9/11 Flight Data
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There are a great many anomalies with the mainstream media’s 9/11 conspiracy theory about 19 Arabs and four hijacked jet liners each of which make that version impossible. One of these is in relation to the aircraft said to have been used. The lack of any verifiable wreckage at any of the four sites calls into question the involvement of large body aircraft but even if as some theorists claim, the four jets and their engines did disintegrate upon impact beyond all recognition and even if we do sidestep the fact that many of the alleged hijackers are still alive, what of the two planes that didn’t even take off on 9/11?

Flight 77 crashed we are told into the Pentagon. Flight 11 we are told crashed into the North Tower. There is no clear footage of this event just one grainy, distant Naudet Brothers shot. Whatever it is they filmed it couldn’t have been Flight 11.

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) hold records for all flights leaving US soil.
Flight 11 is associated with the North Tower (1st event),
Flight 175 with the South Tower (2ndevent),
Flight 77 with the Pentagon and
Flight 93 Shanksville, Pennsylvania. You can check this for yourself.
Flight 11 was scheduled to depart at 07.45 but never left. Therefore according to the official record Flight 11 didn’t fly on 9/11.
Flight 175 left the runway (Wheels-off time) at 8:23.
Flight 77 was due to leave at 8:10 but never did. Didn’t fly on 9/11.
Flight 93 Wheels-off time 8:28.

Two out of the four didn’t fly so can’t have crashed


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