Stop The Cruel Circus

Circuses are starting touring again now. Great British Circus starts in Waddington, near Lincoln tomorrow (weds) - demo details below.

Circus Mondao is currently in Kings Lynn until 7 March.

Other circuses out this year with animals but haven't started touring yet:

Bobby Roberts
Giffords Circus
Peter Jolly's Circus
Circus Tyanna
Zippo's (did a week at Brent Cross for half term but starts tour 18-23
March, Swanhurst park, Birmingham).

PLEASE let CAPS know of planned demos so we can try and connect people who contact us about doing demos.

And PLEASE order leaflets and posters as well ahead as possible as it
costs us loads to send stuff guaranteed to arrive the next day.

contact or 0845 330 3911.

Great british Circus demo details (NB there are 4 circuses with wild
animals and GBC is unlikely to have elephants this year):

Protest the 'Great' British Circus

Martin Lacey's Lincolnshire-based circus, one of just three in Britain to still use wild animals, claims to have "the largest collection of wild animals touring Britain". Animals used in the circus include tigers, lions zebras, camels, llamas, horses, ponies, goats and reindeer, and elephants, including Delhi, over 40 years old, with arthritis in one stiff leg for 20 years, and having been hoisted with a crane on at least two occasions after falls.

Their 2010 season opens at yet another new location, Sydney Hall Memorial Playing Fields, off Brant Road, Lincoln, LN5 9QS

STOP PRESS: Opening date delayed!

* Wednesday 3rd March: Protest 7pm! Transport from Nottm: 5pm.
* Also Sunday 7th at 2pm for 3pm show. (Leave Nottm at 12.30).
* Saturday 27th: Pre-circus street stall with Lincoln Animal Friends:


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