White Lions Trapped


Mclaren Circus in South Africa has "acquired" two white lions and two tigers. They have some other lions as well. When they initially got the first lions, an animal welfare organisation had to "show" them how to look after the animals (not enough water, no stimulation, etc). Further to that, NON-ANIMAL people who have been to one of the shows have all expressed dismay at the way the animals are treated and said that the animals did NOT look happy.
We have tried to reason with the Mclaren brothers but they become belligerent - one even accused me of being a racist when I looked at a little black boy! My retort to the child was "you are beautiful - don't let that guy say ugly things". At a protest one of the brothers tried to pick a fight with me and cops had to force him away from me.
So it is with disgust and great concern that I have learned that more wild animals are now captive slaves to the greed of Mclaren circus. WE HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH THE CIRCUS. I want to make that very clear. WE HAVE A PROBLEM WITH WILD ANIMALS BEING KEPT IN CAPTIVITY AND ENSLAVED TO ACT AGAINST THEIR NATURE. They do not NEED these animals to make a living. There are plenty of circuses out there who don't "employ" animals and they make a killing.
Mclaren has vowed not to come in to our province (the Western Cape) for 2 years because of our tactics. We now just need to get others to follow suit.
Please feel free to email the Mclaren brothers on either dunks@mclarencircus.co.za or infro@mclarencircus.co.za


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