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Dr. Death (aka Dr. Evan Harris) standing in Oxford West & Abingdon


General Election 2010 - Home Education

Evan Harris has made some nice sounding remarks about Home Education, but as is usual with the Liberal Democrats, they sound good but act bad.

Evan Harris follows the LibDem line on Home Education, he is basically opposed to it. But like the Labour Party will pretend otherwise.

Dr. Death (aka Dr. Evan Harris) is standing in my local constituency, Oxford West & Abingdon, so I thought I'd give him a plug.

People might have forgotten how he got the fully-deserved title of Dr.Death so I thought I'd take this opportunity to remind them.

"Meet Dr Death, the Lib Dem MP Evan Harris who backs embryo experiments, euthanasia and freer abortions
Dr Evan Harris hardly fits the mould of cuddly Liberal Democrat MPs, who are usually so desperately anxious to be all things to all people.
Zealous, obsessive, and self-righteous, Harris, a former junior hospital doctor who now sits for the affluent Home Counties seat of Oxford West and Abingdon, has spent much of his Parliamentary career trumpeting his radical views on abortion, voluntary euthanasia, immigration and gay rights.
In the process, his fanaticism and lack of social grace has made him one of the most isolated MPs in the House of Commons, where he is viewed as a difficult loner. ..."

"Dr Evan Harris, the Lib Dem MP nicknamed “Dr Death” for his creepy determination to make late-term abortions and euthanasia more widely available, now has a new cause: he wants to remove the ban on the heir to the throne marrying a Catholic.
You know something? Catholics don’t want to be liberated from this constitutional discrimination by a politician who advocates an end to the requirement that any abortion requires the consent of two doctors, arguing that the “procedure” can carried out by a nurse or even in the home.
I know I speak for many Catholics when I say that this man disgusts me. He is wrong about nearly everything, and wrong in a particularly nauseating fashion, too: self-righteous, humourless, self-important. ..."

"The Lib Dems are a Jekyll and Hyde party. Forget nice Mr Clegg. What about 'Dr Death'?

The mood music surrounding the Lib Dems is so loud and chirpy right now that we’re in danger of forgetting something. This is a Jekyll and Hyde outfit. It’s not just the party of Nick Clegg, with his lovely bright wife and faith school-educated children. It’s the party of Dr Evan Harris.
Dr Harris believes in euthanasia – and, I mean, really believes. He was instrumental in ensuring that legalising euthanasia became Lib Dem party policy. (I remember Charles Kennedy, the hard-living and charismatic former leader, refusing to support his party’s position.)
Dr Harris also believes our present abortion laws are too strict, and the fact that an astonishing fifth of pregnancies are terminated is of no great import. No wonder he is known as “Dr Death” by his critics. ..."

"Dr Death Evan Harris MP Promotes Forced MMR Vaccination

One Click Note: Accurately tagged Dr Death by his colleagues and the Daily Mail national UK newspaper for his support of embryo experiments, Pharma Rep Dr Evan Harris MP (Liberal Democrat, Oxford West and Abingdon) has been a tremendous public supporter of paediatrician David Southall, now struck off from the UK Medical Register for professional abuse and misconduct perpetrated against families and their children. Dr Evan Harris MP currently holds the position of Liberal Democrats shadow science minister. For the sake of the family electorate, we trust that he will rot in the dark for the rest of his political life. ..."


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