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Meat & Climate Change

The Real Climate of Fear

Violence is an essential ingredient of the meat we eat. Really serious violence! This is a given for most people whatever their political or moral stance. Not everyone will admit it of course and some people will never see the connection between meat and murder but there’s no getting away from the fact that for every beef burger, chicken nugget or bacon sarnie some unfortunate creature was subjected to a violent attack which resulted in its unpleasant, bloody demise. This in our world is usually finalised with a knife to the throat and this, above all, is the reason why we should as a society address our eating habits. Aside the obvious it’s actually in our own interests because if this is to remain a normal process for humanity then humanity is not going to move forward. There are other hurdles of course but none so vast.

If the infliction of such violence on another is not sufficient incentive to evolve our behaviour then perhaps we also need to consider the direct impact upon our world of creating so much negative energy, energy which feeds back into the world we experience and generates more of the same. Such thinking is to become normalised as we advance our understanding of our world we inhabit and the wider universe and animal rights campaigners are leading experts in forging a better world for the animal kingdom: a significant majority of life on Earth. Others are catching up with the ‘animal nuts’ and joining ranks in the spiritual evolution that we are experiencing but campaigners have to ensure they are not diverted up a dead end by the very institutions challenged.

Animal farming is also an extremely wasteful process which sees vast quantities of vegetable protein - and animal protein - fed to animals in order to turn them into ‘meat’ which is then sold on as a luxury product. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN: “Livestock now use 30 percent of the earth’s entire land surface, mostly permanent pasture but also including 33 percent of the global arable land used to producing feed for livestock…. As forests are cleared to create new pastures, it is a major driver of deforestation, especially in Latin America where, for example, some 70 percent of former forests in the Amazon have been turned over to grazing”. 1.

It is further calculated that for every 17 kilograms of high-quality vegetable protein fed to cattle just one kilogram of meat is returned. This is not a good use of food. Concerns are legitimate when challenging such waste and the widespread human malnutrition that addressing this cycle could help to alleviate. Cows and other large ‘farm animals’ consume vast quantities of fresh water too. Here again there are very real and legitimate concerns about misappropriation. If this isn’t enough incentive to reconsider our complicity in these crimes grazing animals tend to cause erosion, remove vegetation and create desert. We turn forest to desert using extreme violence and mock those who abstain! In 2006 some 55 billion farm animals were slaughtered and the industry of course wants to keep increasing this number. We should be careful not to get lost in the numbers here and remember that each one represents a conscious, breathing individual with a capacity to suffer equal to our own. Their suffering is our suffering.

There are a great many problems with meat production. No scientific opinion is needed all one has to do is watch an animal grow in the farm environment or observe its fear as it reaches the point of slaughter. In the more confined farming process such as the industrial or factory method pharmaceutical drugs are widely used in animals and their feed in order to suppress diseases. This raises serious questions about the impact on human health and the environment as does the proliferation of growth promoters, steroids and hormones. All such drugs have also been tested on animals and all of them have killed the test animals. The point of this seems to be purely for the sake of it but of course animal experiments are designed to give some validity to the widespread use of the pharmaceutical mafia’s poisons. We are told they were tested on animals first so by definition they must be safe but the truth is, as ever, quite the reverse.

In more recent times what is often called upon by animal rights activists and even some environmentalists as the most pressing argument against the rearing of animals for meat is the impact of this process on climate change. While it is clear from cursory inspection that farm animals produce a great deal of waste, the science behind claims that human activity is driving the climate are less clear. In fact the science is seriously corrupted and whether we like it or not there is no good scientific evidence that global warming is being caused by our activities, as destructive and wasteful as they clearly are. While such thinking is far from the mainstream it has been obvious to researchers for some time and increasingly so since the release of emails from the East Anglian Climate Research Unit in December 2008 followed by similar exposures at New Zealand's NWIA, Australia's climate centre and elsewhere which have shown us that people called scientists have manipulated the data in order to hide unhelpful weather patterns which disprove the anthropogenic theory. They are employed to lie to us in order to further a greater agenda of the global power structure.

Accepting we have been duped by global manipulators and their media lackeys is something we must not fear indeed this is something we all need to understand is absolutely the norm. It doesn’t mean we have to side with the oil industry and gas guzzlers and so on nor do we have to agree to carry on regardless using and abusing the planet and its inhabitants. We will continue to see this story unravel and the truth will spread and as that happens we need to be sure that we have not laid our cards on the table alongside those who seek to impose the greatest controls on human activity ever seen on the back of the global warming scam. If animal rights campaigners do not address their stance on this issue and continue to base them on a lie then an entire movement is going to lose all credibility while millions of birds will continue to enter scalding tanks fully conscious, pigs will go on dying of fright in the queue to be stuck with a knife and cows hearts will pump out their life blood as they hang ungraciously by their back leg on the slaughterhouse production line. There are millions of good reasons to expose the meat industry and we should tell people of them at every opportunity. If on the other hand we allow ourselves and our movement to be used as a vehicle to drive ahead a long planned agenda to control human activity we will find ourselves unable to protest against the very institutions that are destroying everything we love.

Why vegan?

The truth is out there and the truth will set us all free.

Keith Mann February 2010



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