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Animal liberators are often described as single issue fanatics by the enemy and while it’s hardly meant to be a constructive criticism there is something there which we can benefit from. One example: if we ignore the politics of the media more animals will die, to put it bluntly. The media is without question the biggest hurdle we have to getting us to where we want to be and it’s important that we collectively get to grips with the significance of its function and act accordingly. For the animals and for each other we must grasp the role of the media and understand who controls what we are told. It is the ultimate weapon of mass destruction.

Our media institutions are the key to the preservation of the power structures of our sick society and are not about to start providing the information that we need to help us cure it. No matter how fluffy our protests are they will not please the corporate media whose power is a corrosive social force more dangerous than any terrorist organisation. It robs us of our voice in public affairs and disseminates misinformation and lies. It turns the debates about profound issues into a slanging match of polarized views regurgitated by apologists who trivialize the detail while refusing mature debate about the truth of how our world and its life is being plundered.

What if instead of the prescription drip of Top TV Chef’s Go Free Range we got a regular stream of A Day At The Slaughterhouse that the free range birds go to, to have their lives extinguished, or instead of news stories of petrified vivisection lab workers we were given the facts about human fatalities due to the things those people test on animals and pass as safe. Bingo. Animal liberation would be a breeze. Instead we get fed a diet of lies, omission and misinformation. We aren’t a bunch of extremists who dig up dead bodies; we don’t want a halt to medical progress we don’t throw marbles under the hooves of hunt horses and vegan kids don’t die of malnutrition. Compile a years worth of ‘news’ stories and that’s the picture that is being formed in the mind of readers. Its brainwashing and even the most astute amongst us are susceptible to it.

When I looked beyond the official/media version of how farm animals are treated a new world opened up for me that soon made me uncomfortable drinking dairy products and eating eggs. I did something about it and became vegan. To some this still sounds like a cult that nutty extremists join for something to do or be seen as part of. As an active campaigner and someone who has been in prison I’m considered to be at the edge of society, teetering on the brink of insanity, extremism personified. It’s the media that instil this view. I don’t care greatly what names I’m called but I do care that ignorance slows down our progress.

A major event of recent years which has nothing obvious to do with liberating animals from slavery has reminded me that even the animal liberating vegan environmentalist who boycotts Nestle and works in nursing hasn’t realised the whole picture.

Please bear with me if I mention key terms you may have been conditioned to feel awkward about. I will always fight for animal rights (there’s one that gets some people!) and can see our efforts reap rewards. I am often asked (as if I know!) if we will ever achieve animal liberation. Well, I like to think so. I’ve always felt that the tenacity, determination and ingenuity of animal activists would win the day coupled with the process of evolution, but I do wonder how well we understand what we are up against. Enter that monumental event which was partially intended to halt the progress of our evolution. We have made great strides of that there can be no doubt, partly this is reinforced by the violence we are increasingly subjected to by the state machine but if we collectively fail to see what we have to deal with we have no chance of moving ahead.

September 11 2001 terrorists’ attacked America, that much we can all agree on. Thereafter, Houston, we have a problem. Until we collectively start to understand the nature of this problem and the motives of the enemy we will be taking this movement no further forward and he will destroy us. He is trying.

What on earth do terrorist fanatics have to do with animal rights, I hear asked. In my opinion (and I urge you to do your own research) they have little to do with 9/11 other than taking the blame. 9/11 was an inside job. Another collection of words which we instinctively balk from, but Al Qaeda didn’t do it and it wasn’t Baron Greenback or Scaramanga so who had the motives and resources to pull off such an attack, control the media reporting of it and who has gained gloriously from it? You don’t need to be an expert in anything to work this out, you just have to remove your preconceptions and weigh up the evidence for yourself.

I’ve raised this with some formally educated and street wise folk amongst our ranks that have turned defensive at such unconventional thinking, mindful of keeping the focus of our attention on the issues regarding animals of which there are many. And away from another of societies’ leper groups, the ‘conspiracy theorists’ (more scary words). These are people who question the stories told us by those who control the media. I am in safer company with that group if I must choose but it’s not that simple. Whether we like it or not, there are wider issues that we need to take on board that are seemingly nothing to do with animal rights but will and are going to have the most profound effect on the things we do and the animals we seek to help. This aside, spare a thought for the search and rescue dogs that have died of lung disease after breathing in the toxic smog around ground zero on 9/11, 14 loyal unnamed victims. Or how about the US soldiers at work in Iraq throwing a puppy off a cliff:

Or how about ‘our boys’ blasting holes in pigs at Porton Down to test their weapons or the Para’s shoving German Shepherd dogs in parachutes from 25,000 feet into the mountains of Afghanistan to aid the New World Order war machine advance its fascist agenda:

This is the tip of the iceberg and bog standard abuse of innocent lives in the name of power. It is an animal rights issue.

The media told some significant lies about 9/11 at the time and they’ve been regurgitated endlessly ever since and used against us all with not a shred of credible evidence to support the wacky official conspiracy theory. Yes of course its credible that the US is hated and that its victims would love retribution but the claim that 9/11 was a raid by a gang of random foreigners is silly. Indeed the official version has become less and less likely the more time has passed and gaping holes in the Jackanory story have been exposed, yet still we’re sold the same fiction as eight years ago by almost all in the media and government. You know it - a guy in a cave who the FBI admits there is no hard evidence of responsibility for 9/11 and whose Most Wanted poster makes no direct connection to it, controlling a bunch of Arabs (some of who aren’t even dead) of the imaginary Al Qaeda Air Force with their bandana’s and razor blades and magical disappearing jumbo jets making steel framed skyscrapers disintegrate. It’s nonsense and the world is slowly waking to it.

The evidence against the official story is overwhelming. Trust you are capable of judging for yourself put aside convention and weigh up the evidence. Smart people think, sheeple follow. 9/11 - the official version - is a lie. A passenger jet’s wings and engines did not fold up upon impact with the Pentagon and slip neatly inside the very round hole we can clearly see has been made, leaving no debris whatsoever behind – no bodies, seats, luggage, engines, wings, plane… It’s kind of obvious one didn’t crash there and you can see it for yourself but they’re still telling us one did. Don’t you find it peculiar that anything we’re told by news readers and politicians which we question is categorised as a “conspiracy theory” or the fantasy of ‘nutters’ and so ignored by our common sense? I question, not least because of who is telling me as the story teller has lied about me and to me many times. I’ve looked long and hard at the events of 9/11 and found so many big holes in the official story that it takes my breath away. I’ve been told I am into conspiracy theories, paranoid and to get a life by people who refuse to look at the evidence because they know better. ‘I think… because it was on the news’ is today’s reality. It’s a similar reaction that comes from discussions with pro vivisection defenders who tend to be convinced of their argument by what they’ve been told by someone else, on the TV. If you look at the evidence it suggests quite clearly that testing things on animals is way out wacky but listen to the TV and suddenly it all makes perfect sense.

Why does exposing the truth of 9/11 matter to you? Its one lie of many, a big one that the majority of us are conditioned to believe contrary to the evidence. Vivisection is another of a similar magnitude and the same rogue elements, wealthy businessmen, call them what you will, are profiting from these enterprises to the detriment of the silent masses, the sheeple. Rapidly taking shape is the New World Order. The death of democracy. This is the future of humankind in the control of the faceless power hungry gangsters in suits that want total control of your life and if you can’t see it happening to our demonstrations and with surveillance, policing and in the medical arena then you need to look around you! These people don’t distinguish between animal or human they only see money and absolute power. 9/11 and other staged events or false flag operations are key to our drift into the New World Order. Animals will suffer the same fate as they do today but we won’t be able to do anything about it. Paranoid? That’s something else they might want you to think!

9/11 is not at all what it’s made out to be and it’s easy to prove that it’s a lie. You cannot prove the ludicrous official version. You can argue that they wouldn’t kill their own people or couldn’t get away with such a thing or wonder why they would want to do so but none of this will remove the evidence that proves they’re lying to us. I even heard it argued by one half-wit that while they’re attacking Muslims they’ll leave the rest of us alone! Ignorance is dangerous. Once we accept the reality of this situation we will be better able to prepare ourselves for what lies ahead and what lies ahead are dark days if we don’t speak out and stop the advancement of this violent agenda. Humour me if you will, I don’t ask for much.

It is in all our interest that you research this for yourself and make an informed decision. If you send an address I will send you an intriguing compilation of the information that the ruthless, rich men in charge of the TV haven’t shared with us. Only when we have the information we need will we be able to get on with the task of saving this planet from the ravages of greed.

If ever there was a way of exposing the evil doers of this world then 9/11 is it. We remain silent at our peril.

Go to for a free Loose Change download or I can send you the film on DVD in exchange for an address. I’ll pay the cost in exchange for your feedback. You’d be silly not to!

Evil flourishes when good folk do nothing.



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