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Directing Our Energy

My upbringing as an animal rights activist was one of intensive (and fascinating) learning (unlike school), of mutual respect, of exploiting to the full our right to free speech and to protest. And there was the fantastic solidarity. This for me made for an exciting combination and eased the discovery of and my utter dismay at the terrible extremes of human cruelty and the deep-rooted institutional bias in favour of it. Early on in my self funded adult education I figured that we were probably up against it in trying to change the world by digging down at the root of the problem – where the animals are - but there was the challenge.

Some of the people I have met who were not good at thinking and who like things to stay just the way they are. Guardians of the countryside!

I have lost count of the number of times I’ve been accused over the years since of 'setting the movement back 10 years' for my defence of direct action. If these claims were true we’d be in the dark ages and it would be all my fault but I've led many animals to freedom and made many people think. The accusations have been levelled mostly by those I’d call animal welfarists, these are well meaning people who want incremental changes to the lot of captive animals to be teased out of those who do evil things to them. These persistent accusations begun soon after I left the suffocating confines of the education system and made my own way and have continued ever since. Similarly my forays into the hunting field to get in the way of the ritualistic slaughter of small furry things led to a great many people with evil in their hearts telling me that I should “go and get a job” instead. That's where they want us all, like lambs to the slaughter, feeding the system with all our energy. This has been the most repetitive theme of them all, alongside the violence. Work work work your life away! Police, drug company reps and journalists also want me to do things differently and insist that I should do something else with my life or protest the way they want me to. This told me I was getting it right and that I should carry on doing things my way.

The attitude of the AR community helped greatly with its focus on compassion for all living beings separating it from the main herd. It takes a special character to stand up to the negative energy that rules our world and controls that herd; one that can soak up copious amounts of physical and emotional torment with no obvious reward for self. We have a society riddled with volunteer police trying to control everyone by telling them how to think and act what to do and say. I've come to expect the verbal and physical attacks that accompany my revolutionary ideas and actions and I can understand the mentality that rules the mind that seeks to divert me from my path. But not all the aggressors have an obvious stake in diverting and dictating to me what I should do. Not all are enemy combatants, some are fellow activists who are so similar to those they fight that they may as well not bother. So similar are some that I have found myself fending them off as vigorously as those whose purpose here seems to be to do harm.

Those people do confuse me, and to compound my muddled state I find myself understanding the ways of evil-doers and those who are paid to police the rest of us into acquiescence. An unexpected episode in my life forced me to take time out during which I studied the other world view. Generally speaking this is the non media version of events which most of the herd isn't readily fed. According to the twisted fuckers who run the show this is precisely how things are meant to be. It now makes perfect sense to me that the way things are in the world and it is no accident. It is in the interest of the elite, as they like to be known, to have the rest of us fighting with each other pointing fingers and being rude and crude and cruel.

Getting angry with the TV and asking how ‘they’ can do such things to our world and its inhabitants is futile. For a time I tried really really hard to do that, but it just drained me so I joined the resistance. I found that dismissing everything as the fault of capitalism was pointless because the people that gave us capitalism would still control things and just call it socialism or communism or democracy. Worse still we demand that the puppets of evil - the government - do something about the problems they create! It doesn't matter who the puppet masters are all that matters is that they control us and we have to address this or we cannot advance any good cause .

It does seem dire to look around at the state of the world but things are changing. The clamour to impose endless otherwise unnecessary restrictions on what we say and do tells us that the control system knows this too! Our duty is to remember who the enemy is and constantly think of new ways to outmanoeuvre him. We may choose to try and ignore the evidence but we are living in times of great transformation and this cannot be avoided by shoving ones head up ones arse! A wider understanding is settling in to the human psyche teaching that we are not so weak or alone and that we do have the power to bring the changes we want to see. Now it the time to focus all our energy on that which is broken. The control system. It is at the heart of our problems not those who remind us of this crucial detail.

Being told what to do and what to think are daily oppressive restrictions on our lives. Parents kick things off early on and then 'the government' officially takes over our minds for the next 15 – 20 years. All manner of fantastic conspiracy theories and wild, unsubstantiated claims are made during this critical period of our development and a version of history is instilled. Facts are not necessary only repetition. We are lied to (or if you prefer not fully informed) about many small things and everything significant. Religion, human and social history, science, physics, medicine, the war on terror, the wars, even money is based on a lie that makes it so worthless that, contrary to the official line, the more wealth we create, the more work we do the worse off we become. We are not generating wealth, as the story goes, we are generating debt on a vast scale. The opposite of the truth! And somehow everything amiss in our world is blamed on our neighbours. The economic meltdown is the fault of benefit scrounger, bank bonuses and the previous government, terrorism is the thing of Muslims, animal rights activists and so on, the planet warming up is the fault of each of us and immigrants are taking all the jobs and eating away at the NHS. We are encouraged to blame each other and to beg those who teased us into this mess to do something about it all. And this is crucial to their game plan, that we call on the government to save us but its the government at fault each time or, more to the point, those Masonic influences that pull the strings of government. Don't think so? Take an interest free loan of this:

The New World Order -The Final Solution


This inevitably leads to a further erosion of our rights and freedoms. Unless we wake up and stop the rot in our lifetime we will see our societies imprisoned in bigger and more oppressive regime than anything that has gone before and the irony of it all is that we will have brought it upon ourselves and even fought with each other over its implementation. The covert nature of the take over of our lives is the only distinction to be made with oppressive regimes of the distance and past, fascism and communism only now it's called democracy.

Even if you disagree that this situation is being engineered deliberately in order to squeeze every drop of our spirit and soul out of us, it must be clear that that’s exactly what is taking shape before our eyes. If we in the animal protection movement don’t do our bit to stop it we will have done more to stem the tide of change than all the police raids on our homes and sanctuaries of the last 20 years. We have to take a step back look again at where the problems lie and focus accordingly.

Having worked myself deep within the radical animal protection movement I have always felt secure in my approach and have accepted as an occupational hazard that I will be ridiculed by lesser mortals with have neither the guts nor the inclination to take a stand against the evil which is. It has given me courage to feel the solidarity in resisting the orders of the power junkies. I thought I heard them all in nearly 30 years on the front line with the movers and shakers of this place we call home, on the third rock from the sun. How wrong was I? Lots.

I find it quite easy to rationalise and dismiss some angry discourse from some unfriendly unknown fox hunter and put it down to their ignorance or their inbreeding, but when a friend turns into a verbal nasty the dynamics change. The one thing that remains consistent is the over active ego. We need to cool that down a bit or it will always be a barrier to the evolution of our species if our species insists on fighting for its ignorance. Call me names if you like but I'm here to do good and I like to talk about subjects that will lead us to a better world. The very earliest and the most recent information is telling us that when our world is again fuelled more on love than hate – the energy we all feed it - it will use that energy and run accordingly. To this end we need to tell others what we know, share information and ideas and most important of all treat others as we would like to be treated. All others.

These are a given in my little world and I want more of it. Thinking we were getting somewhere I never imagined I'd find myself the focus of a number of stalkers who were one time comrades of a sort but who became obsessed with trying to stop me talking. The 'too much information for the frozen mind' posse will argue that no new words belong in the 'animal rights' dictionary. I have been told by a couple of these people that I am harming animals and “putting people off" animal rights campaigning by sharing my view that people in power are so sick that they would do really bad things to those they see as below them, the “useless eaters” and even cover it up, such as using the term 'modern medicine', and liquid poisons in the form of vaccines as a way to harm and kill large numbers of us while criminalising natural treatments which do no harm. Where do I get such far out ideas from eh, silly boy!

See here

These are otherwise known as “conspiracy theories” by those I refer to as airheads. These people have a remarkable ability to tie up an ocean of information into two small words! One power tripper told me that I should be banned from speaking publicly due to my interest in other subjects! Who needs police when the slaves are policing themselves.

These know it alls have decided that there is nothing we need to learn about our world that we can't get from the regular sources on the TV, and feel strongly that I shouldn't be trying to tell them - or anyone else - otherwise. Of course I haven't been as my ego doesn't lead me to think I can tell others what to think. I share information and encourage readers to make their own minds up on what they see. This is how I like to be treated, too.

While thought-control isn't widespread in AR circles, those who do refuse to have their rigid beliefs challenged are vocal. They inhabit all walks of society and seem comfortable engaging in their own campaign of repression to silence those they disagree with. I'm saddened by the speed with which the control system's useful idiots move to attack the messenger when confronted with information that can only harm those whom we collectively fight!

One very brain dead character lurks around the internet looking for debates getting too close to the truth so he can chip in with some mockery about lizards and spaceships. Whenever someone speaks of a government conspiracy covered up by the media Super Debunker will arrive. The self styled “anarchist” is fazed by any suggestion that there may be more intelligent life than him off this planet. Of course he wouldn't know anything about it having spent his life ridiculing any such suggestion almost before it is made! It is unusual to have a reasonable debate with an over active ego whose instinct is to bury the information as soon as it surfaces.

Anyway, since when did it make more sense to believe in the one they call God doing his magic and performing miracles (or not, as is evidently the case!) over the the probability of intelligent life beyond our limited vision? The evidence for one proposition is widespread while the evidence to support the other is limited to one book so full of contradiction and code it cannot be trusted. Either way, the point is we need to allow each other to express our views and share information without resorting to verbal abuse and ridicule in return, otherwise we will never move forward with anything.

I've noticed a similar theme within some AR circles, where a non vegan associate is frowned upon and the idea that they might attend a protest or a meeting angrily dismissed by the reactionary among us who seeks to keep our ranks pure with their restraining orders. This mentality removes any hope of influencing the way that imperfect person thinks and makes the job harder for the rest of us. We have to stop preaching to the converted and open our minds and our hearts to that which we don't fully understand. Ignorance and envy are enemies of progress.

It is more than occasionally that highly motivated campaigners who are good at what they do have been subjected to persistent hurtful personal attacks by envious, ignorant others whose ego's have clouded their vision. Not all the victims of these lost souls cope so well with the abuse they face and some drift from the movement but others grow stronger with each assault they fend off, perhaps giving some unseen meaning to the uncomfortable process. Sometimes it's paid agents of the state at work but not always so, in my experience it's more often supposed comrades doing the dirty but there are exceptions.

One defender of the order also acting as an animal rights activist sabotaged my website after she decided that she wasn't attracting enough praise or financial reward for her volunteered contribution to the content. Losing the site and all contact with the control freak meant I had to rebuild from scratch but it also meant I had no ego massaging to do in order to add an update or two but that was not the end of the problem. Not content with stealing the website from her one time friend a and the animals she claims to defend and since forced to watch the unhindered growth of the new improved version she turned into a stalker and went full time weird by trying to stamp her authority on my life and damage the project. She began utilising social networking sites to create alter egos and call me names then resorted to using police run 'activist watch' sites to spread her venom about fellow activists! To what end all this? It gives her a sense of power and pleases her ego, I imagine. Very much like the animal haters who attack.

Activist Watch

A number of these activist watch sites have sprung up in recent years whose sole purpose is to spread rumours, lies and discord about and among activist networks. These are usually state sponsored initiatives, cobbled together by unbalanced little people so full of envy at the power of love that they dedicate their time to attacking others who extend love to animals. These kind of people teach us only one lesson and that is to rise above mean words. I have been encouraged to log on and look at what they have been saying about me and others on numerous occasions. I have heard what is written about me and others on many occasions and I have heard these sites referred to on many occasions. I have also seen the effect that this nonsense has had on people being talked about, typically gentle, caring souls who have better things to do than get stressed about what others are saying about them. So why do we? It occurs to me that the only importance these sites have is to the activists they are referring to, indeed the only people who reference them are the activists themselves! This is where the line is drawn.

The hate makers and shills monitor the traffic to their sites so they know they have an audience and they know exactly who it is and of course they feed in the information in accordingly!

It isn't helpful to speculate as to who is responsible for the meaningless tittle tattle on these websites only to realise that that they aren't important. If we don't log on and feed them with our time and energy then they will cease to exist. It's easy! If those on the receiving end stop showing interest then the authors will quickly become utterly useless to this world. Should they carry on wasting their lives posting trivia then it wont matter to anyone anyway because no one will see it! What others think of us isn't important but what we think of ourselves is. If we are true to our beliefs nothing else matters and we will always be superior to the name callers, reactionaries and shills who will lose all their power if we remain unfazed by their energy sucking efforts.

Energy flows where the attention goes and there's a lot to be said for paying attention to something that really matters.

It may sound conspiratorial but personal attacks like this are in themselves hiding a message, a lesson we can learn from. David Icke and his family have been subjected to as much ridicule as the best whistleblowers of our time, yet he comes back for more with information and ideas that challenge the control system. He stresses that everything in our world is connected and that “The suppression of one human being or animal is the suppression of us all.” He suggests that we need to start thinking for ourselves if we are to change the direction of the world and I agree with him. You won't hear many of his critics attempting to challenge Icke on this or the wealth of information he makes public but boy can they call him names!

Beyond The Cutting Edge

His name alone can draw some crass remark from a sneering airhead without a single additional word being spoken. “He's a nut job” is a short sentence but it says a lot about the speaker. Whatever the brainwashing tells us today Icke will be remembered as a brave researcher who did more to expose the control system and life's hidden knowledge than anyone. One of the things Icke and many others have concluded - and it's easy to see how if you look with an open mind at the evidence – is that extra terrestrials left their signature all over this planet in the not too distant past. Icke isn't afraid to share the extensive proof of this so that we can make up our own minds on whether there are things we haven't been told. Icke tells us these visitors never left and you'll be hard pressed to find any evidence that they did. Icke claims that they are a multi dimensional reptilian race, who the likes of Zecharia Sitchin and diverse, ancient, advanced civilisations documented as the Annunaki, or 'those who from heaven to earth came'. The Sumerian testimony in particular teaches us in great detail who the Anunnaki were, and neither history nor science nor some know-all student of state education can prove otherwise.


Icke tells us the Annunaki still influence things here, that they are cold and calculating, they lack any empathy and compassion and work through secret societies on a long term objective to covertly capture control of this planet and imprison the mind and soul of the entire human race in order to make us complicit and unquestioning of our ever creeping slavery. Can't see that happening, can you? Those who control things use symbolism and ritual which, once you are aware of it, you can see it everywhere.

Curiously, here symbolising their control of The City of London, the financial control centre of the world, are some scaly winged reptiles holding a knights templar secret society logo. The city is an independent self governing state with it's own laws and police force. We may observe this scent marker all around the city and london suburbs. In fact we find the indicators of something weird in many places of wealth, control and influence.

a top ranking masonic inscription:

It is this very concept "order out of chaos" which is at the foundation of all masonic doctrine and of human society.

Too much to take in? Easier to wait for the missing links or for God to finally show up? We don't have to believe this is anything other than just another coincidence in a sea of coincidences, and be comforted when it is explained away by someone in a suit reading the news, but unless we want to live in a spooky world where no one is allowed to think for themselves or to ask important questions for fear of the consequences then we have to positively encourage others to do so now. At the very very least! As unpalatable as it may be, we have to agree that free speech is free speech, otherwise its fascism.

Social networking sites are good for both sides of this divide. You can post anything you like among your friends and they can respond or not. This is healthy. I use these sites to share information which I consider to be of interest to anyone who is awake. If someone posts something I disagree with then I have simple, effective tactic. I ignore it. I'm brilliant! I came up with this all by myself. Even the sharpest, most clued up people say and do stupid things but that doesn't make their every contribution worthless, it makes them human. I can respect that. Then there are the intellectuals among us. These people feel certain they have nothing more to learn in this world and can become fixated with trying to keep those around them within their comfort zone and at the same level of knowledge. This is a more difficult character to engage with. I don't think I have said anything outrageous in my recent musings and redistribution of information yet assorted characters and peers, adults, have responded with the following intellectual gems in their rude and condescending emails.

I've been told that I should go and live on the Isle of Whack. If it's warm there I'll have a one way ticket.
Told repeatedly I'm “into conspiracy theories”. This one comes up like the sun!

Been called:

“a loony”,
“a conspiracy theorist”
“a crackpot”
“a wanna-be guru”
“a nut job”
“a dumb fuck”
“a neo nazi”
“simple minded”

and, among other things,
“brainwashed" (for questioning our collective brainwashing don't you know!) You have to laugh.

I never have claimed perfection and it's clear that whatever people say about me says nothing about me but it says a lot about them. This stuff comes from someone or other almost every time I have doubted the official version of 9/11 or pondered that governments are controlled by cold, callous, calculating men who only do evil, or questioned the benefits of injecting mercury mixed with live viruses and animal parts into children or claimed that drug cartels do not want people to be healthy and work to that end; for sharing information. You can see proof of it all on my website and it can only harm those who do harm, in my view.

Isn't all this name calling just a little bit silly? Nah nah na nah nah! A reasoned argument will impact upon an inquisitive mind where personal attacks and blind ignorance only entrench views and it makes us look silly. These ill considered outbursts tend to come to me with not a word of explanation as to why my information is flawed no matter how much I plead. Instead, when the information or the strength of the character sharing it is a threat to our comfort what do we do? Attack the messenger!

I remember when I was new to the idea of promoting animal rights how I was politely informed of my misunderstandings by the teachers I met. They stood on the street inviting all-comers and politely persuaded me with rational replies to my questions and changed the direction of my life. Had I been subjected to a barrage of verbals I may never have got it. We need to consider the way we communicate with others.

I also recall much more recently being singled out for singing along to a Lily Allen track and told I “shouldn't be listening to her” because “she's an animal abuser.” The singer crossed our picket line at the Harrods Xmas sale in 2007 and opened the door to consumers wanting a bargain fur coat or something else expensive. This is the only department store in the UK selling fur coats these days, so to invite people to contribute to all that fur entails is hardly a progressive thing to do not least because the persistent picket line says please don't. I wish she hadn't done this but I still love her music. Anyway there I was singing along this day when my space was invaded by this airhead who wanted to stop me! Told me again “you shouldn't be listening to her.” So I turned the music up! This radical thinker had been on the same demo as I had but other than that we are at war, and I liked Lily Allen just that little bit more!

I am a big fan of free speech I am equally in awe of the stupidity of trying to shut it down. One AR protester was recently banned by the protest organiser from speaking to an audience about non NWO issues at an AR event. Another was banned from attending demos for animals after her membership of the BNP was revealed. I am unsure if the ban extends beyond protests which the ban organiser attends or how the ban is enforced but this mentality disturbs me. Labour Party activists are actually encouraged to peddle their propaganda and conspiracy theories through the animal rights movement since they are seen as on the imaginary Left of the imaginary political divide. Yet it was Labour that killed the brave and uncompromising Barry Horne in his prison cell and millions of innocent people in their homes in Iraq and Afghanistan and built new vivisection labs and did so many other terrible things that the BNP will never do but all that is irrelevant when we react before we think.

Here's another grim example of many I find in the world I inhabit. A few weeks ago an active AR campaigner became the focus of a hate campaign by fellow activists (I use the term loosely) over racist language she posted on her own Facebook page in an angry rant about the abuse of animals in another country. One or more of the protagonists instantly turned from animal rights activists' into stalkers and set about banning her and anyone associated with her from attending any animal protests and meetings. I kid you not! The language she used in her angry racist outbursts was very immature it has to be said, but in response what do the reactionaries offer? Do they offer polite advice or a friendly arm around the shoulder? I try to avoid the nonsense these sites are full of but just foraged for an update on this thread and see that in some of the angry messages directed in response to her bad mouthing others she is called “fat” and “ugly” and “mental”... To teach her how to communicate? To silence her? To prove a point? Perversely it's some of the same characters involved in these attacks who are most vocal in insisting that the Muslim world continue to be blamed for the controlled demolition of three World Trade Centre skyscrapers on 9/11 in spite of the overwhelming evidence pointing elsewhere. It is the same conspiracy theory which has taken away our collective right to protest and made the world ever more dangerous for the peoples that the self appointed thought police among us claim to defend as they too impose their controls on others. You couldn't make this up!

We have to be cautious to avoid become that which we hate and resist trying to control what other people think and say no matter how much we disagree. If we carry on like this there will be no one left to talk to and nothing we can say to them!

The same characters will often be found trying to crush the initiative and imaginative of those around them who threaten to advance the cause or become successful. How many young, wanna-be revolutionaries have had their efforts overwhelmed at the first turn because someone on their side was threatened by the possibility they might succeed? I have seen dozens and only recently felt it personally when the Animal Protection Party fielded candidates at the general election against dark MP's of no particular party with a view to losing them their seat.

This was a ground breaking initiative which, let me tell you, took some balls. To stand up in the public arena to be most likely humiliated with a small number of votes is not everyone's cup of tea but we figured for the greater good we would! The point was to get voters to vote tactically for the enemy of our enemy. We were told variously by a handful of objectors on one AR forum – who ganged up - and proposed to do nothing themselves at the election that we shouldn't be spending money on our campaign, that we shouldn't raise issues in our campaign that weren't agreed upon by anyone not involved in it but who objects to them, shouldn't work with community groups we don't traditionally have much in common with, that we should desist from our path if someone objects and, best of all, shouldn't do it to start with! Seriously! Do nothing say nothing stop thinking! Accompanying the celebrations of our success in the election there was this loud silence from the vocal minority who wanted us to do nothing (or vote Labour which is pretty much the same thing). It caused them pain that we succeeded but even if we hadn't we tried and we made contact with a huge number of people. Those who try should be commended. Trying to crush someone for trying is not the same thing! The support we gathered from further afield and the contacts we made in areas never previously explored made up for the lack of inspiration felt closer to home.

I speak for many people from all walks of life who are going through or have been through the control tunnel on their way to their dreams. Someone will always want to get in your way and tell you what to do but stay strong because their character lacks strength and there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is shining brighter by the day.

Let's rest our ego's and stop trying to control everything. What we are fighting on a global level against inflated egos on a power trip. Our duty is to influence and inspire, to educate and inform not to ridicule and mock. We need not be afraid to hang out with the meat heads, hunt supporters, bigots and racists. It is they who need to hear us the most! We all have a common enemy and he is working feverishly to do as much harm as he can to this planet and its inhabitants so that he can maintain his control of it. His most powerful weapon is not money, not weapons, not even the media, neither of which we can affect until we deal with the central issue which is ignorance. The least we should do as free thinking people is not lock ourselves into smaller boxes or we can never hope to lead others out of theirs.

Solidarity and initiative are important concepts to build upon as we restructure this world in the manner it was intended. United we stand.

Keith Mann 2011

From Dusk 'til Dawn
An Insider's View of the Growth of the Animal Liberation Movement

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