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The Animal Protection Party Hunting the Hunt Hag at the General Election

The current government have permitted the hunting addicts to carry on regardless of the law, attacking wild animals and anyone who gets in their way. The government in waiting pledge to overturn the hunt ban and carry on regardless, and on and on it goes round and round like a stage play all the while where it really matters nothing changes. This week we have seen the trial of a man who took on board all the risks associated with observing or even questioning the activities of blood junkies in order to gather the evidence that the police are not prepared to gather for themselves. This is about challenging the most frightening anti-social behaviour, preventing crime and most of all raising human consciousness. Gyrocopter pilot and hunt monitor Bryan Griffiths was found not guilty of manslaughter following the death of a man who spent the last 40 years slaughtering wild animals. Trevor Morse’s final act of thoughtless disregard for life was to attack a light aircraft and its passengers as they tried to take off to do some filming.

Following seven hours of jury deliberation Griffiths was found not guilty. This at the end of a two week trial, six weeks in prison and months on draconian bail conditions which left Griffiths on a night time curfew and banned him from helping animals in any way, including the feeding of his own cats! This is no joke. This is the mentality which rules. He was banned from feeding the family cats due to it being seen as an act of compassion unacceptable to those who run the show. The punishment for engaging in any act of ‘animal welfare’ would be a return to prison. Here is an exclusive interview:

During the trial it was revealed that Warwickshire hunt supporters, with whom the deceased once roamed the countryside, have attacked female pensioners who were found to be monitoring their activities, have used firearms to try and shoot down the gyrocopter used to monitor them, conspired to trespass onto an airfield and sought to physically prevent a taxiing aircraft from taking off and all this aside their grim desire for hunting wild animals. One committed perjury while giving evidence at Griffiths’ trial claiming that the gang were gathering at the airfield in order to "interview” the pilot to ascertain the name and address of this man they say was bothering them. I’ve been interviewed by these people and it isn’t what it sounds like! My advice is to keep a safe distance or outnumber them and keep cameras rolling. Anyway, it was revealed in court that the dead man already had the name and address of the pilot in his possession and had shared it with senior hunt staff weeks earlier. These are seen as upstanding members of our society while the animals they kill are vermin and the anti’s misguided criminals. It’s a funny old world.

Any hunt monitor or saboteur will tell you that this is all in a days’ work for hunts and their supporters and is often complemented with a dead animal or two. There are crimes aplenty for the local constabulary to notch up convictions over but the will is not there. The will is not there because the very same mentality that runs the police authorities runs the governments and the media. How many news outlets have reported on the detail of this case as opposed to the charges one innocent man faced? How many have reported the countless violent attacks on monitors, saboteurs and random passing motorists and dog walkers? Not so many people are aware of youngsters that have been killed by hunt supporters in recent years. It's clear what's going on here. The scales of injustice are loaded heavily one way. What's not so clear is what we do about it.

Clearly we cannot have a situation whereby public spirited citizens face prosecution or worse for gathering evidence of violent criminal behaviour or trying to save lives, one where thugs can wield their uncontrollable anger and aggression with immunity from prosecution going to the extreme of killing kids to prevent criticism of their behaviour and which journalists must really struggle to ignore. Here’s one such story they missed from my book and it isn’t alone in there:

The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) complain in their 2009 Guidelines on the Hunting Act that where illegal hunting is concerned the “gathering of evidence of offending behaviour has proved a difficult task for the police, and with available resources it is likely to remain so. The police will therefore have to continue to rely upon initial evidence gathered by members of the public who are often organised for this purpose”. Although, it seems “Investigation of reported offences under the Act can be complicated and time consuming.” It’s quite clear there is little desire to uphold this particular law in either parliament or by the law enforcement agencies. Perversely resources had always been plentiful when hunting was legal and the powers that be sought to suppress hunt saboteurs.

We don't have all the answers but will be using the General Election in a few weeks to pose a few questions. The Animal Protection Party will be fielding Jim Kapetanos in the London borough of Vauxhall against the Labour Countryside Alliance hag Kate Hoey. This is not about gaining power, it is about taking hers. We are not engaging in this process for any other reason. This hunters’ whore works to maintain the status quo and just for good measure wants to overturn the hunt ban and make the whole bloody process lawful again. Everyone in Vauxhall will be reminded of where she stands on blood sports and invited to help unseat her.

The APP are also fielding Keith Mann in Oxford against Evan Harris, Carrie Holliman against Jonathan Djangoli in Huntingdon and Sarah Coats against Mark Hoban in Wickham. Much more to follow on all these exciting campaigns.

Please do all you can to support these candidates. The APP and the animals need feet on streets pressing home our message and help with campaign funds

Keith Mann 28 March 2010




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