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A Christmas Tale Of Jesus Christ The Super Star

Our saviour is on his way and the goose is getting fat. They tell us it's a time to rejoice and spend spend spend. But why? What is it about this time of year which makes us react in this way to something so few of us have the slightest knowledge of? Since I stopped being showered with gifts through childhood and became sucked into the trap, the nagging questions have only intensified about the point of it all. And I mean the point of it. What are we celebrating when we pay homage to our saviour who art in heaven by sinking ourselves into debt consuming crap and slaughtering vast swaths of His creation? It's actually a lot less confused than we have been led to believe by those muddled gospels and you may well be surprised at what they got confused about. I know I was.

Three days before the 'big day' at midnight on December 21 something curious happens. In the northern hemisphere the sun, the most adorned natural object of all time, reaches the lowest point in the southern sky, having journeyed there steadily from it's traditional westerly setting point. At it's new home the sun appears to remain, or dies, for three days until midnight on December 24 when it again begins its methodical, daily climb back to the height of its reign at the summer solstice of June 21 and settling in the West in the late evening. Solstice meaning 'sun stands still'. The sun now gives the northern hemisphere the longest spell of light of the year. Glory upon high and all that.

While our sun has it's own unfathomable orbit of the universe, within our solar system it is the Earth which travels around the sun, so the sun travelling back and forth across the sky and sleeping somewhere different every night as I have described isn't how it is, but how it appears to us is how it appeared to star reading civilisations thousands of years ago. The idea is idiotic to most of us today but not so long ago the world was flat according to the family elders and 'science' and everyone and daring to question the popular view would be a social faux pas or could even prove fatal. These ancient societies had fantastic knowledge, they would track the stars and read the effect these cycles would have on Earth, way into the future. Information we are only beginning to understand. They worshipped this unique source of vision, warmth and life and left us awash with artefacts and hieroglyphs which tell a less well known but more real story than the one the herd is buying into as Christmas encroaches on our connection to the natural world.

By December 21, the winter sun-standing-still moment, the sun resides in the vicinity of the southern cross or Crux star constellation. The sun sets here in the evening. The sun dies on the cross.

This making sense now? I think it's wonderful! I disliked RE/Religious Studies with a passion because it didn't make sense to me and my queries were often met with derision and dismissed as irrelevant, leaving me wondering and less respectful with each lesson in nonsense.

the southern cross

The truth has a more welcoming feel. Shining twice as bright as any other star Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky. Sirius, in line with the three bright stars of Orion's Belt, points to the sun rise on the morning of the 25th December. These stars were known to the astronomically intellectual ancient sun worshipping civilisations as the 'three kings'. So, the 'three kings' follow the star in the east to locate the birth of the sun. The sun rise. Christmas Day as we know it represents the birth of the sun. The ressurection is actually a wonderful natural cycle.

The Three Kings are represented on Earth in the layout of the pyramids of the Giza plateau in Egypt. The architects of the pyramids were aware of the astrological significance of the immense structures they created.

The resurrection of the 'son' was celebrated at the Spring Equinox which is today's 'Easter' and more significantly the turning point in the cycles when longer days take over from dark nights and everything springs into life. The sun finally beating the darkness of winter. Bringing salvation. Duh!

The sun 'passes through' each of the 12 constellations each year and at the spring equinox every 2150 years is born in a different sign of the zodiac. This is 'Jesus' hanging out or travelling around with the 12 disciples. Jesus' appointed birth date represented the coming astrological age of Pisces the fish, hence the many references to fish in the bible and elsewhere.

pope wearing a fish hat carrying effigy of tortured mythical sun god

“I find it undeniable that many, many of the epic heroes and ancient patriarchs and matriarchs of the old testament were personified stars, planets and constellations” Dr Robert Price, Biblical Scholar.

We enter the age of Aquarius in 2150. The 'end of time' is the end of the age of Pisces. The world isn't coming to an end, in truth we are entering into a new and natural astrological cycle which brings with it great opportunities for changing the way things are.

According to Egyptian records, their hieroglyphs, the sun god Horus the light of the world was born on December 25 3000 BC to a virgin Isis-Meri, his birth was accompanied by a star in the east, three kings adorned him, he was preacher at 12, was baptised at 30, performed miracles, walked on water, had 12 followers, was buried for 3 days then resurrected and so on. All pretty regular stuff it seems. In fact there are literally hundreds of uncanny similarities between the story of Horus and that of Jesus. Jesus is just the latest, and one would hope the last, in a long line of mythical sun gods for who this general story has been applied.

the cross of the zodiac represents the sun as it figuratively passes over the course of the year through the 12 constellations, 4 seasons, the solstices and the equinoxes.

this is the modern short hand version. place this symbol in the middle of the one above and everything starts to fall into place!

Attis of Greece 1200 BC was born of a virgin on Dec 25 crucified, dead for 3 days, resurrected
Krishna of India 900BC Virgin birth, star in the east, performed miracles, resurrected
Dionysus of Greece 500BC virgin birth on Dec 25,performed miracles, known as the king of kings resurrected
Mithra of India 1200BC virgin birth on Dec 25, 12 disciples performed miracles, 3 days dead resurrected
Jesus of Nazareth light of the world son of god, king of kings,miracles, crucified, resurrected, you know the story!

Virgo in Latin means virgin. Enter 'Mary', the constellation Virgo!

There is much more. If your get out clause is that this is all still innocent or inconsequential because it's for the kids or it gives people something to believe in then that's fine. But the blind worship of mythical supermen gives away our power and our belief in ourself. Religion separates us from the natural world and hides the truth about who we really are. Until we reconnect with these truths then we can have no hope of changing things in our world. We are all interconnected to the web of life and are all responsible for its upkeep, by giving our energy to the very system of control and cruelty that gave us the great religions through worshipping their cartoon characters and material trinkets we lose the battle and allow them to reduce the magnificence of the universe to a clumsy collection of divisive fairy stories.

god's sun walks on water!

The commercialisation of Xmas is a concern but really it is a side issue. Remove the capitalism but the Almighty lie will continue to lead the herd astray. In all probability the one they dubbed Jesus never actually existed. His character is hiding the truth, which is actually quite rational and all the sacrifices made in his and his father's name should cease. This isn't just about correcting Christianity this is about the entire belief system based as it is on the same misleading story.

and this aspect makes the least sense. is such extreme violence appropriate in order to give thanks to the creator? neither respecting the life giving sun or son. time to rethink?

This information is not widely known but is in the public domain and is supported by primary evidence and common sense. See this story told in greater detail and see how it interconnects with our daily lives in the film Zeitgeist. Watched by 15 million on You Tube alone since it's release this is an education:

Zeitgeist Extract On Religion:


Or this deep source of information from researcher Acharya S. Christ in Egypt The Horus- Jesus Connection – D.M Murdock

Keith Mann December 2010

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