In a desperate attempt to rid themselves of attention and the adverse publicity that goes with conducting vivisection, the University of Bradford are attempting to privatise their animal testing laboratories in a secretive and dodgy deal.

So here’s how it goes. Behaviour to Neurochemistry, or B2N, is a pre-clinical research company currently attempted at being founded, but has not yet been registered as a business with the relevant authorities. B2N are set to be, in effect, a Contract Research Organisation who will buy out the animal testing unit at the University of Bradford and still conduct vivisection through the same funders as before and is hoped to increase its size as a business through on the backs of thousands of animals being tortured in scientifically flawed experiments. The plan is so new that only two directors have been sought out and the other is being found and appointed as we speak, coincidentally (or not) the top two vivisectors Professor Jo Neill and Dr Mike Harte are those two.

Two companies, both of which we have the details of, are set to fund the innitiative – Yorkshire Forward and The Yorkshire Universities offshoot, The Yorkshire Concept Fund. Amongst the board of Yorkshire Universities is Professor Mark C Cleary, VC of Bradford University and Head of the Life Sciences School. So, in effect, the UoB are indirectly paying their own staff to take-over their vivisection labs.

Please politely contact the organisations below about their financing of the B2N take-over and being involved in animal torture. Remember, the laboratory run by these two vivisectors found it acceptable to test Ketamine, PCP and Cocaine on animals, so if they were to become a CRO then there would be a lot less accountability for their experiments:


We will begin demo’s outside the offices of both companies this week. Please join us and hold protests at your local offices.


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