End Rabbit Chemical Tests


Ask Dept of Transportation to Stop Burning Rabbits in Chemical Tests: Comments due by October 25, 2010.


In order to test corrosive chemicals before they are transported, the Department of Transportation (DOT) still allows rabbits' backs to be shaved and corrosive chemicals applied to their raw skin and left there for up to two weeks. These chemicals often burn the skin, leading to tissue damage. Rabbits are given no pain relief during this excruciating test, and after the test is finished, the animals are killed.

Almost 18 years ago, the DOT agreed to let companies start using the non-animal test Corrositex®. Although Corrositex® provides accurate information, the agency is still telling companies to use the rabbit test!

After repeated efforts by PETA to simplify the procedures for companies to use Corrositex®, DOT is currently asking for comments on this issue.

Please take a moment to insist that the DOT take the simple steps of improving access to the Corrositex® test and adopting non-animal methods into its regulations. To file your comments, you must tell the DOT that it must do the following:

* Adopt internationally approved non-animal skin corrosion tests
* Update its website immediately and simplify procedures for companies to use the non-animal corrosion tests

Your comments must be submitted by October 25, and please make sure that your comments are POLITE, as they will become part of the official docket. Please submit your comments here:



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