American psychiatrist known for testifying for the prosecution in capital punishment trials
Jayant Patel, United States and India trained doctor who is accused of gross incompetence leading to the deaths of many patients in Queensland, Australia
Maxim Petrov, Russian doctor and serial killer
Harold Shipman, British general practitioner and most prolific serial killer in British history
"Dr. Death" Steve Williams, professional wrestler
Ayman al-Zawahiri Egyptian doctor, and prominent member of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad and Al-Qaeda

Wouter Basson, South African cardiologist and former head of the country's secret chemical and biological warfare project known as Project Coast, during the Apartheid era
Pornthip Rojanasunand, Thai forensic pathologist
Dave Fennell, Canadian football defensive lineman
Evan Harris, Liberal Democrat candidate, supporter of euthanasia, abortion and animal experimentation


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