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Morrissey, the Media and Lies

‘Morrissey back animal rights brigade’

Or so they tell us in the Daily Mail Online on March 23 2010 alongside the picture of the man holding a gun over the confused caption ‘Morrissey back animal rights brigade’

Here begins is a glaring example of how the media distorts the truth. On the face of it Morrissey has shot his mouth off and is making threats consistent with those who are about animals enough to get off their arses and do something, but when you take a closer look you see that this story is utter nonsense! It’s regurgitated from one written in the Oxford Mail four years earlier and it makes no sense! Here’s the original headline and link:

Morrissey calls city 'shame of England'
Friday 2nd June 2006

Further, the Morrissey album Ringleader Of The Tormentors referred to in this non story was released in early 2006 around the time the singer actually did play at the New Theatre in Oxford. The Daily Mail tells its readers he ‘warned’ Oxford lab workers this week that they were in danger, while plugging this newly released album at a concert that took place four years ago! It couldn’t be more distorted! Journalism rocks!

Here is this week’s news according to the Daily Mail Online and below it you can compare the four-year old Oxford Mail version. The point of this invented news? Who knows! Perhaps it’s just how it is. After all we are fed shite all day every day we just don’t see it. It diverts from the real world.

For the greater good we should also remember that the Oxford lab and all it represents will be the focus of the Animal Protection Party at the general election in a few weeks time. Also Morrissey endorsed From Dusk Til Dawn which was of course written by yours truly, the APP candidate standing to oppose the vivisectors in Oxford!
Worth a thought.

We're going to get you, Morrissey tells animal researchers:Tuesday, Mar 23 2010

Cult singer Morrissey has waded into the controversy over the new Oxford animal research laboratory by warning those working on the site "we'll get you".
The singer used a concert at the city's New Theatre on Thursday night to hit out at the £20 million biomedical research laboratory site currently under construction in South Parks Road.

He branded Oxford "the shame of England" for allowing the laboratory and told fans: "If you agree with vivisection, go and be vivisected upon yourself."

The vegetarian former Smiths frontman and animal-rights activist, who is currently promoting a new album Ringleader Of The Tormentors, has long courted controversy.
In an interview with fanzine True to You earlier this year, he said he supported "the efforts of the Animal Rights Militia in England" and understood "why fur-farmers and so-called laboratory scientists are repaid with violence - it is because they deal in violence themselves and it's the only language they understand".

Animal-rights activists are, he said "usually very intelligent people who are forced to act because the law is shameful or amoral". But his remarks triggered a furious backlash last night. Shadow home secretary David Davis said: 'Any incitement to violence is obviously wrong in a civilised society and should be investigated by the police.' Vicky Cowell, of pro-test group Patients' Voice for Medical Advance, described the remarks as menacing - and hit out at the singer for indoctrinating impressionable minds. She said: 'Everybody is entitled to their opinion but inciting violence is not acceptable. 'Unfortunately, there are some people who hand on to his every word and could take what he said literally. I think it should be looked into.' Last year, he told NME magazine he had been quizzed by the FBI and Special Branch over his outspoken criticism of the US and British governments. He has previously branded George Bush and Tony Blair "cruel and morally bankrupt" and said that like Saddam Hussein they were "egotistical dictators". But he still has some fans, including Tory leader David Cameron, who this week picked This Charming Man by The Smiths as one of his eight Desert Island Discs and said that Morrissey's appearance on Top of the Pops was "an iconic moment for people of my age and generation".
A spokesman for the singer confirmed he had made the comments in his concert last week but declined to say more.

And the Oxford Mail on 2nd June 2006
SINGER Morrissey branded Oxford "the shame of England" in an attack on Oxford University's animal research lab:

The pop star spoke out against the laboratory, being constructed in South Parks Road, during a show at the New Theatre. The musician, pictured, a strict vegan and animal rights advocate also issued a warning to anyone planning to work at the laboratory. "Make no mistake," he told the audience at the packed theatre, "for anyone working in the labs, we are going to get you." The former frontman of 80s band The Smiths was in Oxford last Thursday as part of a national tour to promote his critically-acclaimed new album Ringleader of The Tormentors.

When a member of the audience praised the Manchester-born artist for defending animals, he responded by telling the crowd: "If you agree with vivisection, go and be vivisected upon, yourself." But he put down one vocal fan who called for vivisectors to be killed. "Oh, I see," he replied, "it's that simple is it?" Morrissey has been a public supporter of animal rights and vegetarianism since the release of The Smith's 1985 album Meat is Murder. Earlier this year, the artist who now lives in Rome, was criticised for comments attributed to him on fan website True To You, in which he appeared to back what he called "animal rights militia", saying violence was the only language fur farmers and laboratory scientists understood.

This prompted the Conservative's Home Affairs spokesman David Davis to call for Morrissey to be investigated by the police. Referring to the media's reporting of his outspoken views, he told the Oxford audience: "Because I have no identity, I rely on the press to tell me!" Morrissey also sparked controversy in June 2004 when he broke the news of Ronald Reagan's death to fans at a concert in Manchester, saying he wished it had been President George W Bush who had died.

Robert Cogswell, SPEAK spokesman, described Morrissey as a very vocal supporter of their campaign and said the group had been invited to have a stall at the Oxford concert. He said: "We agree with everything he said." But Mr Cogswell made clear that when Morrissey said "we will get you" he did not mean that people would be hunted down, but that they would be exposed for what they do. He added: "What they indulge in is actually animal abuse."

A representative for Morrissey, Stephen Ewashkiw, said that there would be no further comment from the singer or from his record label, about the comments made in Oxford. Mr Ewashkiw said: "As always with Morrissey, there is no comment. What he says is his statement." No one from Oxford University, which last week won an extension of its injunction against activists opposed to the lab, was available for comment.

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