A Month of Drug Failures


Adverse drug reactions for October
“Diabetes drugs may leave heart at greater risk”
Spontaneous abortions and birth defects linked to anti-depressants.
$2.5 million compensation over Seroxat effects.
HIV drug fails
$3.2million damages over Zometa causing jaw condition in US woman.
FDA question new Anthrax drug
Rituxan suspected of causing neurological illness
FDA Medwatch. 20 October 2009: 36 drug warnings
Anti-smoking vaccine is a failure
“Folate-blocking drugs produce birth defects”
“Glaxo Ordered to Pay $2.5 Million for Paxil Defects”
“Seroxat to blame for baby's heart defects, American jury rules. British maker of Seroxat told to pay £1.6m damages”
“Flu pandemic deaths may have been caused by drug”
figitumumab trial abandoned as more ADRs including deaths result.
Fears of long terms risks from Viagra remain.
“Inhalers may raise risk of asthma in some children”
Another Roaccutane user commits suicide
Thombosis and embolisms linked to contraceptives
Plicera fails trials
Scoclone drug trial is ended
FDA warnings on TNF drugs
Glaxo drug linked to severe kidney disease
PegIntron fails and is toxic

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