Hunt Thug Death (alternative view)


To offer some perspective to the news of a hunt supporter found pivotal to a violent death. It’s what they do. It is thought that avid wildlife killer and hunt heavy Trevor Morse had raced to Warwick airport Monday afternoon to confront the hunt monitors who had been filming from the air the nefarious activities of the Warwickshire Hunt gang. The two passengers on the gyrocopter were evidence gathering hunt monitors. As the trespasser allegedly advanced on the refuelled aircraft to prevent it from taking off he was advised repeatedly by the safety-trained crew to keep away from the spinning rotor blades. He appears to have ignored these visibly unnecessary warnings and paid with his life. Anyone who has been confronted by these kinds of people will know of their inability to see reason when in a state of frenzy. Extreme violence is so often the outcome.

Bizarrely the pilot of the aircraft 54 year old Bryan Griffiths who was exceptionally eager to keep safely away from hunt supporters while filming their activities has been charged with murder and remanded in custody! Morse is not the first person to die in the killing fields of England in recent years. Usually the hunters do the killing and the saboteurs try to intervene and can pay a heavy price. In 1976 William Sweet was gunned down by a blood sport fanatic. In 1993 15 year old Tom Worby was killed by huntsman Tony Ball in the Cambridgeshire countryside. Mike Hill was 18 in 1991 when Cheshire huntsman Alan Summersgill killed him. None of the assailants were so much as arrested for murder. There was little media coverage. No one was held in custody and threatened with life in prison or charged with anything! The murders of three peace loving youngsters remain unsolved. Many other violent attacks on anti hunt protesters by hunt supporters remain either un-investigated or unsolved.

The response to this death of someone thought to be engaged in a violent criminal conspiracy should be the immediate enforcement of the Hunting Act. It must not be used as an excuse to impede hunt monitors investigating these violent criminal gangs. Public citizens should not have to risk their lives collecting evidence of criminal activity when others are paid to do this job. Four years after the law was passed many hunts have publicly stated their intention to continue breaking it by massacring wild animals and spitting in the face of the majority of UK citizens.

It’s time the violence and intimidation stopped.

Patrick Moore speaks out over the lack of action on illegal hunting:


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