Tormented Wallaby Rented Out by Circus


Dear Supporters,

By now, the world is hearing the plight of a terrified wallaby who ARAN now knows was ‘rented’ out by the infamous Circus Sydney, operated and run by Alexander Scholl in Ireland. Click here to see the footage.

We are asking campaigners around the world to inundate the animal abuser’s with calls of protest. Be sure to let them know how you feel about the circus using/abusing animals, and of course about them ‘renting’ out the lonely, terrified, tormented and overly exploited wallaby – the gentle creature has no one but you. Please be sure of course to keep all calls polite, and please don’t listen to their lies - that it was not the circus, today’s papers with whom ARAN have been working with, clearly expose’s all of this deceit.

Please call Alexander Scholl, the circus manager, directly. Call +353-85-7442927 – tell him, the animal-act circus is not wanted in Ireland and to leave and never come back. We are also strongly encouraging our Australian friends, campaign groups and supporters to take a quick moment to call the circus.

ARAN will be bringing you up to date with this case in the coming days. For now, there is once again huge press coverage in today’s Sunday papers in Ireland helping us to further expose the abuse and exploitation of animals in circuses.

Thank you for all that you do to help animals and those in such heart breaking situations.

Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN)
‘Fighting animal abuse across Ireland’

P.S. Your calls to the circus will work. The owner has complained of an apparent full audience (which we do not believe) down to apparently 50 people – we do believe this circus may never do business in Ireland again, and if they do, it will be without doubt never the same, because ARAN will not let them go un-exposed. ARAN’s Stop Circus Suffering in Ireland campaign is also working and is without doubt, effective. It’s now a known fact even by journalists, that people across the Island of Ireland are refusing to support animal act circuses the way they did.

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