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Talking Horses And Talking Shit

If the truth is important to you, no matter however unpalatable it may be, then what I am about to say will intrigue and may even inspire you. If on the other hand you respond with derision whenever you hear something which challenges your world view, then you might want to shove your head back where the sun doesn't shine or this story may cause it to explode.

You may be one who blurts out “conspiracy theory” whenever doubt is cast on conventional wisdom or the official version of something, but if you look deeper for the truth you will inevitably find these people have no idea what they are talking about, hence their use of this classic thought-stopper to stop further thinking. Once you begin to unravel the deception that rules our lives you start to see just how incredibly pervasive it really is.

Be warned this story is outrageous! You don't have to look too deep into it to see there is something very wrong with the official version of events. We hear from a talking horse, of a police cover-up, of ritualistic violence, of a vet disposing of evidence and of an ambush by a group of animal rights activists. And it isn't over yet. It's now that the rest of us can join in, if we so wish.

During the 1980's, amidst a spate of violent sexual attacks on horses in the South East of England, animal lovers and horse companions were beside themselves. At official levels, the RSPCA and the Police had little to contribute other than adding to the despair.

Horses knew there was a problem too but what can they do? Catching a random attacker who strikes in the dead of night somewhere in the countryside isn't easy for humans let alone animals, so you may well be surprised at the curious route to solving this particular problem.

My dear friend Linda is a long time animal activist who lives in denial of the fact she is more spiritually tuned to The Source than the average human, but here is a remarkable fact, which she cannot deny.

For eight months' animal rights activists spent the darkness holed up in hedges and patrolling the fields, in the hope of catching this perverted, knife wielding serial killer. That's a heroic effort in itself, every night on surveillance sometimes in freezing conditions confronting danger and doing what the authorities can only come close to matching when hunting down animal liberators!

Then came the breakthrough. The talking horse! Driving through Broadstairs in Kent, Linda's attention was drawn to one group of grazing horses. She instructed her husband Barry to turn back because, like she said, one of the animals had said something to her and she needed to know more.

That's right. The horse spoke.

Linda by her own admission is a bit mad. Whether or not, madness is a perfectly normal response to living in a mad world, so who’s to say they aren't the sane ones! Anyway, Linda certainly isn't stupid and would not waste time if an animal were in need, or waste time if one wasn't. She says a horse spoke to her then a horse spoke to her. And it was no wind blown whisper she was hearing either; believe it or not this was a serious cry for help.

This horse was not just talking; Linda is unequivocal about this. He was screaming at her. And what he had to say needed to be heard by someone who was focussed and would be prepared to act.

He told her in no uncertain terms “He is coming here tonight!”

She knew right away who he was and she knew she had been let in on an incredible secret.

This 'tip off' naturally freaked Linda out, as she is normal after all. She is also sensitive to the suffering of the animals and lives to help them. If someone needs help it gets it, whatever the personal cost. In this surreal moment she was rewarded for her higher consciousness with a gift and was suddenly faced with a heavy responsibility, which could have profound consequences.

How do you get a group of reliable people to spend a cold night in a damp field on the strength of something a talking horse has said? No music, no money, no alcohol, no sex. And how do you get them to take you seriously again if nothing happens? What If no one believes you and he does turn up and does something terrible to someone?

Well this might sound unlikely to most people but a dozen brave souls dug in that night, more on hope than expectation of bumping into a monster. As cynical as each one was entitled to be, they were all tiring of the fruitless search for the perpetrator so any lead was welcome as unlikely as it might be.

No one was disappointed though because at 2.00 o'clock in the morning he crept into view.

Oh My God! Imagine that!

Hidden, he thought, by the dead of night, this human predator wreaking terror among the animal community was intent on perpetrating the most disgusting abuse on a tiny Shetland Pony, but he was about to meet his nemesis.

Animal rights activists.

Overpowered and restrained and before he could attack he was caught with his trousers down kneeling beside the young horse, which was still suckling his mother, and his reign of terror was at an inglorious end. All thanks to that clever horse and a group of people who believed.

I'd love to tell you that he was castrated there and then but I'd be lying. Sadly, as is expected, responsibility was abdicated to the authorities, which have neither the desire nor intent to punish anyone for inflicting cruelty on others. Au contraire, it is the authorities that orchestrate and regulate the majority of the violence human society inflicts upon itself and others and we are conditioned to accept the infliction of such violence as somehow necessary and even heroic.

Twenty-one year old Tony Rowe had attacked and killed numerous horses over a two year period including using a pick-axe to kill one. He was initially remanded in custody for his own safety and later sentenced to three years. He would tie his victim’s legs together and use broken drainpipes and wooded stakes to feed his cruel , sexual desires. One horse has a wound two feet inside its body.

Rowe shifted locations after his exposure and brief prison visit and sure enough this weirdness followed him. Cows would later become the victims of some creepy violent obsession with animal abuse, which is of course the fate of most cows in this messed up society anyway so he's not really any worse than other cow killers, if you think about it.

Anyway, what we may observe from all this is that if we want something enough and are prepared to believe it is possible then the most incredible things can happen.

Linda has the kind of psychic abilities most of us can only dream about but she is fearful of them. The fact is that we are all facing that time when, like it or not, we will have to face the fact that we are more powerful than we have been led to believe. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, not the other way around. We are in 'the time of no time' as the Maya call it, the shift, the transition, the end times, the evolution from the dark age of animal mutilation and human sacrifice, ignorance and lies into a new age of enlightenment, compassion, love and respect. Some among us are desperate to maintain the old order but they are fighting all odds and the time is now when we must stand up and be counted. Which brings us to this. Something on another level entirely.

In January 2012 over a two week period at least five horses arev known to have been mutilated and killed in the same general geographical region of the UK*; gentiles removed, eyes removed, teeth removed, organs removed. All really weird stuff, which is typically credited to vivisectors in their horror labs and somehow acceptable to some people but here we have at least one importnat additional factor.

No blood.

All five horses were young and healthy all were found dissected and dead. If you are happy with ye olde ways of thinking, or not thinking, you will likely dismiss these events as coincidental, a one off, unconnected and something to be brushed aside. Otherwise, there is something you can do.

If it happened once and I was an RSPCA or police officer it'd be my duty to do something. These agents gather in numbers when farmed animals have been rescued by animal rights activists and they or their liberators are being hunted! If horses were attacked like this twice and I'd have set up an incident room and be knocking on doors. Wouldn't you? Three times and I'd be certain I had a serial killer on my hands who must be stopped at all costs. But what do we see instead? You figure it out.

The latest recorded incident concerns three-year-old Sammy. Sammy was last seen on Friday afternoon, the 13th of January. He been fed and pampered. Sammy's mum Tanya Ingram will tell you fondly how ”Sammy loved his cuddles.” During the night Sammy was horrifically mutilated with eyes gouged and genitals removed.

He was found in this mess early the following morning. Do you think he died of natural causes? Some people do, or at least that's what they are saying. I think that's a ridiculous idea. Initially the police and RSPCA agreed that the death of this individual was suspicious. But nothing is as suspicions as what happened next.

The police announced: “This is not a crime” and started a rumour about “natural causes”

Seriously! See it here:

The RSPCA changed minds too, claiming: "No foul play is suspected and the injuries are thought to have been inflicted post mortem."

No crime? Natural causes? Injuries inflicted post mortem? By who?

In order to fulfil this ludicrous coincidence theory we have to agree that wild animals cut the body parts of this youngster after he died in the night. Foxes are apparently the most cunning of the wild animal gangs and have been accused of trespass and assault, so we should perhaps start there?Or stop this ridiculous charade and identify the perpetrators of this weirdness and the instigators of the cover up.

A post mortem would sort this out, right? Wrong! The world is not the place we think it is. And as more officials get involved the more the plot thickens.

The vet in the middle of this bizarre chain of events took control of Sammy on the Sunday, the 14th and performed a post-mortem. Later that day he told the family that he hadn't been able to establish the cause of death. He added that he was not prepared to take blood samples for further investigation. When the family asked for a second opinion, Tanya says the vet just “went nuts and disposed of Sammy's body”.

He did what?

“He went nuts and disposed of Sammy's body”

She isn't joking and this isn't funny.

This is suspicious, right? The police have the photographs of the crime scene/fox picnic but they aren't releasing them because of “ongoing investigation”, which they earlier claimed would not be necessary since the horse died of natural causes. Cake and eat it? Cover up? Cock up? The powers-that-be often play the cock up card to cover up for their behaviour.

The family don't need to see the crime scene photos because they saw the crime scene and are in no doubt whatsoever that there was a violent crime committed, but nonetheless the police are refusing to show. Evidence is being withheld. Tanya Ingram was told by police to keep quite about the attack on her horse and to remove all reference from Facebook. She refused to be silenced and we should stand with her.

Clearly the powers that be have no interest in detecting the offenders or preventing further attacks so, in my view, they should have their power removed. Until we as collectively figured this out, it might be helpful to remind some them of their duties and perhaps enquire as to the progress of enquiries. At present these agencies are treating the rest of us like fools and appear to be encouraging more attacks on horse as they expect us to swallow whatever nonsense they put out and ignore the truth. As long as we do that nothing will ever change.

Maybe there is a reasonable explanation for all this. See if you can find one because I can't...

The Vet: Tom O'Sullivan, Buller Cottage, Underlane, Marhamchurch, Bude, Cornwall EX23 0EW Telephone: 01288 361 984 Fax: 01288 361 629

Police: PC 4017 Amanda Brown:

RSPCA Inspector: Suzy Hannaby: Tel: 0300 1230721

Take my word for it the most likely explanation for these mutilations is not by any stretch of the imagination reasonable. If you are ready to go deeper into the rabbit hole click on this link to the Coast to Coast radio show and spend an hour listening to the research of the brilliant Linda Moulton Howe into the phenomenon of animal mutilations:

Thursday 5 January 7-year-old Barney, Carmarthenshire, Wales. Barney's mum says “They had taken his eyes out and chopped part of his ear off and cut him all along his body and removed his internal organs.” The police announced that the horse died from natural causes and closed the case. “There will be no criminal investigation into this matter,” one said.

Sunday 8 January 2-year-old Erik, Truro. Erik, was attacked and drugged (or hit with a tazer) by more than one person and fought back. He had his teeth knocked out, his genitals and one eye completely removed. The police don't deny the significance of this attack but somehow fail to see the connection with the other mutilated horses, which they (the same police force in two cases) have written off as natural causes.

Friday 13 January 3-year-old Sammy, Devon. Sammy's page:

Tuesday 17 January 3-year-old stallion, Wales. Name unknown. Family spoke privately with Tanya Ingram and established that both horses were mutilated in very similar ways with the same organs removed. No blood. The police have sought to keep this story quiet and no other details known.

Wednesday 18 January 7-year-old mare, Oakhampton Devon. Right eye removed, tongue removed, ear cut down the centre, one teat sliced in half and another sliced at the stomach. No blood. The police once again have are keeping the details to themselves.

Do the authorities really cover up evil crimes? Ask Downs Syndrome sufferer Hollie Grieg, her mum Anne or one of a dying breed of investigative journalists, Robert Green, who have together exposed rampant paedophilia throughout the Scottish Establishment and faced the wrath of it. Read what police and judges and other officials have done to Hollie and other children and their desperate attempts at covering it up.

This is what they do as a matter of course!

Hollie, Anne and Robert are in the midst a blatant cover up and the subject of harassment from all levels of government, judiciary and policing, but it only happens because we allow it. The world is not the place we think it is and it's time that changed.

Keith Mann January 2012 (updated Feb 29 2012)

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