Trial In Austria


The provincial court has decided that the animal rights trial will be held at the original court, contrary to the application filed by some of the accused.

This court's spokesperson has now announced that the trial will start at the end of February and will probably last til October.

That is all bad news for everybody involved, as this court is utterly biased and far away from where people live. The appointed judge is from the police, she came 6th in last year’s police shooting competition with pistols. She also is known as right wing and racist. the secretary of her spokesperson is directly related to one of the biggest opponents of animal rights in Austria, an avid hunter, who has filed a number of law suits against VGT already and who was being sabbed a number of times and whose breeding factories for pheasants and ducks were targets of liberation actions as well as being closed down through persistent investigations, publicity and cases filed at court by VGT.

One of the 10 activists charged had police visiting him again recently. He was questioned by police as he is being suspected of degrading the provincial flag of Tyrol (!), a crime under section 248 of the Austrian criminal law code. He had published a video on youtube, where he was seen burning this flag.

Ever new twists in this twisted story: besides a green party politician being considered a member of the criminal organisation for warning activists of police surveillance, and a judge, who ruled in favour of hunt sabs and who because of that had her phone tapped for two months and her position surveilled for 6 months more, we now have the criminal organisation committing the most atrocious crime of all: burning a provincial flag!


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