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Step Away From The Polling Booth

Heard of the New World Order? Well your name is included in its Agenda. It represents a long standing plan to create a globally centralised system of control, one bank (the current financial situation is by design leading to the next phase of this), electronic money only, one army, one government and a micro chipped population controlled by a central computer (ID Cards are the next stepping stone to this). Micro chips incidentally, in case anyone is still not listening, not only monitor movements but can be used to control emotions to make people passive, submissive or angry. The fine detail doesn’t really matter. This advancement to the final phase of this agenda won’t happen overnight because no one would accept that, which is why they’re sneaking it into place while we watch the TV. If you look at the world - not through the TV - you can see it happening.

The New World Order is on the face of it being manipulated into place by the US (if you know of it at all) but this is not the whole truth. That’s another story though, what matters for now is that we all start to understand what is happening to our world. If you are serious about making things better here on Earth then you really need to do some research on this. Simply casting your vote for another politician or political party means you are actually voting for the system we have in place today and have had for many years, a system which has brought about unimaginably negative effects on the vast majority of beings on this planet and which will if not countered by our imagination and collective power lead to an even worse nightmare for us all.

It is not easy reading for many of us as we have a belief drilled into our heads that change will come if we simply vote for the right person. This, like pretty much everything we have been taught by the controllers of all that is wrong, is utter, utter nonsense. And arguing that people died for the vote will not stop those who will advance this agenda from the pursuing their goal of total control of our lives. A century has passed so much more knowledge is available to us. We have no excuse for our ignorance.

Governments, be they US Democrats or British Liberals do not control things they are merely a front for those who do, no matter how nice their smile or exciting their promises. Those in the shadows own our friendly politicians and the nasty ones. It’s a game and we are playing by their rules and we cannot win that way. They are pursuing an agenda which is unfolding before us to bring about the centralisation of power. They are fascists and they care not a jot who is in government fronting all this because they control both sides. As long as the masses blindly vote for someone and maintain faith in the system they can work their evil agenda into being.

If you really want to bring about a global awakening and help humanity evolve into the entity it is meant to be, for all life on this planet, then now is the time to take one step back have a look at what we haven’t been told and look again at the way forward.
Do something to inform yourself and your community before it is too late. Acknowledging we were duped today is the first step to make this world better. Being wrong tomorrow is too late.

Start here and see where it leads you. The suppliers of this information have your best interests at heart. History indicates quite clearly that the puppet politicians that have overseen the devastation of life on planet Earth do not. If they did those who pull the strings would take them out because that’s how it is and will always be if we don’t stop giving the system our support. Some things you haven’t heard much about on the TV or from either the good or bad politicians, things you won’t hear in school or college but things that are going to affect our lives immeasurably are packed into these few samples of the bigger picture:

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