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Costco Connection - June 09

Dumb animals. Humans don’t deserve such an elevated status! For today’s banking business you might say the chickens have come home to roost. The inevitable implosion of an impossible idea that has consumed itself to death! This is not healthy behaviour for human beings and it is not alone in our inventory of stupid, arrogant, self destructive ideas.

I am what some might call an animal lover, and many other things I might add, but that doesn’t mean I hate people, just what some of them do. I tend to trust that education will remove the desire to inflict suffering on other species; that people can be reprogrammed to act with love rather than hate. It is my experience that this is the desire of most of us, that animals will be unmolested in their natural environment and treated well when in contact with humans. In this country we pride ourselves on being a nation of animal lovers so why don’t we practice what we preach?

Is it rational or are we manipulated to behave like savages? Do we really believe we have evolved into something special because we can mass produce and exterminate animals in huge numbers in order to feed our bellies? Or invent the most futile, grotesque ways of experimenting on them?

The evidence suggests that we humans are being led to a dark place by dark forces. This nightmare scenario is being enacted upon many species of the animal kingdom at the will of the silent majority. We allow this to continue at our peril. We stand up to be counted and we can stop the depravity of this destructive cycle that will see us all imprisoned in a virtual factory farm of our own making. That, for those who would hold superiority and intellect as their get out clause for the exploitation of other species, might want to consider what the New World Order with its orchestrated banking collapses and terrorist attacks has planned for humanity and then ask: who’s the Daddy. Animals are forced into cages for the use of their captors and sponsors; we are ambling compliantly into ours.

Before we are completely imprisoned and until we do something to stop the rot, we are destined to continue to suffer from our blind greed in all manner of ways, and see it increase.

How many of us have argued that fish don’t feel pain therefore it’s OK to kill and eat them? I did. But the oceans are raped for that habit, life suffocated in nets. The forests are felled to create the land to feed and grow the cows, but cows are complex, sentient creatures that suffer deep grief and pain, pleasure and excitement. Birds do amazing things but we blast them from the sky and slit their throats for chicken nuggets. This is extreme violence!

The particularly controversial practice of animal experimentation has never been tested for efficacy, ever! It’s a theory. It fails morally. It fails patients. We can see clearly that animals are not a good predictor of reaction in humans. When prescribing medicine you have to be exact, yet prescription medicines are the fourth biggest killer in the western world where 100 million animals are consumed in tests each year.

We are creating the kind of world we want to live in and our collective reality is destined to be a cruel and violent one for eternity. What we do to one we do to all. If we want it to change we have to make it change and that starts at home in the kitchen.

keith mann march 09

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