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There is a war being waged on humanity and the animal kingdom and the process of testing toxic chemicals on animals in order to prove them safe before they are given to people is a major front.

This is what we know. Animal tests have passed as safe for human consumption: all pesticides, pharmaceuticals and preservatives. Basically everything poisonous to humans! Botulinum toxin, mercury and aspartame all passed the animal tests and made it to market. Thalidomide and Vioxx alone destroyed tens of thousands of lives and there are many products of a similar nature doing likewise after being passed as safe following the untimely and unpleasant death of who-knows-how-many sentient beings trapped in cages in secret facilities all across the world. It is the rule rather than the exception to pass as safe for human use products that are dangerous. Using animals enables poison pushers to licence anything for public consumption, which is after all the point.

We also know the media have blamed animal rights activists for this or that over the years, they’re even accused of holding back medical progress for protesting vivisection, but how much of what we hear is the truth or even close to it? What about the animals at the centre of all this, are they leading a revolution in health care or are they themselves holding it back?

It was May 1st of 2007 when hundreds of police officers were despatched to crush Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) the eight year old campaign against the gruesome animal testing labs of Huntingdon Life Sciences. Thirty addresses were invaded on this symbolic date and 19 UK citizens arrested. In February of 2009 following protracted legal proceedings seven were sentenced to a total of nearly 50 years in prison for their very public campaign to close down HLS, or ‘blackmail’ as the authorities have dubbed it for the purpose of crushing it. Look at the evidence, none of these people were accused of any illegal activity in this campaign, although it is universally agreed that all have similar objectives to others who have occasionally broken the law in seeking a conclusion to the HLS problem. That’s about it. What the campaign did was state its intention to stick with HLS until it capitulated and quit using violence to make its profits. That's the point of campaign of public pressure to bring a change in policy!

In HLS labs 500 animals are poisoned to death daily and many of these sentient individuals are experimented with repeatedly. They've been at it for over 50 years at HLS. And the wonder drugs they've generated? We're still waiting. Hoping! And not just for this hideous place to produce a miracle cure but for the whole sick industry to make good of the vast resources and countless lives it consumes. Vivisection is moulded on death and destruction while displaying a caring, life saving image based on government regulations and the hope of miracles just around the corner, but vivisection is exposed as a scientific fraud.

The SHAC activists were imprisoned for being party to a global initiative to close HLS. HLS and its workers break the law and so do the police, much more often and oft times fatally yet there has been no similar campaign of harassment targeting these organisations with a view to dismantling them. Of course the pharmaceutical industry is pulling the strings and is loaded with negative forces. Campaigning for the rights of all animals is a world away from this mentality. This campaign against HLS and vivisection more generally has therefore attracted a great deal of political intervention in recent years culminating most recently in this series of trials and the building of more and more vivisection laboratories aka ‘animal houses’, ‘hotels for animals’ and equally as perverse ‘life science’ facilities, where only an idiot, a fool or a perpetrator would deny that animals are tortured. A further trial of activists involved in the campaign against HLS is set for 2010.

Something that hasn’t been reported by the media as they scream hysteria over the alleged harassment and what they lazily term 'terrorism' is the second aspect of the control measures imposed on these compassion driven citizens. Four have been served Anti Social Behaviour Orders (ASBO’s) preventing them from – ever again – knowingly participating in, organising or controlling any; demonstration, gathering or website protesting against animal experimentation. The others have to avoid protesting in this extremist manner against vivisection for five years upon release or they'll be sent back to prison! This desecration of civil liberties comes from a Labour government that promised a review of animal experimentation and instead set about mopping up the most annoying citizenry.

This coupled with the annual ritual sacrifice of millions of animals to the medical alter and the effects of the products they pass as safe in animals for humans leaves nothing healthy for us as a legacy. A violent response to a challenge to the status quo is to be expected and seeks to quell the strength of public will to end the gross futility of vivisection and take humanity and health care forward. Yet the campaign against HLS is alive and imaginative carried by the strength of compassion and the company flounders in a deep pit of its own making. HLS is today around $80 million in debt and no longer owns any of its property since being forced to sell it to pay debts incurred since the inner workings of the ‘life science’ death labs were laid bare to public scrutiny. See to find out the real truth about the essential medical research that dangles humanity on a dream and swallows vast resources and all hope of miraculous cures for the many things that make us ill, many of them ironically animal tested in the first place! It is true this scam is but one in a long list, but boy is it a cruel one! One that animal rights campaigners have been used by the media and politicians to divert all our attention from.

Before they were a government New Labour pledged a Royal Commission into vivisection. On gaining the public vote they needed, they not only reneged on that promise but have arrogantly ignored all appeals for any kind of independent inquiry into this vast unscientific theory while some 50 million animals have died in British laboratories in and around our communities. Tens of thousands of vulnerable human patients have died too, poisoned by animal tested drugs that can never be proven safe in animals. And when the time comes and your life is taken over my a mystery syndrome and you try and sue to get some measly compensation, the victims and their families are cynically hindered by Defendant claims that their product was tested on animals according to the law and so its not their fault that things have gone so terribly wrong and caused'adverse' effects in humans. Because all animals are different. Duh! This whole process is so sick and twisted it’s way beyond the comprehension of most people but this is the reality that is hidden behind the so called 'extremists' we all know who are used to defect some of the attention.


The same dark forces have given the nod to the Bank of England to supply HLS with banking facilities after all the High St. banks declined, a move that would save this failed business from going under. At your expense? The UK tax payer also funds HLS insurance. HLS staff have been caught out by an endless stream of infiltrators working for the greater good falsifying test data, repeatedly breaking their own quite meaningless Code of Conduct and abusing animals wholesale. Animal research and testing is collectively known as vivisection and is a liability to human and animal health on a vast scale. Of course our governments love it!

Since the Labour muppets took over the show the shock troops have been let loose to attack opponents of vivisection and today there are over a dozen UK citizens serving between four and 12 years in prison. The allegations levelled against the majority are conspiratorial and the fine detail of actual criminal behaviour is hard to find in the mountains of depositions. None was accused of causing death or injury to anyone and just two accused of damaging any property yet the monster they oppose sacrifices millions in its rituals.

Over a decade after they cynically broke their pledge to look into the fine detail of animal experiments and instead increased the number of animals used we again have a tease on the table from the Labour politicians. We were invited to ask our elected representatives (the majority being Labour of course) to sign an Early Day Motion which calls for a statistical assessment of the benefits of animal studies compared with the human experience. This would be the first ever conducted. The Safety of Medicines (Evaluation) Bill 2009 is intended to tackle the escalating problem of adverse drug reactions, which hospitalise one million Britons and cost the NHS £2 billion every year. However, this is not an independent inquiry. This is a crucial point. Should the Bill succeed:
(Medicines Safety Evaluation Panel)

(1) The Secretary of State must, within six months of the date on which this Act is passed, appoint a Medicines Safety Evaluation Panel (“the Panel”).
(2) The members of the Panel are to be appointed by the Secretary of State and must include:
(a) no fewer than two statisticians from the Office for National Statistics, and;
(b) no fewer than eight members of the National Institute for Health Research.
(3) The Secretary of State may nominate one of the members of the Panel to act as chairman.
(4) The Secretary of State must, in appointing members to the Panel, take steps to ensure that no members appointed have any commercial or other interests which may conflict with their duties on the Panel.

How excited are you!

That politicians cannot be trusted is a given. In the last century hundreds of millions of people were killed by politicians in government. How many of us voted for that? Pro vivisection campaigners are working to get MP's to oppose this Bill and any like it. What does that indicate? Bear in mind Oxford University spawned a majority of these bright sparks and hosts a network of secretive animal research laboratories where bad things happen.

Any threat of an investigation into animal experimentation causes very real fear in those who engage in this savagery and their sponsors. Forget placards and megaphones this is the stuff of nightmares for those who experiment with other beings. The wicked are at ease in the presence of fear and suffering yet are terrified by the outside world watching them inflict it. It is important we forge a forward thinking consensus on this whole bizarre process, lest we sanction it through our ignorance in the hope they will find us cures. Any inspection of this highly secretive, dreadfully wasteful and entirely violent world must be wholeheartedly encouraged by us all, but with a watchful eye. Any failure to openly and honestly report the findings will be a sign of deceit and a personal insult, and will expose again the political contempt for those outside the sinister circle. Let’s not underestimate the devastating effect a proper assessment of the facts surrounding animal experiments will have on the almighty, the ruthless, pharmaceutical industry. Just loud enough demands for one will bring the worst out of these people for all to see. The benefit to human medicine will be equally profound. They will do all in their power to stop this happening but we have all the power!

EDM 569 ended mid Novemeber and was supported by 243 MPs, ranking it joint 10th out of 2,421 EDMs in this parliamentary session. In other words, it was better supported that 99.5% of other EDMs. Interestingly, one of the few EDMs attracting more support was the sixth-placed EDM545 which called for more resources and political will to be directed towards reversing the increases in numbers of animals used in experiments.

EDM 569 offered a slim chance to make history by statistically evaluating animal tests with medicine safety for the first time. Pro vivisection groups are firmly opposed to this ground breaking approach to finding the best path to health care and the reasons for that are clear.

The best guess for the correlation of adverse reactions in man and animal toxicity data is somewhere between 5% and 25%. (Animal Toxicity Studies: Their Relevance to Man, Lumley and Walker (eds) (Quay, 1989), 57-67)

Tossing a coin would be more accurate! If you care about animals, your children and medical progress then you might want to do some research.
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There is a war being waged on humanity and the animal kingdom and the process of testing toxic chemicals on animals in order to prove them safe before they are given to people is a major front. If you care then you know what to do. Something! No pressure cos the world is full of people like you and the world is waking up but the time to act and connect with others in our society who are defending the lines is now. By all means contact your MP and give them a heads up on this issue but if you really want something doing don’t rely on them to do it.

Keith Mann November 2009

** A further assault on the citizens of this country who speak out against the pharma mafia was carried out on November 10 by dozens of balaclava wearing thugs who smashed their way into homes looking for anti vivisection campaign material.

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