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My Gerson Journey - Part One

Ever willing to be led into new ventures and to explore new ideas it was with little trepidation I accepted the news that my surgically extracted neck lymph node proved that my body had been invaded by what orthodox medicine considers an advanced, ‘incurable’ form of blood cancer known as follicular lymphoma.

Nevertheless, as far as I am concerned this is not a problem and nor is it incurable. Not that I’m happy about it! This is an opportunity and one that is greeted with open-minded thinking and an attention to detail. While for the most part the reaction to my atypical response to this news has been so incredibly supportive that it has reduced me to tears, a small number of people have tried to encourage me to act normal, do what the doctors say, “just take the chemo” and stop considering other options. But that would be really, really stupid. And here’s why.

For starters I am not being offered chemo so would have to find a rouge doctor or street dealer somewhere who could get me some. And, most important of all, chemotherapy does not cure cancer. It treats cancer and is at best a short-term fix. This is a devastatingly critical detail which many people overlook in the cloud of fear generated by a cancer diagnosis. One could treat cancer, or more to the point a sign of cancer, as is a tumour, with paint stripper or melted chocolate and would probably achieve a similar long-term success rate to chemotherapy. Doing nothing is often a better choice! Really. Chemo does indeed buy some cancer patients some time and is seen to be helpful in a handful of cancers, particularly some rarer ones, but is generally the opposite of helpful when it comes to curing most cancers. This is why obscene sums are still being raised in an apparent search for a cancer cure. Chemo drugs also kill off healthy cells and actually feed the rather cunning cancer cells, which they typically fail to fully eradicate, so ultimately kill the patient sooner or later. Or ‘complications’ do. Complications caused by a devastated immune system caused by what? Chemo! Radiation is the other key treatment for cancer patients but that doesn’t cure cancer either. Radiation! This is not rocket science. It’s not really science. It’s not always popular to say any of this but the popular view on most things is pretty distorted and anyway that’s the true beauty of information. We don’t have to believe anything anyone says all we have to do is allow them to say it. It is also well documented that radiation and chemotherapy actually cause cancer and have killed a great many people, not least by bringing on secondary cancers when given to people with devastated immune systems.

Anyway, choosing those options is a personal matter and it’s certainly no consideration for me not least because I have been fortunate to land a type of cancer that progresses slowly and responds especially quickly to chemotherapy and a consultant who has been honest enough to admit this. I am instead advised to “watch and wait” for my condition to deteriorate to the point where I may gain a year or two of decling health once dosed up with the last-hope chemo hit. Not much of a solution from decades of investment in the science of torturing billions of animals and watching needy people die. I have far greater ambitions for my life than to wait for it to come to a premature and grizzly end and I have done my own research so have all the knowledge I need to know there is actually a solution to this which gives me complete control of the cancer and a sophisticated way of getting rid of it altogether. A cure. Few people are prepared to even consider this and the cancer industry loathe anyone using such a word, but the truth is that in just 30 years one man named Gerson working alone with his instincts and with his patients and against immense opposition made more progress in understanding and curing cancer than the vast swath of pharmaceutical research has come close to. I hear it repeated robotically that this cannot be true or those mystical scientists would have told us about it, but there’s a lot that science isn’t telling us. Not everyone is going to succeed with this therapy or be happy to do the work involved, but it is what it is.

As Dr Gerson observed “Cancer is easy to cure. The problem is that it’s in people”

I look at the long years spent confined in various institutions, schools, prisons, I look at how many years we lounge in front of TV’s being programmed or slaving for someone else, just to survive, all of which when added together doesn’t come close to equalling the outcome of spending a couple of years rebuilding a body and the lifetime of potential that effort will bring.

My confident acceptance of this cancer diagnosis is aided by my refusal to have my thinking corralled and from an understanding that things are never quite what they seem. Seek and you will find! If we fail to seek the truth we are destined to live in fear, a state that makes us exploitable, a state that the mainstream media and the controlled structure it maintains will always seek to perpetuate. The new religion of Science plays a key role in corralling our thinking.

Let Food Be Thy Medicine, Let Medicine be Thy Food.

This simple philosophy as espoused by Hippocrates, the man they call the father of modern medicine and to whom doctors swear their oath. It is the magic code, the miracle cure that will save humanity and the animals and the natural world, in my view. The role of nutrition has been so neglected by orthodox medicine that those doctors understand less about its place in sustaining and recovering health than their patients, yet were they not so controlled by the drug pushers doctors could dramatically reverse the sickness trend befalling humanity. But of course the reason they do not is because there is no money in it for the Big Pharma conglomerate by sharing with its potential customers - all of us - the knowledge that we can cure ourselves at home without their products. Obviously their wealth comes from sick people not healthy ones. Another devastatingly critical detail!

Whether one denies the notion that ruthless people will go to such extremes to exploit others, one might dare to at least consider it a possibility that there may be an incontrollable urge in the cold hearts of some to simply ignore information which would cause them to lose billions in profit if it were widely shared. During my research I pondered over the lengthy list of popular celebrities who were well connected, were not short of money and whose cancers were treated conventionally yet are longer with us. Either orthodox medicine told them there was no cure for cancer or just failed to mention that there may well be. Instead they were offered a generous supply of drug treatment. If the idea this is deliberate is too negative to consider, one could instead think more positively and look at what one particular method of curing cancerous disease has achieved for those who have diligently followed its instructions, and wonder if this doesn’t make bloody good sense even if the drug suppliers want to pretend otherwise and have you stick with them.

I have assessed each of these notions and have come to the same conclusion. Hence my decision to incorporate the thouroughly logical principles of the Gerson Therapy. I’m fond of organic farming, work with nature and have been promoting the ideas of Max Gerson over those of the drug and chemical companies, so it was a simple step for me when confronted with cancer to set about working with rather than against my body in order to heal it. My orthodox cancer consultant agrees that my thing will only go in one direction and will eventually consume me and can only suggest we wait for that to happen. One of my Gerson doctors not only cured her own recurrent cancer many years ago using the Gerson method, after chemo failed her, but also works with many others who have used Gerson to heal themselves. Both doctors are really good company but one has been trained in both realms and has extensive experience in curing cancer, the other doesn’t. For me this is a no brainer.

The Gerson Therapy focuses specifically on organic nutrition and detoxification using organic coffee enemas in order that the body will heal itself. It is a lengthy process but it works better than anything else we know of in ridding the body of virtually all degenerative diseases, even far advanced cancer. On the down side it takes time and juicing 20lbs of fruit and veg a day in itself takes a great deal of self-discipline on the part of the patients and dedication from carers. The patient has to make dramatic lifestyle changes if they wish to stay alive. The overall cost of two years treatment works out less and is vastly more cost effective than the conventional process. However, it is of course born by the patient and not by the £400million annual earnings of Cancer Research UK, the taxpayer or state health insurance. This is no quick fix pop a pill and get on with your life type thing and won’t suit everyone, but it’s idiotic to claim it doesn’t work.

I have found when sharing novel ideas and new ways of thinking about things that people are generally more fearful of that light than the dark. Many of us are still doubtful of questioning the conventional ‘wisdom’ lest we be ridiculed while others are not even aware there is anything to question. Watching so many gentle people die in ignorance of cancer solutions makes me uncomfortable so I share this journey in the hope of bringing a positive slant and for anyone who might be grateful they at least had a choice. I am very privileged to have been exposed to the work of Max Gerson and the Gerson Therapy and I am also deeply moved by the depth of understanding, love and support we are getting from a vast swath of people, friends, strangers and family alike. The veil of ignorance is indeed lifting.

The reality is it often takes many years to do the damage to our bodies so we have to be prepared to work on the repairs if that is our goal. On the positive side, Gerson heals. Something that Big Pharma is not best known for. Their focus is on pill production, profits and symptom relief. Gerson also cures without resorting to crude animal experiments, thus providing a solution to that viciously cruel and costly habit. And curiously it also satisfies those who are supporters of animal experiments and insist on vivisection opponents offering themselves for testing if animals are to be spared. Well, here I am! And I’m not alone.

In addition to all these dramatic benefits, the environment and the bees and other insects will be spared the grotesque chemical fertilisers and pesticides currently poisoning the ground in huge quantities when growing our food. And of course the crops will be healthier and so will the consumers who will be better able to afford organic fruit and vegetables (or fruit and vegetables as our grandparents knew them) as they are mass-produced and the costs come down. And not to mention the fantastic sums that will be saved searching for that ever elusive cancer cure that is apparently always just around the corner. How ironic that the organic farmers and suppliers are just around the corner! In fact they will deliver to your door.

And what of the employment potential? Remove the sheep and replace them with healing food crops. Perhaps the researchers can instead help work on the land and grow the medicine?

If we were to invest more in studying the Gerson method rather than swamping cancer researchers with ever more funds to juggle around and mix up drugs in that never ending search for the right combination that adds an extra few months to mice we might make some progress and reverse the death count. It sounds simple but the best solutions often are and there is too much at stake to ignore the possibility.

The brilliant Dr, Max Gerson, proved in clinical research on himself and many willing others that this approach is the solution to the widespread problem of dis-eased biological entities, whatever the disease may be called. And who will argue this approach can’t be modified with some serious investment instead of ridicule and dismissal and a continual repetitive reliance on the norm. It was Einstein who postured that the definition of insanity is repeating the same actions over and over while expecting different results.

I ask for proof of concepts. I have trawled the Internet and read many books seeking answers to this one. I could quote all day long and not just the natural healers and truth seekers but try this for starters. A comprehensive 2004 study of the effect of chemotherapy on the 5-year survival, which is the conventional, scientific benchmark, found a massive failure rate in excess of 97%. No, there is no decimal point missing and this not a number I have made up. The surgical removal of tumours can extend this survival period but it can equally see cancer cells distributed by the scalpel and either way the problem still remains since the body is diseased and the tumour is merely a symptom. I fully support anyone choosing this path but for those wanting to know more...

This from the British Medical Journal…

“The treatment of the most common adult tumours by cytotoxic chemotherapy is still disappointing.

The popular notion that five year survival can be equated with cure is clearly of limited value because of its inability to take into account the great variations in the clinical course of the different tumours. For example, carcinomas of the breast and prostate are notorious for late recurrence, occasionally well over five years after definitive local treatment. Earlier diagnosis and treatment of cancer as a consequence of mass screening and new technology, changing diagnostic criteria and changes in the way cancers are recorded and registered are important variables that have a net positive influence on survival statistics. Although dramatic advances have occurred in the treatment and survival of patients with fairly rare cancers, several eminent workers now believe that the much publicised recent gains in five year survival (and “cure”) are more apparent than real.”

This from Clinical Oncology…

“The Contribution of Cytotoxic Chemotherapy to 5-year Survival in Adult Malignancies
(Clinical Oncology (2004) 16: 549e560doi:10.1016/j.clon.2004.06.007)
Results: The overall contribution of curative and adjuvant cytotoxic chemotherapy to 5-year survival in adults was estimated to be 2.3% in Australia and 2.1% in the USA

If one chooses to ignore the possibility that laetrile or bicarbonate of soda have a role in tumour removal, which is less toxic, there is still a place for chemotherapy drugs in the control of a small number of the more rapidly growing cancers that the slower Gerson method doesn’t have time to reverse. However that application of dangerous toxic material must still then be removed with the Gerson method (or similar) or they will kill as surely as the cancer. Most doctors wont tell you this since they are actually given more training in how to play with words than they are taught about nutrition. That said I have found that if you ask the questions directly you will either be mocked or get something close to the truth. Either way you’ll be closer to the answer you need regarding their treatment than if you remain silent.

No mystery in the pathological findings in my case. My extracted lymph revealed in the centre a very curious black substance, which really shouldn’t be there and provides a hint at my body breakdown. I will cover this is greater detail shortly. It is very interesting!

We should maybe also explore why some vegans have lost direction when seeking to promote a healthy lifestyle while consuming lab created food-like products that mimic so called normal meals, which we now know must be excluded totally if one wants to enable the body to recover from disease. No need to deprive ourselves totally of all these taste and texture sensations if we are healthy but some sell veganism as an answer to cancer and that is misleading. Cruelty yes, cancer no. According to the findings of The China Study animal protein and dairy in particular is an absolute no no if one wants to avoid feeding cancer cells, but some of the crap vegans eat in processed, non organic food-like products are absolutely not recommended either.

This information on the Gerson Therapy and my experience of it is shared in the hope of evolving our thinking about food and nutrition and for anyone who needs to know this for their own healing and for those who want to join me on this journey. There are other genuine cures available but Gerson makes so much sense and addresses critical issues such as not growing our food in toxic, chemical laden soil. I am truly grateful for the advice people are offering regarding other cancer treatments and offers to help with various aspects and the love felt is, as I say, quite overwhelming. Advice I always welcome instructions I do not. I am no alone in responding negatively to being told ‘you need to’ do this or that. Before giving out instructions to me please ask yourself how many cancers you have cured with your advice. For me to pay attention you will need to have a damn good answer! It is absolutely essential we research and share and inform and advise each other but please don’t dictate or instruct.

It is also encouraging that the overwhelming bulk of the feedback coming in refers to non-orthodox options. We have clearly begun to think these things through. Let me be clear though, I have made my decision on the path I am following and will not be adding anything into the mix unless it is agreed by my medical team. Gerson is a finely tuned, scientific protocol based on decades of study, which works best if followed to the letter. The best advice is to not mix and match and if it ain’t broken don’t try and fix it.

I have no doubt this is my journey even though I’m not cured yet and have obstacles to overcome so I am not getting ahead of myself. I will not cajole anyone, though I do strongly recommend we all avail ourselves of all the facts before believing anything or embarking on something so sensible as a nutrition and detoxification therapy such as that which I am using to cure my incurable cancer in line with the work of the brilliant Max Gerson and all those who have followed in his footsteps and healed their bodies of degenerative diseases such as cancer.

I am Keith Mann and I am curing cancer.

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