Aldi Selling Rabbit Fur Cat Toys


 Unfortunately Aldi do not have an email contact address so please ring them
 Aldi Stores, Holly Lane, Atherstone, Warwickshire CV9 2SQ 
Or telephone 0844 406 8800

Can you please ask people to complain to Aldi re selling real fur cat toys. They are in the 'Simply Pets' range and are small fur mice cat toys made from rabbit fur.  Don't let them palm you off by telling you they are not real fur, they are I have seen them and I know what real fur looks like!! These are new products (picture below) and we need to advise them that gross animal cruelty is involved for such unnecessary items.  Cats play with synthetic fur but the rabbit fur used in these type of toys is so cheap that the market here is being flooded with such toys.These kind of toys are providing a market for rabbit fur, usually from China, where there are no animal welfare controls.  See this link for details of the cruelty involved:


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