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Hell and the Devil are Alive and Well


This is a breeding hell hole created by a Mr Hubbard from England and being ignored by the RSPCA

We need everyone to help these animals by contacting the English RSPCA and telling them to do something now! This is a description of the situation from someone who has visited the property.

"This is about a Guinea Pig/Rabbit Breeder in Nottingham. This man is seriously neglecting the animals. The animals are living in terrible conditions and are in very poor health. He’s using them as breeding machines just to make money. He visits the Fur and Feather auction on a regular basis selling and buying stock. Avalon Guinea Pig rescue have rescued a number of Guinea pigs from him in very poor health. I, myself visited his property very recently I bought 9 Guinea Pigs from him, most look to be pregnant, they have fungal infections, scabs to their ears and noses, very thin, sore feet, broken nails, long nails, mites/parasites, dirty and very smelly. Below is what happened to some of them.

We found 2 boys that he handed over, both look like they’d been attacked by something like a cheese grater, huge holes in their backs( open wounds) and sitting depressed and fluffed up the holes had infection oozing out of them and most of the hair had gone from their backs. They also had fungal on their faces and looked in agony! We brought them home and took them straight to a vet, they were put on meds and painkillers, they both died after around 5 weeks as the infection had gone on that long it had eaten their lungs away and gone deep inside of them.

Sweet pea had her babies ( 6 dead) Saturday morning and when we saw her she was still laying there with blood oozing on Sunday afternoon, unable to sit or stand, he said she was exhausted and would be ok the next day, so he handed her over and we said we would treat her, she had big bite wounds underneath and hair missing on her legs and belly, she cried all the way home, we called in the RSPCA at Radcliffe and all they said was they’re a rehoming centre and there was nothing they could do, we called the RSPCA over the phone and told them to meet us when we got back with her, they never turned took her 4 weeks or so to stand up again.

Photographs were taken but the RSPCA have never even asked to see them. The Vets wrote a report on the boys Cosmic and Rocket for the RSPCA but it was never followed up.

Also a girl we called Moon was taken away by us with all her hair peeling off with a layer of skin under her belly, there were dead babies laying on the floor behind her. At the time of getting Sweetpea there was a bonfire in the middle of the garden with burning bodies of guinea pigs, rabbits, baby g-pigs and baby rabbits as well as chickens, the chickens that were alive were dragging the bodies out from the fire and trying to eat them.. In the rabbit shed the rabbits were in appalling conditions, mice were crawling out of the cages and rats were running about on the rafters.. There were dead baby rabbits in with their mums. The breeder said he doesn’t believe in vets as they cost a fortune so he knocks them on the head and throws them onto the bonfire. He is also killing the male rabbits as he’s not sold any since November and having them for dinner, he says it’s not worth taking them to the auction and only getting £1 for them. So he kills them, the pet shops aren’t buying from him lately neither.

On Saturday there was a body of a dead guinea pig on the bonfire waiting to be burnt, he said she died the day before and the 3 day old baby that was running around in the shed was hers. I myself went to see him, as he’s never met me before and I am totally shocked at what I saw. The whole place is sludgy, the Guinea pigs are kept on a shed floor on Straw, fed Rabbit food that was wet through, the water was in a old chicken feeder and was thick and sludgy. He had babies in the sheds breeding with one another. I saw a 4 day old baby running around on its own screaming for its mum. The Rabbits are in small disgusting old tatty hutches lying in there own faeces and all wet. Because I bought the 9 Guinea Pigs from him, he plans to visit the Fur and Feather Auction to re stock!!!!

Please contact the RSPCA Nottingham 0300 1234 999 OR 0115 9784965 (UK)

The Willows
Doddington Lane,
off Main Street
Dry Doddington
NG23 5JB

Is treating these animals with absolute terrible cruelty and needs to be closed right away. Don't take no for an answer. He has already been reported so make sure you bombard them with calls and demand action now before anymore of these animals suffer.


This is your chance to let these animals know they are not alone so please help them.


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